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The quote was written by Leonardo Da Vinci mostly known as the Renaissance man. Leonardo had a life full of inspiration but also sadness. He was always destined to be an artist and it was not long away till it actually started. His destiny started from the day he entered the city of Florence. That's when his days of glory began. Leonardo's architecture, paintings and even his inventions has a huge impact on us and I am truly thankful to Leonardo for leaving these excellent pieces of art.

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15th, 1452 in a village called Anchiano near the town of Vinci. Leonardo as a child was always fascinated with colours, textures, patterns and new inventions made by his father. Leonardo's family also had painting as their tradition. When at the age of 15-18 Leonardo was taken to a workshop which was a re-owned workshop Andrea Del Verrocchio. Leonardo worked there as a trainee but that did not stop him from showing his talent. He worked day and night in the workshop. One of his most famous and very detailed paintings was called the angel. The master told Leonardo that he was better than him. His master Verrocchio decided he will never touch paint again. Leonardo stayed in the Verrocchio's workshop until 1477.

In 1482 he started the service for the Duke of Milan. He spent 17 to 18 years in Milan. All these years in Milan Leonardo wanted to become something which was next to impossible in the Renaissance times. He wanted to find the staircase to the top and with his speed of learning it was not too hard for him; he would easily reach. The Duke made sure that Leonardo was assigned to do work all the time. The Duke usually told him to paint, sculpt and invent. The Duke also used to make Leonardo design machinery, weapons and artistic buildings. Leonardo produced many imaginative and creative paintings, sketches and even sculptures on various topics such as nature, geometry, psychology and the human body.

Leonardo had various ideas and used to get obliged to try them all and this would lead to incomplete and partially done work. This would make Leonardo finish only 6-7 artworks in these particular 15-16 years. Leonardo was extremely interested in science and used to love to invent and learn something new and different. Leonardo usually went for walks and did nothing but observed. He used to collect plants, insects, rocks and much more and go home and observe them.

Between the years 1490-1495 Leonardo started to document everything he did in all these years. His writing was all about his struggle through making his paintings, architectures, sculptures and inventions.

Leonardo went back to Milan after the French invaded Ludo Vico Sforza's fall in 1499. 16 years Leonardo worked and worked as he had to find a new patron. In these 16 years he received commission to design and paint the battle of Anghinia.

In 1503 Mona Lisa was made; one of the most amazing paintings anybody has ever made or ever will make. Leonardo finished the Mona Lisa on June 6th, 1504. July 9th, 1504 Leonardo received a letter of his father's death. Leonardo helped his siblings by giving the land and money his uncle had given to him before he passed away. But that didn't stop him from moving forward.

From the years 1513-1516 Leonardo worked in Rome in his own workshop. Leonardo never stopped his studies of physiology and human anatomy but the pope who was the master of Leonardo put his art aside and told him to do only what the pope liked.

March 1516, Leonardo's pope Giuliani de' Medici died. For Leonardo more surprises were on his way. After the death of his patron Leonardo was ordered to work for King Francis the 1st of France as his premiere painter, engineer and also his architect. The king was one of the most generous masters Leonardo ever had. The king provided him with a house right next to the royal Chateau at Amboise in France.

Growing up as a child Leonardo was treated medically as his right hand was paralyzed but that did not stop Leonardo to draw and also to teach. Leonardo produced huge amounts of studies and some of them were

  • Studies of cats
  • Studies of horses
  • Studies of dragons
  • Studies of St. George
  • Anatomical studies
  • Studies on water
  • Studies of machines

After years and years of hard work, Leonardo dies on May 2nd, 1519 in Cloux, France. Leonardo has made a big impact on whoever he worked with and one of the biggest impressions he made was on King Francis the 1st as he thought of Leonardo as someone extremely close to him and it was one of the biggest heartbreaks anyone has ever had for losing a great artist such as Leonardo da Vinci.

The Renaissance was a European academic and social society beginning in the trading centre of Florence, Italy and steadily extended to include the whole of Europe. People of the Renaissance era were fascinated in the conventional workings of the ancient Greeks and Romans; they wanted to advance their life with machinery and better comprehending of the natural world. Leonardo (di ser Piero) da Vinci is well thought-out by many to have been the exclusive example of the Renaissance man since his astonishing approach of understanding various subjects. Leonardo was acknowledged for his unambiguous genius in the prefecture of mathematics, structural design, manufacturing, anatomy, and fine art to name a few.

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