The principles for the modern restaurant

The principles for the modern restaurant


The business start in 1940, with a restaurant opened by a both brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Their "Speedy" Service System" in 1948 established the principles for the modern restaurant. Speedy was eventually replaced with Ronald McDonald in 1968.

The current corporation dates its collecting to the establishing of a new business and restaurant in Des Plaines and unread able on April 15, 1955 , the 9th McDonald's restaurant overall. Kroc later buy the McDonald brothers' share in the company and led its worldwide expanding and the company became of a list of the public stock markets in 1965. Kroc known as a who was taking advantage of others and unfair business practices, forcing the brothers of the McDonald's to stop the fast food business and stopped business in California and go back on their original state new Hampshire. The McDonald's forced by the ray Kroc brother to taking of their own name of there restaurant after start of Kroc but Kroc opened the carefully and long consideration brothers were opened up McDonald's restaurants near every McDonald's brothers restaurants just to undercut their business in a feud documented in both Kroc's and McDonald's is same now and Kroc's documents converted into McDonalds documents and it is known as a McDonalds now.

Due to the expending the business the McDonalds Company became a symbol of globalization in an international market, and the spread of the American life style

Corporate overview

Facts and figures

McDonald's restaurants are doing a business in 119 countries in a different state around the world and provide service nearly 47 million customers each day. McDonald's operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, people who work in McDonald more than 1.5 million people. The company also operates other restaurant brands, such as Piles Caf, and has a minority stake in Pret a Manger. The company owned a majority stake in Chipotle Mexican Grill until completing its divestment in October 2006. Until December 2003, The McDonald also owned Donatos Pizza. On August 27, 2007, McDonald's sold it into a market to Sun Capital Partners.

Types of restaurants

McDonald's offers to types of services indoors and outdoors, both services have a different pricing and MacDonald also take the order from the people and deliver the food on right time that service is known as a Mac drive and that service is known as in many country. it was firstly introduced in 1975,in Arizona due to diver of chins fast food and then the MacDonald change his policy and adopt that services. Mostly themed restaurants also exist, such as the "Solid Gold McDonald's," a 1950s rock-and-roll themed restaurant. In Victoria, Columbia, McDonald's with a 24 carat (100%) gold chandelier and similar light fixtures.

The main and First work of the McDonald's to be refurnished by Ray Kroc is now a days it is museum in Des Plaines which was unable to read. The building have model of something relating to that building, which was the ninth McDonald's restaurant.


In mostly place McDonald's sells hamburgers, different types sandwiches and chicken and different kind of products, fries, soft drinks, breakfast items, and desserts. In most markets place, McDonald's offers vegetarian items like salads. Due to this local scheme from the standard menu is a place for which the chain is especially known, and one which is employed either to accept by regional food in a table (such as the religious rustication of beef consumption in India)


As a important example of the American fast food industry at great speed of globalization, McDonald's is in many case the target of expression of disapproval for its menu, its expansion, of its business practices. For example, in 1990 two British activists, David Morris and Helen Steel, distributed leaflets entitled What's wrong with McDonald's? on the streets of London. McDonald's wrote to Steel and Morris demanding they desist and apologize, and, when they refused, sued them for libel in a case known colloquially as the McLibel case.

In 2001,according to Eric Schlosser's book Fast Food Nation includedexpression of disapproval of McDonald's' business practices.Between the deep hoarse sound were wrong and McDonald's (moving in a constant direction on other companies within the fast-food industry) uses its public affairs power to earn more money at the expenditure of people's health and the social conditions of its employee . The book also brought into question McDonald's promotion techniques in which it main target children. But the book did introduced other fast-food chains, it focused primarily on McDonald's.

In 2002, vegetarian people, mostly Hindu, successfully sued McDonald's for disorder their French fries as vegetarian.

Morgan Spurlock's 2004 documentary film Super Size Me said that McDonald's food was playing a roal to the suddenly of obesity in society, and that the company was falling to accurate information about his food. After a Six weeks the film mention the theory , McDonald's announced that was the omission of a sound the super size option, and was creating the adult happy meal.


