Software programming language

  1. Writes notes for a career service to map the development of C# programmer from novice to expert. (500 words, 10 marks)
  2. C# is a software programming language which aims to unite the programming simplicity of visual basic and the computing control of C++. It is mainly based on C++ and contains some features same as of java. This is a Microsoft product. C# is an object oriented programming language. C# is pronounced as C sharp. Since this is an extension of C programming new candidates will find it easy to start programming in C#. Those software programmers with six months experience in C# programming can get permanent jobs or at least on contract basis. Salaries of C# programmers may range from sixty thousand dollars to even six figures annually. Six digit salaries are more common for C# consultants rather than full time employees.

    At present the in demand and top paying computer programming skill is C# programming skill. C# has used in the product development of many companies. Microsoft is just one among them. Some of their products using C# are Microsoft office, SQL server, web development with ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, SharePoint for collaboration and many other products. Mobiles and pocket PC development softwares are also supported by C# programming language. Even in this recession time the demand for good C# programmers is high in most of the job sites.

    How to start C# computer programming?

    The blueprint for studying C# is provided by an e-book named "The street smart guide to high paying programmer careers". Using this book one can understand about C# by themselves. There are also C# practice sessions and C# quizzes that will help the reader to recall and for retention of C# programming syntax. An additional C# quiz is also included which provides a private, personal login to the training portals. This also helps in mastering different topics in C# programming and to understand it in a perfect manner.

    How to turn out to be an expert in C# programming?

    The most effective method to become an expert in C# programming is to practice the programming skills again and again until you become well versed with C# syntax. The additional quizzes and practice sessions will help us to become expert in C# programming. All buyers of the above mentioned e-book will get this additional practice sessions and quizzes. (CR Share 2009).

    C# makes computer programming through the use of XML (Extensible markup language) and SOAP (Simple object access protocol) which helps access to a method or programming object without writing additional code for each step by the programmer. (Apsnet 2009). Microsoft along with ECMA an international body for standards is trying to create a common standard C# programming. ISO (International standards organization) recognition for C# programming will encourage many other companies to develop their programming languages. Some companies like devSoft, Apex Software, FarPoint Technologies, Component Source, Bunka Orient, LEAD Technologies, ProtoView, and Seagate Software have already using C# programming. ( 2009)

  3. (b) To operate a computer is far easier, yet less powerful, than to program a computer. Discuss (500 words, 10 marks)
  4. Computer systems are configured using the source code which has been created analytically using computer programming. Most often computer programmers focus on development of software which allows the user to perform various functions. Even online functions that we use in our offices and at home owe to these programmers. Word processing program, computer operating systems, internet dialers all these software's exist as a result of computer programming. A computer programmer should know any of the programming language for developing various softwares. C, C++, java, dot Net, etc are various programming languages. (wisegeek 2009)

    Software development is just a part of this computer programming. It also includes modifying these softwares for specific uses. By editing the corresponding code allows a program to change its function that will be unique to the given environment. Existing software can be used as a platform for making necessary changes in the source code in order to meet the new requirement. Another aspect of computer programming is the maintenance of currently running softwares. Here certain section of the code is rewritten or necessary editing is done to enhance the functions of that software or to rectify any problems encountered. To summarize we can say that developing, modifying and maintaining are the main functions of computer programming. This is very powerful because the computer programmer can incorporate necessary changes to the softwares as and when required or he can develop new software for his own personal use. Only constraint is that the programmer should be well versed with the syntax of any of the programming languages mentioned above. (wisegeek 2009). The programming codes should be written in a specific order by applying different logics and functions as result of this computer programming is a time consuming job and it cannot be done by a common man.

    When it comes to operating a computer it is easier when compared to computer programming. For operating a computer we don't need to know the syntax of any programming languages. There will be clear instructions in your screen to do a particular task. Software which has been developed by the programmer will guide us to complete our task. Software's will be developed in a user friendly manner so that the task can be completed in minimum steps. More elaborate the software then it will be more convenient to use. During operating a computer we cannot make any changes in the software we can only use those facilities and functions provided by that software. So it is clear that with the help of computer softwares various computer operations has made simple. ( 2009)

    So we can conclude that creating computer software or a computer programming contains several logical and functional procedures but it is powerful in the sense that the programmer can make necessary modifications as and when required. But in the case of operating a computer it is very easy using the customized softwares but it is not powerful as computer programming since we cannot make any modifications or manipulations in the software for our use during operating a computer. (wisegeek 2009)

  5. Discuss the advantages of object oriented programming over previous programming paradigms (200 words, 5 marks)
  6. Object oriented programming is a type of programming where developers defines the data type of a data structure along with the types of functions or operations that has to be applied to that specific data structure. Then this data structure can be called as an object which contains both functions and data.

