In the twenty - first century, technology in science has developed very fast because it plays a very important role in human life style and improves the quality of life. The technological development in science is the process of research and improvements of science and technology, in this process, science can define to a highly skilled technique or practice and technology is referring to material objects of use to humanity. Many emerging technologies are expected to be generally applied in the near future. Nevertheless, technological development in science causes many social problems which are difficult to control. Most of the social problems are complicated and difficult to identify or discover. Therefore, it is dangerous when many risky technologies applied in society, which cannot easily discover or handle it. Thus, it is argued that the technological development in science ultimately presents social challenges which need to be overcome. This essay will justify the claim that development of technology in science has a detrimental effect for society by analyzing three factors of area, the worldwide environment; presents safety hazards; and human ethical problems.

While using nuclear power to generate energy is an effective way and short term process to reduce the air pollution problem which mainly caused to aggravate the climate change problem, but using nuclear power to generate energy still has a detrimental effect for society and human life, such as safety and environment hazards, also, those problems are extremely dangerous to human heaths. This is because generating nuclear power need to use uranium and zirconium. Uranium and zirconium is a dangerous element because they have different isotopes and all of the isotopes are unstable and radioactive, hence, organism will contaminate by the accident when uranium and zirconium escape or expose into the environment. For example, according to (betz 2003), Three Mile Island accident is a serious accident in nuclear power plant operating history. On March 28th, 1979, in Three Mile Island plant, there has some cooling water poured out of the stuck open valve and caused the core of the reactor to overheat, afterward, the nuclear fuel overheated to the point at which the zirconium cladding cracked and the fuel started to melt. Fortunately, the nuclear fuel has not containment the equipments and releases great quantities of radiation to the environment; Nevertheless, there has a little amount of radiation can find in the air sample which collected after the accident. Besides, the radiation will stay into the air for a long time, so, this will be an detrimental effect for society when using nuclear power, also is a serious problem for the government to measure the risk between safety and environment, because zirconium can affect two million people and all the organics in the area which only need 0.00001 sievert, thus, the years after the accident, the United States government has spend a large number of money of collecting the environment examples and analysis the possible harmful effects from radiation on all the organics in the Three Mile Island area. Consequently, this evidence shows that although nuclear power is useful to reduce the climate change problem or replace the fossil fuels to generate energy, but it is too dangerous for human and environment, also, it needs to take many time of monitoring the possible adverse effects of human after the accident happened. Therefore, if the nuclear power continuous to develop or apply into the society, untimely will cause more serious problem for society.

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