Historically, McDonald's had created many millionaires through its employee stock purchase program. Even now, it is not uncommon to find when talking to a McDonald's store manager (and owner) who through participation in the stock purchase program as a hamburger cook that McDonald's stock proceeds facilitated the ownership of one or more McDonald's restaurants.

Due to of public pressure, McDonald's has changed his menu and add that food which one is most healthy and suitable for public. so: "Not bad for a McJob". (The word McJob, first a space in the mid-1980s and later it is introduced in by Canadian novelist Douglas Copland and it become the part of his book in his book Generation X, has become a word for low-paid, unskilled work with few prospects. McDonald's disputes the plans that its restaurant jobs have no booklet, noting that its CEO, Jim Skinner, start working as a employ of the company, and that 20 of its top 50 managers began work as regular train members. In 2007, the company launched an advertising achieving the particular aim with the slogan on Irish media highlighting that their jobs have many prospects.

Macdonrd try to get interest of growing younger children in the provenance of food, the fast-food chain currently switched its supplier of both coffee beans and milk. UK chief executive Steve Easterbrook said: "British consumers have an interested in the sourcing the quality and manors of the food and drink they buy.

SWOT Analysis


  • Brand
  • 42% of US fast-food hamburger business
  • Consistency of food
  • Successful items: Fries, Happy Meal, Big Mac, Egg McMuffin, Promotions
  • Overseas market
  • Balance sheet position


  • Declining market share
  • Weak product development
  • Disgruntled franchisees
  • Quality and taste of products
  • Declining market share
  • Weak product development
  • Disgruntled franchisees
  • Quality and taste of products
  • Slowed revenue and income growth


  • International expansion
  • Only serving 1% of the world's population
  • Growing dining-out market


  • Mature/overstored industry
  • Strength of competition
  • More health-conscious consumers
  • Changing demographics
  • Fluctuation of foreign exchange rates; Economies

Problem & Solustion

McDonald's spend a lot of money in every years worldwide on promotions and advertisement in different style he try to being of garden and also a fun place to eat. Children are lured in dragging their parents behind them with the promise of toys and other gimmicks. The smiling face of Ronald McDonald lies the actual position of the company - McDonald's only interest to making of money and profits from whoever and whatever they can, If you camper with all the multinational companies. McDonald's the The report of the McDonalds was popular at a worldwide they have a goal to open more and more branches in the worldwide it is bad effect on the company all over the community give a negative response due to that habits of McDonalds.


McDonald's makes their food have a good condition and it was a necessary for growth , but the reality is that it is not good for health he has a lot of salt,fat,and sugar and it could not used a vitamins due to that food mostly people trapped in a different disease like cancer and heart diseases. Their food also have a many chemical additives, some of which many not good for health of children. Main reasons of that problem meat and food poisoning due to food poisoning in 1991 many people face a problem of failure of kidney and the responsible of that cause was McDonalds.


Management of the McDonald Company does not pay proper wages to his employee. McDonald's also do not paid the overtime and take a too much work to his employee. Due to that cause the employee does not work properly and fatly. As a result of accidents (particularly burns) are common. Mostly people have a low opportunity of jobs this is the main reason to exploiting of workers.


Vast areas of land in background countries are used for the agricultural for the growing to a feed of animals and the ranching of cattle. This is a very expensive for local food need. But at the other end McDonald's regularly offer of the meat product but the supply of the meet is decreasing continually which is cause of robbing.


McDonald's are the world's begets user of beef. Due to that reasons cattle reached for the beef industry that play a role in global warming crises. Modern technology used a heavy comical to growing of agriculture which was damaging the environment.


In all Manu of the MacDonald mostly used the beef due to this million of animals murdering in every day Most are intensively farmed, due to the environment the fresh air is disappear in the air and it is a major cause of murdering the animals.