    The primary advantage of object oriented programming over previous programming paradigm is that they allow programmers to create modules which do not need to be modified when a fresh object is created. (webopedia 2009).New objects can easily be created by the programmer in which many of its features can be inherited from already existing objects. This helps in the easy modification in object oriented programming.

    Other benefits of object oriented programming are maintainability, extensibility, reusability and reliability is better than the earlier models. Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism are special features of object oriented programming which helps it to perform much effective than the previous models. (tayfunbilsel 2009) Object oriented programming is said to be natural i.e. more understandable and it is very much similar to human beings way of understanding and perception. It is easier for the programmers to divide the problem into individual objects and program each objects separately. This makes object oriented programming advantageous over other traditional languages.

  7. Discuss the difference between a highly paid software programming level job and an entry level job. (200 words, 5 marks)
  8. Software programming is a highly rewarding career and also the in demand field. Programmers and software developers are highly paid. These jobs rank very high for job satisfaction. But it is not easy for a fresher to break in to the field. Still computer programming can be considered as less tough field for entry level candidates who are motivated. Average salary for a fresher may be somewhere around thirty five thousand dollars where as the average salary of an experienced candidate may range from sixty thousand dollars to even six digit salaries according to the expertise of the programmer. Some of the companies prefer hiring fresh graduates. It is always better to start off with a clean slate rather than unlearning them any conflicting habits.

    Programming is a field where the experience of the programmer has major role in deciding the efficiency of the computer software. So the company can afford to pay a high salary for the experienced candidate. Experienced candidates should also take the responsibilities by guiding and training their juniors. (ehow 2009)Freshers may find it difficult at the initial stages for coding various software programs. As these freshers gain experiences can be changed into a highly paid software developer.

  9. Create a specification for 5 different software classes that a programmer need to develop to operate a clothes washer/dryer. (500 words, 10 marks)
  10. Using java programming language we can write our own classes. We need find information about our class which includes member variables, methods and also constructors.

    Classes are defined in the following way:

    This is an example for declaring a class. Class body consists of constructors, declaration for field and methods to implement.

    To create the objects of a class, a class is constructed used as a template. This method is commonly followed in object oriented programming. This template gives the behavior and state that the objects in a class all share. Instance of the class is the object of a given class.

    class declaration. The area between the braces contains every code that provides for the living cycle of the objects formed from the class: constructors for initializing new objects, declarations for the fields that provide the class and its objects, and methods to apply the behavior of the class and its objects.

    The previous class declaration is a negligible oneit contains only those works of a class declaration that are necessary. You can provide more information about the class, such as the name of its superclass, whether it implements any interfaces, and so on, at the start of the class declaration. For example,

    We can also add modifiers like private, public at the commencementso you can see that the starting line of a class declaration can become quite complex. The modifiers private and public, which decide what other classes can access MyClass,. In general, class declarations can include these components, in order:

    1. Modifiers such as private, public and a number of others that you will come across later.
    2. The class name, with the first letter uppercase by convention.
    3. The name of the class's parent preceded by the keyword extends.
    4. A comma-separated list of interfaces implemented by the class, if any, preceded by the keyword implements. A class can implement more than one interface.
    5. The class body, surrounded by braces, {}.
  11. Discuss the concept of user interface design .200 words [10 marks]
  12. In the field of industrial design of the interaction between man and machine, the user interface is (a place) where the interaction between humans and machines to happen. The aim of the interaction between man and machine in the user interface and effective operation and control of the device, and the reactions of the device that helps the operator in making executive decisions..

    The aim should be from the user interface will be foremost in the process of design. Consider the example of a visitor information system on the booth. In this case makes perfect sense that the primary goal of interface designers should be easy for the user to run the first time. For more of the user interface through walking step by step system, and more successful and interface will be.

    In contrast, consider the data entry system used daily by the Office of the operators heads down. Here should be the primary objective is that the operators can also enter as much information as possible as efficiently as possible. Intended Once users learn how to use interface, anything to make easier to use for the first time will just get in the way

    User interface design is not a "one-size-fits-all process." Each system and the special considerations and objectives of the design of facilities to him. The aim of phase requirements for the design team of this type of information that should make these goals clear.

  13. Discuss the different between low level and high level in programming .100 words [5 marks]

High-level languages allow a much more abstract than the low-level languages. This allows the algorithms to be written and functions without the need for detailed knowledge of the devices used in computing platform. Translator provides this interface transparently for the programmer. And low-level languages require more active participation with the registration and the province interfaces on the device. This can provide more control and efficiency of the program and can be good for applications that require high speed implementation, and collectors, however, a high-level and much better in improving the speed of now.

Examples of high level languages include C, C++, Java, etc.

Examples of low level languages include machine language specific to each processor and assembly language specific to each processor.


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