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In this report here we are discussing about my personal profile of my strengths and weaknesses as a person by using a model called SWOT analysis. Here we also discussed about reflective action and how it effects on our self and advantages and disadvantages of reflective action. We also discussed about the concept called "Motivation" though it is not a part this module, and also discussed how the concept of motivation inspires us. Action learning is one of the main aspect that one have to habituate, here we discussed about action learning its methodology, application and advantages. And also I analyse all above theories and how it affected my personal life.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is strategic planning tool to asses your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Doing a SWOT analysis on your personal life will help you to know about yourself and also helps to plan your future and make you take care of your present situation.

  • I have done B.Tech in Electronics & communications from J.N.T.U Hyderabad, I finished my Diploma in Computer Science from Liverpool Hope University, and at present I am doing M.B.A.
  • I worked in Hi Tech solutions as a programmer for 6 months, and I have gained a lot of experience on electronics and also on assembly level programming.
  • I have got a specialised knowledge on analytical and logical thinking.
  • I have got a very good skill on programming at various levels especially on C, C++, Java and Assembly level programming.
  • Coming to the point of resources I got very strong backup from my parents, friends and my teachers.
  • Discussing about my character and personality, I got a very strong confidence on my self and I am a kind hearted person and mine is a hard working nature that takes me to this strong position.
  • I got a very wide range of influential contacts like my friends, parents, teachers and colleagues.
  • I got a very strong belief on God and I got a specialised interest on programming.
  • Under the circumstances like achieving my goals either it is shot term or long term, and doing good at my work or studies I felt most happiest and most fulfilled.
  • The last but not the least strength that I got is my patience and I am never going to leave that in my life.
  • My present status in Visa and Finance limits me to achieve my goals and fulfil my ambitions.
  • I have got some gaps in my qualification like one year gap after B.Tech and Diploma and another year gap after diploma and M.B.A., and also I am not in my stream I an deviating from my main stream like my previous qualifications.
  • I also got some financial pressures from my back home and from here, and also I got some mental pressure like when I am going to finish this course and when will I get back to my original stream.
  • Coming to the point of personality and character I got some weak points like I am not too brave and always worried about my future, sometimes I am not even felt the success at the current situation by worrying about my future.
  • I have done less well than I would have liked because of taking some wrong steps in my life and also lack of guidance at some stage.
  • Under a very wide range of circumstances I felt frustrated and unhappy by thinking of mu future and looking at my present position.
  • The aspect of changing my present Visa status to PSW seems to be a foreseeable situation I can take advantages from that situation.
  • As we see the recession is coming to an end and I am expecting the software industry regains its original boom and I am expecting some job vacancies on my line.
  • Because of recession most of the people lost their hopes on software and gone for another track so I am expecting less competition in the coming days.
  • As I have knowledge on electronics, computers and management I think I will be a step ahead from the rest of applicants.
  • In the last case I got another opportunity of stating a business by keeping in mind of money I am going to have in future.
  • In the worst case I got another opportunity of becoming a manger in my present job at petrol station once I got my PSW.
  • As we know the home office changing the rules on regular basis so I am having a threat from that side as my future is depending on my PSW.
  • As we know that the future is unpredictable we never know what going to happen in future as I am not financially too strong I had threat about finance in my future.
  • The software industry now a days coming across so many ups and downs as I am planning my future on that track I got a small threat that can I compete?
  • Obsolescence is also becoming one of my threats as the technology is changing on regular basis.
  • Inflation also a thereat for me as I am not financially strong.
Reflective practice

Reflective practice is a process that enables you to reach a better understanding of yourself, your skills, competencies, knowledge and professional experience. The object of reflective action/practice is to identify what we have learnt in order to construct new and different approaches to our future practice, or to recognise and validate effective practice to utilise in the future.

Edgar Schon, an influential writer on reflection, described reflection in two main ways: reflection in action and reflection on action. Reflection on action is looking back after the event whilst reflection in action is happening during the event. To complicate matters there are different interpretations of reflection on action. Let's now explore these terms. "To think about what one is doing whilst one is doing it; it is typically stimulated by surprise, by something which puzzled the practitioner concerned"(Greenwood, 1993). Learning comes from many different incidents and experiences that we have in life. We can learn much about ourselves, others, our job, our organisation, and professional practice, as well as our abilities and skills, if we consciously take the time to reflect on our learning.

With the help of reflective practice we can learn a lot from our experiences and we will came to know what happened what I have done and like what is wrong and what is right, in future if we face same sort of situation there is a possibility of reacting in a much better manner that before. It is better to go around the reflective cycle to act in a better manner.

Experience of reflective action

Most of the people are using the concept of reflective action though they don't know what they are doing is called reflective practice. Before the moment I read about this concept even I don't know that I am applying it in my daily life. I had a weakness of spending all the money what I have got in my pocket without worrying about tomorrow, in some times that goes a bad extent as well leaving some bad experiences, after some time strictly speaking now a days I am doing reflective practice on this weakness like if I got some money in my pocket I am just going around the reflective cycle for a while then I am not doing same mistake that what I have done before, in this way using reflective practice I successfully moved my weakness away from myself.

Frame work for reflection
  • Description of the event
  • Feeling and thoughts
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Action plan

Motivation is power full tool to inspire yourself and the people around you. Though it is not in this module here I want to explain something about motivation and how it inspires me to move forward in my personal life. Motivation is the activation of goal-oriented behaviour. In present days motivation is playing a vital role in work places, speeches and in many places to inspire, energize and wake up people around you. In many management theories motivation became an important subject, and they are learning how to motivate their employees to obtain best results from them. As I mentioned earlier in this report I am always worried about future and disappointed all the time looking about my present status, in those times I am always try to self motivate myself that works and worked in very good manner. Self motivation prepares you to face new challenges and to face any type of difficulties.


In this report I made my personal profile by using a dynamic tool called SWOT analysis and expressed about my Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. For every people looking at their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats makes them strong and also makes them to react perfectly in the situations what they are facing. Here in this report we also discussed about reflective action, reflective practice, frame work and reflective cycle which helps you to prepare yourself to learn from your experiences and react well in the future for the circumstances what you are going to face in the future. Here we also discussed about another useful and power full tool called Motivation, which inspires you to face new challenges and helps you to get best out of yourself.


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