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Security AD - HOC network routing

Several routing protocols have been proposed ad hoc network routing, but, until recently, network security, such studies have not been valued by society.Thus, Ad hoc network routing protocols assume a trusted environment, are very susceptible to attacks, such as the use of wormhole attack or rush, the ad hoc network can paralyze opponents.Encryption based on efficient construction, we design a security protocol, is a powerful attack: Ariadne, Sead, RAP's.

The survey article AD HOC Network Security Routing Protocol

In this article, we present an overview of the existing ad hoc routing network security work.We first review the ad hoc network attacks and discuss the current practice of ad hoc networks in the establishment of the key.We then proposed an ad hoc routing protocol of the current security situation, and the completion of the study challenge.


Hu Yi-Chun, and Adrian Perrig."A survey of secure wireless routing ad hoc committee." In IEEE Security and Privacy, work, special issue on the manufacturing of wireless 2 (3): 28 - 39.5 / June 2004.[PDF]

The Ariadne security AD - HOC Network Routing Protocol

In this research, we proposed a temporary network routing in the attack, and we present the design and performance of secure evaluation of a new on-demand routing protocol for ad hoc network, called Ariadne.Ariadne prevents attackers or tampering with uncompromised nodes from routes consisting of uncompromised nodes, it can prevent many types of denial of service attacks.


Hu Yi-Chun, Adrian Perrig, and Dave Johnson."Ariadne: Secure Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks." Magazine in the wireless network, 11 (1), 2005.[PDF]

Hu Yi-Chun, Adrian Perrig, and Dave Johnson."Ariadne: Secure Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks." Proceedings in Atlanta, Georgia, the eighth annual international conference on Mobile computing and networking devices (ACM MobiCom's), 9 23 - 28,2002.[PDF]

The Sead security AD - HOC Network Routing Protocol

Although many previous ad hoc network routing protocols are distance vector approach is to some extent, they are generally assumed a trusted environment.In this research project, we design and evaluation of safe and effective ad hoc distance vector routing protocol (Sead), a secure Ad Hoc Network Routing) routing protocol based on an agreement (in the design of the Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector routing protocols. In order to supportability to deal with nodes of limited CPU utilization and prevention of denial of service (DoS) attack, the attacker tries to give other nodes consume excess network bandwidth or processing time, we use efficient one-way hash function, do not use asymmetricencryption protocol operation. Sead perform tests to cover a far exceed our scene, is still strong asymmetries that prevent any offensive or cause a variety of other non-Zhengque the routing node node While any Jiji attacker or Zainetwork.


Hu Yi-Chun, Dave Johnson and Adrian Perrig."Sead: Secure efficient distance vector routing network for mobile wireless Ad Hoc." Ad Hoc Networks Journal, 1 (1): 175 - 192,2003.[PDF]

Hu Yi-Chun, Dave Johnson and Adrian Perrig."Sead: Anquan Efficient Networks Routing Distance Vector Yidong wireless Ad Hoc." WMCSA Ji Tong and procedures in the IEEE mobile computing Ying Yong Yan Taohui (), in June 2002.[PDF]

RAP security AD - HOC Network Routing Protocol

Many ad hoc routing protocol Jian Yi Gong Zuo protocol in an on demand fashion, Guan Yu's Xuqiu routing time has been proved to ? overhead and faster response than other types of routing based on time (active) mechanisms.Recently considerable attention has been focused on the development project for the network security routing protocols, including a number of on-demand secure routing protocol, the routing on the network against possible attacks.In this research project, we are eager to attack, a new attack, denial of service agreement results when used against all previous on-demand Ad Hoc Network Routing.For example, DSR routing, AODV protocol, and as a basis for security protocols such as Ariadne, Alan and SAODV, the line can not be found when the length of the jump by more than two such attacks.The attack also particularly harmful because it can attack from a relatively weak.Why can not we used to analyze the attack under this Agreement.Then, we develop Rushing Attack Defense (RAP), and 1.RAP's defense needs common agreement there is no rush to attack any costs arising, unless the bottom line of the agreement could not find work and provide a powerful attacker who can prove that the safety performance of anxious and even opposition.


Hu Yi-Chun, Adrian Perrig, and Dave Johnson."Rushing attacks and defense of the Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Security" on the radio program seminar Association for Computing Machinery (wise), San Diego, California, in September 2003.[PDF]

General mechanism, secure routing protocols.

In this article, we present and path vector routing protocol of the four new mechanisms as tools to ensure that distance vector protocols.Safe distance as the carrier, our hash tree chain mechanism forces a router to increase the distance (metric) when forwarding the routing table entry.In order to provide authentication for the community received an update time of routing, we propose a new mechanism, similar to the hash chain, we call one-way chain authentication tree.For the cases, the highest capacity, we are skipchains, provide a more efficient initial computation cost and more efficient element verification; This mechanism is based on a new encryption mechanism, called MW-chain, we also attended the meeting.To ensure that the path vector protocol, authentication mechanism cumulative update the list of certified routers in the routing path, to prevent removal or re-sorted list the address of the router; a single authentication mechanism for use in routing updates, instead of only one address per router.We also propose a simple mechanism to securely switch one-way chain, by verifying the next one-way chain, with the former.These mechanisms are based on symmetric encryption and efficient routing protocol security as the cornerstone.

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