Type of organizations

Type of Organizations


In fact, objectives are an essential area in the planning process of any type of organizations. Objectives are known as "the most basic planning tools underlying all planning and strategic objectives. They serve as the basis policy and performance appraisals, and act as glue that binds the entire organization together." [1]Objective is divided into marketing and communication objectives. Marketing objective is defined as "Goalsto be accomplished by an organization's overallmarketing programsuch assales,market share, orprofitability." [2] As for the communication objectives, it is defined as "Intendedgoalsof anadvertisingor promotionalprogram. These include creatingawareness, imparting knowledge, projecting animage, shapingattitudes, stimulating awantor desire, and/or effecting a sale."[3]

As for Red bull, it has been known that it is one of the companies that is working with a strong strategy. Red Bull has accomplished its Integrating Marketing Communication objectives, as it identified its targeted audiences. Red Bull is targeting customers from A & B class, and Customers from (14 - 25) years old. Moreover Red Bull provides the customers with a brief guideline on the package, for example, mentioning its benefits, uses, cautions... etc. For instance, when buying Red Bull; you will find written on the package that it "vitalize body and mind" this is Red Bull's benefit, but as for cautions; it mentioned the pregnant women, old people, people younger than 18 years old should not drink Red Bull. As it also highlighted that consumers must not drink more than 2 packages per day.

Red Bull is trying to positions it's product in consumer's minds, but actually they succeeded in carving it. In order Red Bull to build an image or to position it in their customer's minds, they decided to offer samples through the Red Bull car; you will find this car for instance in the Suez Road. These samples are only given to those who really need it, as an example they give it to the students coming from universities. Based on this experience the students will recall it, as every time they are coming back from their universities, they will remember that Red Bull will give them energy to continue their day.

As a fact, it has been known all over the world that Red Bull is a market leader brand. Recently, Red bull exists in more than 150 countries all over the world. For instance, in Egypt Red bull dominates more than 70% of the market share. However, this percent of domination is not satisfying yet to red bull. Thus they want to dominate the whole market share (100% of market share). And actually, what made red bull more successful than any other companies is that they made their objectives realistic and attainable, their objectives are making more sales, increasing profit, increase awareness among customers, and satisfy customers needs and wants.

In order, Red bull to achieve its now a day's main objective which is to dominate the whole market share, they have to improve and enhance their program that they are using, yet it is a successful one.

Talking specifically about Egypt, I would like to highlight that there is no enough awareness among customers; do you know that Red bull is energy drink not a sports drink? Thus red bull must increase its customer's awareness by sending messages through its ads (communication objective). Moreover, Red bull only sells its original product which is "Red Bull", but for example in Europe or in The United States of America, there are other types of products, for instance "Red Bull shot, and Red Bull sugar free". So Red bull in Egypt must introduce these two new products, as it will help in increasing its sales and profit, and this might help in dominating the market (marketing objective).

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