Expenditure and balance management

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The most important centre of attention of this work is to bring into being a report on the critical analysis of all available income, expenditure and balance management systems, their strengths, weaknesses, comparison and superiority on the existing recognition and verification technique.

In the next and key theme of this work is to develop a product - a representation of 3-tier based secure web system integrating with earn, expenditure and balance management system. This is more safe and sound, consistent, user friendly and irritation free compare to the existing personal banking or daily income / expenditure management system. The direct gain of this product is that it is based on completely web based and platform independent PHP, MySQL 3-tier architectural application. In contrast, the other available income, expenditure and balance management software doesn't work in a multi threaded way in different computers through internet and does not work as a completely platform independent 3-tier based secure web system.

Though this earn, expenditure and balance management system has integrated only some of those regular basis human beings earn, expenditure and balance management issues due to limitations of some significant resources but in dissertation other income, expenditure and balance management systems or personal budgeting systems have been critically examined to analysis their strengths, users facilities and weaknesses, so that in future such management system functionalities could be implemented.

Another restraint with regard to this report is time. To provide more strengths and user facilities to the earn, expenditure and balance management system, many other features could be added like different types of transactions, users supports for the system management, extend the help files to provide users more capabilities, various types reports to boost users acquaintance on their money, development of better algorithm to offer future budgets planning. To cope with the time, changes are an unavoidable part of the software or web service expansion but many have been utterly kept away from this case as they would not have added any value to the primary rationale of this thesis.

I am vigorously grateful to my supervisor, Mr. Bob Dolden, whose support, supervision and encouragement from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject.

E2BMS (Earn, Expenditure and Balance Management) Software System is an implementation of accurate Earn, Expense and Balance management analysis algorithms with the help of information consistency and reliability. The thesis is completely based on web technologies.

E2BMS is the software for the account of a family person does earn (income) and expenses. And his banks accounts to manage money. This Software will in general

  • Track both expenses and incomes.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Password protection to hide his / her financial data from unwanted eyes.
  • Recurring entries, both expenses and earnings, with rich frequency options.
  • History to view and adjust his / her previous entries.
  • Ability to specify vendors/payees and clients/payers (parties).


Various types of reports are generated to keep a user up-to-date on his expense, earn and balance knowledge. Such as -

  • Reports for particular categories.
  • Instant account balances.
  • Use E2BMS from anywhere in the world through Internet

E2BMS is well structured, powerfully secured online Earn, Expenditure and Balance Management System. It supports everything a human being needs in every step of his / her life. It is very simple, useful, handy and essential Software to use in daily life. No need to study the basics of accounts. The instructions are already applied on the software and one will understand everything without much trouble. The system will only be as good as the data put into it. More or less features can add in E2BMS.

To enhance web development skills using web technologies. Through this software system this report analyzes human beings nature in income, expense and maintenance of their account, analyzes existing software systems transactions & cash flow procedures.

This project consists of two sections - report and product.

In the fiction review, this report has critically examined about the existing income, expenditure and account management systems and has been analyzed their strengths and weaknesses to look into a wide range of applications in where personal budget system of a human being are better than traditional recognition and calculation method.

Now a day's most of the software developing organizations are building up various types of income, expenditure, balance and account management systems separately. A person who likes to keep his / her all types of transactions computerized, needs to use different types of software. Beside that most of the systems are still using the standalone system means not web based. So, user can not keep him/her up-to-date with his / her personal system.

To get rid from those types problems this e2bms 3-tier architectural system completely web based and all in one system.

This system is an all in one software system where a user can do his/her calculation of income, expenditure, balance and account management system, therefore various types of algorithms and mathematical rules need to implement as well as need to check those algorithms and mathematical terms with different types human transactions data which is really difficult or almost impossible to do within this available opportunities and to do personally.

Unfortunately those existing software system which so far examined mainly used addition and subtraction algorithms. Beside that those existing software are not too much user friendly, confusing, too many links means category, sub category, sub-sub-category and there's not enough information on the web or the library personal budgeting books. So without any technical and theoretical support it was really hard to gain new idea in a short time and to make a new product which is related to the income, expenditure, balnce and account management system.

Do you know how much money there is in your wallet or on your debit / credit card? And how much are you going to have in two weeks? Do you want to know where your money goes to and comes from? And daily expenses on shopping, on a taxi and a lunch..., and Bill is to pay the money back?

On the other hand, E2BMS is well structured, powerfully secured online Earn, Expenditure, Accounts and Balance Management System. It supports everything a human being needs in every step of his / her life. It is very simple, useful, handy and essential Software to use in daily life. No need to study the basics of accounts. The instructions are already applied on the software and one will understand everything without much trouble. More or less features can add in E2BMS without any hassle.

Assessment of the work

Through this report, the security holes, strengths and other weaknesses of the available income, expenditure, accounts and balance management system have tried to find out, so that a company or developer or a user can easily take decision which management will be best suitable for any of them. In the product I have used various types of algorithms to do safe environment for the user data as well as for the balance management and generating report calculation to integrate all facilities together. I have just tried to show a model which will enable the developer to integrate more secure and safe balance management technology. Moreover this model may show the developers a different way to develop more integrated software system to secure, do efficient calculation without confusion, avoid various links to manage proper calculation through reliable web application for the personal or financial companies with ensuring the higher security is the major concern.

The Idea behind the dissertation

When I have submitted this proposal, on that time I thought to follow on those existing income, expense, business, financial and accounts management software systems separately and keep all types of links as sub-menus under a main menu to do calculation and management easily, and do reports in a various way. But for the lacking of the proper resources and the problems those creating confusion between different links as well as making security holes I was unable to go ahead like that.

So I go further and check resources and other existing software and later come to this point to develop all together as an one to go system so user will get this friendly, nothing to worry about the calculations and same way to check all reports.

Development of the methodology

To develop this thesis and the project in a proper and satisfactory way I have organized my time, schedule, and other activities to develop, design, check resources, coding, implementation, testing and debugging the application. As the main issue was to make it user friendly, web based, secured and follow those XHTML and W3C rules, I had concentrated on those above things first.

I faced a lot of problems during this development and preparing the thesis report but finally overcome some of those issues and manage to do or develop this basic model which could be a starting model for any financial software system.

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