Fundamentals of computer science and engineering

Fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering

My first formal introduction to computers was in junior college (11th and 12th grades) when I took up Computer Science as an optional subject. As part of the course, I got introduced to writing programs in C/C++, I was fascinated by the number of things one could do by writing simple C programs. I enjoyed doing the practical assignments of the course and soon started developing small applications like games as a hobby. It was this experience that got me interested in Computer Programming and Computer Science in general after which I decided to pursue my B.Tech in Computer Engineering.

The undergraduate program at the College of Engineering, Pune allowed me to develop a strong understanding in the fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering. We studied a number of subjects during the course; Data Structures, Microprocessors and Computer Networks were some of my favourite subjects, but the one subject that I enjoyed learning the most was Operating Systems. The main reason why I liked studying Operating Systems was that it helped me to better understand the functioning of a computer, the way different components of a system interact with each other and the way computer software works in tandem with the hardware. I really enjoyed the lab sessions of the Operating Systems course and also got interested in understanding the internals of an OS, for which I even decided to peruse the Linux source code as a case study. My passion for Operating Systems was further fuelled when I opted to take up the "Linux and Xen Virtual Machines" elective which was conducted by Symantec in our college. This course introduced me to the idea of virtual machines and helped me to gain a deeper insight into the complex world of Operating Systems.

I have always felt the need to practically apply the concepts that I have learned as part of my academic studies and have been lucky enough to have got opportunities to do practical work through various projects. One experience which has been particularly very enriching was the summer internship I did with IBM at the end of my 3rd year course. It was the first time that I had got a chance to work with industry professionals and there were many things that I learnt from my mentors during the 2 months I spent with IBM. The experience helped me to further develop my programming skills and introduced me to the industry coding standards and best practises. It also made me realize the importance of approaching a practical problem by first preparing a strong design and then moving on to the actual implementation.

I have been working with Symantec Corporation for the past 16 months in the NetBackup RealTime Protection (RTP) team as a software developer. RTP is a data backup product which uses the Continuous Data Protection technology which eliminates the need to have any backup windows. It was here when I first got introduced to the world of Storage Area Networking (SAN), I have gained substantial domain knowledge in this area during the 1 years I have worked with Symantec. Currently I am working on the splitter component of RTP, which is a SCSI device driver. The work that I am doing as of now has given me a chance to delve deeper into the nitty-gritty's of a device driver module and has also made me appreciate the complexities involved in writing kernel space code.

Although I find my current work very interesting and challenging, I feel the need to leverage this experience to develop an even more thorough understanding of advanced topics of Computer Science. My primary field of interest has always been Operating Systems; I realize that my undergraduate studies and my work experience have just got me introduced to the subject and that my current understanding is just the tip of the iceberg which is still waiting to be explored. It is for these reasons that I have taken the decision to pursue graduate studies and obtain a major in Operating Systems. I plan to carry out advanced studies of Operating Systems and other related fields (eg. Computer Networks) and also participate in ongoing projects in this area in your esteemed university. A decade from now, I foresee myself working as a professional in a leading organization applying my skills to solve complex problems.

I have chosen the Ohio State University as my intended place for graduate studies because of the strong faculty and the excellent computing facilities available at the Department of Computer Science. I have sought the opinions of my professors in college as well as my colleagues at work and they have all strongly recommended your graduate program. Having gone through the brochure and the department website, I have been very impressed by the work being done in the fields of systems and networking and hence I feel that the Ohio State University will be the ideal place for me to pursue my higher studies.

I realize that the Department of Computer Science at Ohio State expects very high standards from its students. My track record and my passion to excel in my field of interest give me confidence that I will be able to meet these high expectations and make a meaningful contribution to your program. I therefore look forward to joining the Ohio State University as a graduate student in your esteemed department.

Academic Achievements

  • Stood 2nd in my school (St. Ursula) in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination in class 10th
  • Stood 14th in the overall merit list in my state Maharashtra in the class 12th Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) board examination
  • I was 14th in a class of 75 students in the Computer Science Department in COEP.

Academic Projects

Final Year Project

Project Title: Stealth Encryption over VOIP

Project Description: The project involved developing a stealth encryption algorithm to secure voice communications over IP (VOIP). A prototype for the algorithm was developed and was implemented in an open source Java VOIP client. The project team comprised of three members and was carried out under the guidance of Symantec Corporation.

Mini Project

Project Title: Stock Market Analyzer

Project Description: The project involved developing a stock market tracking application which allowed the user to track and analyze stock quotes as well as manage his portfolio. The front end GUI was developed in Java and Microsoft Access was used to maintain the backend database.

Database Management Project

Project Title: Cricket Encyclopaedia

Project Description: This project was done as a part of the Database Management (DBMS) course and was carried out in the 3rd year. The user can access the records of any cricketer using a GUI which was developed in Visual Basic. A database of the records of cricket players was maintained using Oracle as the backend.

Other Projects

Summer Internship

Project Title: Offline Messages for Lotus Notes SameTime Messenger

Project Description: This project was done as a 2 month summer internship with IBM. The SameTime Messenger was extended so that a user's chat messages where cached when he/she was offline and which get delivered when the user logged back in. This was a project in Java and was developed on top of the Lotus Notes platform.

Work Experience

  • Working with Symantec Corporation since July '08 as a software developer in the NetBackup RealTime Protection (RTP) team, will complete 2 years with the company in Fall '10.
  • Developed a test framework in Perl to unit test the RTP splitter component
  • Developed an event channel framework in CORBA between the splitter and the RTP appliance to facilitate sending of splitter events which ultimately show up in the RTP GUI.


  • I was given the Applause Award by Symantec for my excellent performance in developing the unit test framework.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages/Scripting

  • C , C++, Java
  • Perl, Unix shell scripting

Operating Systems

  • Have worked on Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems
  • Extra/Co-Curricular Activities

  • Finalist in the ZION '06 C programming event held at DY Patil College, Pune.
  • Finalist in the C/C++ programming competition held as part of the technical event Osoris at SIT, Pune.
  • Finalist (2nd) in the intra college sports quiz held at the College of Engineering, Pune.
  • Was a member of the ASCEI mentoring team in my college. This team was responsible for guiding students in the junior classes by conducting and organizing various career development sessions and seminars.

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