Mona Lisa and fashion design

Mona Lisa is a figure of a woman, dressed in the fashion of her days known as Florentine fashion. The painting represents Lisa Del Giocondo a wife to a Florentine silk merchant who was wealthy. Therefore her dressing represents class and wealth. Her dressing signify magnificent enigma and mystery especially the dark silk swathes. The Florentine fashion worn by Mona Lisa presents a challenge to the modern fashion design some wishing to replicate her costume. Her garment which is made of sheer dark silk has some gathers around the neck. The garment has loose sleeves that roll back at the elbow embroidery or gold braid trimmings at the neck. Beneath her garment seems to be a well structured garment that supports her bosom. A strip of white gathered fabric is visible beneath silk raping at her left shoulder. Further at the shoulder are sleeves that have a different color from the rest of the garment tied to an invisible garment. Mona Lisa is wearing a veil made from finest black silk. The veil is stopped from falling by a line at the back of her head.

Mona Lisa style of dressing and fashion had several controversies. The white linen that was visible from the shoulder suggested that she had worn a chemise beneath. Her outer garments showed a type of garment known as 'guarnello' which was made of linen worn by pregnant women and children of those days. Mona Lisa had made such a garment made of silk. When Leonardo made the painting Francesco and Lisa were celebrating the birth of their third child. It is therefore very significant in the type of Lisa's dressing. The use of the fabulous sheer silk dress, the veiling on her shoulders portrays wealth and promotion of Francesca's business.

Leonardo da Vinci made Mona Lisa clothing design to match with her pregnant body and her social status as a wife to a wealthy silk merchant. Leonardo explains his design and the reasons why he used the specific materials. The gown was made from black silk damask so that it would not show through the 'guarnello' which was made of sheer silk. To show that the woman was recently pregnant, da Vinci used black velvet bands to edge and frost-fasten it. Her bodice was lightly boned and stiffened and then linen lined and fastened with concealed rings. A single ribbon was drawn from the bodice and a pleated trained skirt and cartridge pleated to it. During the time women were wearing full chemise with raglan cut sleeves and gathered neckline (Herald, 1981). This could be indicated through painting such as Titian's 'The Woman with the Mirror'. Leonardo decided to use a less full chemise which was less bulky. The Titian's women also wore sashes which Leonardo used to fold the sheer silk 'guarnello' and draw in the gathers in order to give the gown in painting a controlled form.

In conclusion, female beauty has been judged by many things in both ancient and modern times. The most aspect that measures female beauty is physical attractiveness which specifically covers fashion design. Mona Lisa was one of Da Vinci's numerous works which is a masterpiece to marvel at to date. The picture of Mona Lisa has also been used to date to grace many magazines, objects such as cups and souvenirs among others. Da Vinci's work has challenged fashion design industry especially is construction and couture execution. A good fashion designer does not need to only be artistic but also a critical thinker. Most people argue that Leonardo da Vinci created a picture of himself as a woman and from what can be seen he was a good fashion designer. The clothing he chose for Mona Lisa indicated the fashion that was there for Titian's women of that date.

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