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Helpdesk Software - To Win Customer Votes

Customer service is the mantra of any business that wants to establish itself and win the loyalty and continued patronage of its customers. Customer satisfaction does not come easily. It is based on how well your business handles customer issues. Customer issues can take on unwieldy proportions without the right tools for effective follow up and management.

Helpdesk software brings order into the system by tracking customer issues from start to finish. Apart from that, helpdesk software offers other services such as knowledge management, remote problem resolution, and call handling. Being web based, helpdesk software is scalable, fast, and efficient. Staff requirement is cut down due to the automation of many customer service tasks.

What advantages does helpdesk software bring to your business?

Helpdesk software has features that benefit your customer relationships dramatically:

  • Tracking customer communication from the point of filing an issue to its resolution
  • Effective communication with customers via email or phone
  • Organization of information for faster access to comprehensive reports
  • Quick resolution of customer issues
  • Self-help feature for customers to find solutions quickly without logging a query
  • Remote problem resolution for customer issues
  • Handling customer calls for:
  • technical support
  • qualifying sales leads
  • placing orders
  • filing complaints
  • answering queries

Desired features and functions in helpdesk software

Your business' helpdesk software should include the following features and functions out-of-the-box. Though software vendors customize software at an additional cost, you should shop around for software that has the features you need by default.

Helpdesk software should:

  • have a hosted software solution model as this releases you from the responsibility of installing software in all desktops, acquiring large data servers, and taking regular data and computer backups
  • have a user-friendly interface that does not need extensive training
  • integrate with comprehensive service delivery management tools
  • have features for remote problem resolution
  • have email alerts for new issues and follow up
  • be configurable to suit operator's preferences
  • include call management tools
  • have tools to organize and track customer issues
  • include links to internal and external resources for faster issue resolution
  • have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for customers to help themselves
  • have features to include and hide internal communication between support executives
  • have data export features
  • include reports such as helpdesk load, routing of issues, resolution times, etc. for managers and supervisors

Helpdesk software may also include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Tracking and Management
  • Human Resource issues
  • Live chat
  • Inventory tracking
  • Multilingual interface for distributed workforce and customers

Verifying helpdesk software vendors

Helpdesk software vendors make regular updates to the software and provide support. Before you decide on helpdesk software, the vendor should give you complete access to a demo version. Your executives can work with the demo version to check if it answers all their needs and performs well.

Support services of the vendor are extremely important. Find out their support policies and availability of personnel. Ask the helpdesk software vendor for references and talk to previous customers for an honest review of the software. Enquire about customer support and after-sale services and any other pain points with the vendor.

Discuss costs of the software, licensing costs, and the total cost of owning the software. The software can be leased, installed or on-demand. Licensing costs vary with the type of license - ASP (hosted), seated, concurrent or site.

Helpdesk software comes in leased, install and on-demand modes and prices vary accordingly. The repute of the software vendor and features of the software also influence the cost. Survey the market before selecting the right helpdesk software for your business.

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