Latin American dance

Latin American dance

I have chosen this theme because I love all kinds of dances and I think it might be interesting. I have trained dance eleven years so I think you'd be able to present it well. I would like to introduce you to the beauty of dance, beauty, movement, and the ways in which dance can express. Dancing is good for body shape, developing muscle, in general health as well as beautiful and fulfilling feeling.

History of Latin American dance goes from the thirteenth century. Specifically, many of the dances are derived from the African tribe dances, and so for years evolved and improved. Today we have different types of Latin American dance and some of them are: samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, paso doble, jive, bolero, lambada and many others.

Many dances are original from Latin America, for example the bolero, carimbo, conga, cueca, cumbia, joropo, lambada, macarena, manbo, merenque , rueda and the salsa.

Three such dances : the Samba, Rumba, and Cha Cha, plus the Paso Doble from Europe and the Jive from North America.

The beauty of movement, creativity, dynamism, expressiveness, variety is what distinguished this type of dance. Unlike other dances, these dances are always dance in pairs. We have male and female partners who are taught the various steps and figures and when it finally becomes connected to the choreography. Dance can start at six years and the competition runs to go with 9 years or even later depending on how the dancing couple is ready and trained.

In this type of dance I like what they are snjim can express the feeling, be it anger, happiness, pleasure, hate, afraid. has more than twenty kinds of dances and each of them has at least 100 different pieces to it and allow that expression. At dance couple also delight which most often other people have their dance uniforms accurately halnjinice for dance partners and dance department partners. dance partner to fifteen years have precise design dresses. It must outreach center knees and must have long sleeves to the elbows, hips and around the cheese must be improved not only determined. After fifteen partners can design their own dress as partners always have a dance outfit. is also a ballroom partner heel height is determined, the implementation begins with a 4 cm after becoming greater.

Partners during the competition, winning points, and so turn into larger categories. What to me is unjust that all the points belonging to a partner. If a partner ceases to dance with your current partner, it must start from from the beginning with the competition, while he can continue to dance with a new partner with as many points as has been previously collected.

Youngest dance couple has only six years before the oldest dance couple has about 90 years.

Two dances, which are my personal favorite and I would like to especially prestaviti the samba and tango.

Why samba?

Samba is a Brazilian dance. It is recognized around the world as a symbol of Brazil and the Brazilian carneval. Samba has a very specific rhytm with accent on beat and that is what i like the most..

Samba is my favourit dance because it has a fast pace, energetic and has many different steps and figures. The beauty of movement that samba has is one of the most beautiful in all the dances. It is also suitable for dancing, not only in competitions but also in clubs and any occasional entertainment. In the samba, except the way of dancing I like dance uniform, more accurate clothing that carries the dancers. Dresses should be as colorful, with lots of extras such as the fringes, sequins, or any other details that should emphasize the line of body dancer. Prominent lines of the body to allow a better representation of certain figurines that are important movements of the hips, thighs and wais. Samba is a dance full of lively rhythms that are specifically expressed in a style that is somewhat different from other Latin American dances.

Why tango?

We have two types of tango, Europe and Argentine. I personally allure in Spanish because of the movement who are passionate, dynamic and sensitive. tango is dominated by the strong and powerful steps, it represents the struggle of lovers, more precisely their arguments, passion and eventually reconciliation, and illustrates the strength of their love.

The story of tango began in Argentina when they are young go full in night clubs and prayed for the girls that are not ples. Because they did not bathe, girls have been circulating around them leaning head backwards. As the gauchos rode constantly, with the knees bent in a position, the position of the legs are moved and the dancing. The Argentine tango is shown against a male-female, firm-soft, rough-sentimental, and often accompanies him violin music, guitar, flute and piano. Due to its erotic karakterizma ws banned for years. Englishmen in the 1920s of the 20th century Argentine tango into a standard dances, which are the characteristics of convulsions (especially head), a passionate progressive movements, sudden delay and strict separation of the figure, there is the up and down. European tango requires strict correspondence with the rhythm.

Latin American dance in the last few years, further popularized and spread thanks to the television show Dancing with the Stars. The show to promote it further, represents the people and met people with it. It shows all the beauty that offers dance, from the movement, figure, manner of expression to the fun and enjoyment, but shows the efforts and perseverance that dancers must be able to perform certain demanding figure.

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