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We guarantee that every order placed will be on time, to the standard ordered and plagiarism-free.

To Standard

Every essay or dissertation written by our dedicated team of researchers will be delivered to the exact standard ordered. Whether you are an Undergraduate student studying in Australia, or completing your PhD dissertation here in the UK, you can order with the knowledge that we have an exceptional track record of completing orders are the correct standard.

On Time

Here at UK Essays our main priority is helping students, and one of the most important elements of this is delivering orders on time!

Delivering a perfect essay after your deadline won't be very much use - which is why whenever possible we ensure to have the completed work returned to you as early as possible.


Fact - we've never had an issue with plagiarism in a single one of our orders. To achieve this we have developed our own anti-plagiarism software to allow us to pinpoint directly any work that may be flagged by similar plagiarism software employed by universities. Because we're so confident of our plagiarism guarantee we offer £5000 to anybody with plagiarised material in work we have completed.

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Beyond Guarantees

Just as we do, our guarantees will work hard on your behalf to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve when ordering from UK Essays.

As one of the main market leaders in the essay writing industry we were one of the first to realise that having and honoring our guarantees is hugely important. Having quality guarantees is one thing, but we know that receiving your money back, or the £5000 plagiarism guarantee, are no real compensation for failing a module or worse - your whole course. That's why we now have introduced a policy of quality - where work is checked multiple times, by different people, before being sent to the customer.

Although it is very difficult to create the "perfect" essay, it is very easy for us to minimize mistakes in all of our orders. This is done by a simple process of proofreading and fact checking, as well as completing a quality and plagiarism report on every essay written. We are currently the only company in the essay writing industry to offer such detailed and comprehensive reports. We also offer all our customers free amendments within a week of their order being completed - so you can relax knowing that any issues you have with your work can be quickly rectified out by the same researcher who wrote the original piece of work.