Solution of that cause

Together we can fight against the people who is developed more and more plant with out of need we have to establish a better society without exploitation. We should be working as a together and stopped our children and give a awareness to that people how have no knowledge about that situation than we people are success full in our goal and save to himself and his children.

Marketing Strategy of McDonald's

Marketing Strategy

according to the British web site a company need to get a different critical issue and company have a capacity to solve of or managed of that critical issue in all of them the most important issue is marketing strategy. After starting that the first step in developing a marketing strategy understands the customers, enabling reaction to their changing needs and the changing dynamics of the market.

in the end the company conducts different stages of in-depth customer research and audits of the McDonald's brand. The research involving both quantitative and qualitative research methods. This research tells us a lot about how McDonald's is perceived and about trends that are taking place in the market" (Biz Ed Online, 1999

What you as a qualities or abilities of developing of business owner must complete all information is maintain of your marketing program, and use it to obtain benefit from the marketplace. Apply different plans until you know how to apply them to get the results of your goal. On think don't forget your goal is not only attract the customers, but also to expand your customer base by identifying and attracting, new customers and to decrees the risks by attracting market shifts that can affect your top line.

The Four P's of Marketing

Some of these components help of you to achieve of your goal. It is the most important typical strategies , which should be involved in your marketing plan. This is the four essential part of the marketing plan.


Review of your business and then apply the below some market strategy target. Who helps you the developing of a business.

Describe Your Target Market

  • By age Limit
  • By sex Mean male or female
  • By career
  • By source of income or capacity of customer
  • By professional areao or education level
  • By developing or developed residence area

Identify your customer thinking which product you are designed have a demand in market and that product is fulfill the condition of you your customer regarding to a above hit list otherwise may be you business going to a loss.

Identify Your Competition

  • By searching of market data
  • By customer product demand
  • By your direct and indirect compotator in a market
  • By weakness and strength of your competitor
  • By the action of the unique features of your product
  • By the similarities and dissimilarities between your competitor's products.
  • By your price and your competitor price strategy

Identify the five main direct and indirect compactor who clear the picture of your market strength and your strategy which one you implement in the market for your product promotion and advertisements.

Describe Your Product

Try to describe your product in different manner check the proper place of your selling point and try to prepare a prospective of your product and these below some components who develops your product.

Develop of a Marketing fund or budget

  • Budget for your advertising plan
  • Budget costs allocated for promotions
  • Budget for advertising and promotional materials
  • Budget for of advertising media to be used

Operating and your market plan have required a money for the advertisement and promotion and the other component of which were play a major roll to start of business like a raw material and some money for your future if business increases are decrees the profit

Describe Place

  • Suitable of the location
  • Benefits and losses of location

Try to chose the place of your business from your customer's distance. Chose that location where you find each and every thing easily like public transportation and good parking and customer feel his each and every think was safe. It is a common essential of the plan

Develop Pricing Strategy

  • Develop the pricing techniques and brief description of these techniques
  • Develop the pricing and retail costing
    • Develop the competition position
    • Develop the pricing below competition
    • Develop the pricing above competition
    • Develop price lining
    • Develop the different pricing
    • Develop the cost for material
    • Develop the cost for labor
    • Develop the cost for overhead

    The above all point should be in your mind when you start to make a strategies for a business however its all point clear your mind relating to your market and your compotator in a market .you should be have a opportunity if in future you have need to reduced the price of your product due to any reason you reduced it easily. all above point play a vital role to making of strategy of any business.

    Describing an Effective Promotional Strategy

    • Develop by advertising media
    • Develop by print media (newspaper brochure ext)
    • Develop by radio
    • Develop by television
    • Develop by tee shirts, hats, buttons, pens

    Above some strategies which were develop a promotional strategy that uses various media for promoting your business. Monitor the different media identifying those that most effectively promote your business. Concentrate on developing material for these formats that clearly identifies your services, its location and price


    McDonald's uses market research information to build a marketing strategy. All parts of its organization then have to work together to ensure that the strategy reaches its objectives.

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