The hybrid hardware


As we all know the meaning of hybrid, hybridis the combination of two or more different things, aimed at achieving a particular objective or goal.

And the meaning of hardware is any physical component of machine that we can touch. So hybrid hardware is combination of physical components of a machine.


It is impossible to have precision orientation and tracking range over a wide area through a single technology, because every technology has limitations. Take an example of, magnetic and radio frequency sensors they are subject to metallic interference, and optical sensors which are highly accurate but easily obstructed.

That's why Hybrid Technology was developed, hybrid technology utilizes various sensing approaches, all integrated with our patented Sensor Fusion software.

To fit the needs of specific environments and applications we fuse inertial sensing with complementary tracking sources. We use optical, GPS, and magnetic technologies, as well as digitalacoustic ranging, a field pioneered by Inter Sense.

The result of this technology is "fusion" which means combination of capabilities not available before, such as:

  • Range is unlimited
  • Jitter is negligible
  • Update rate is high
  • Excellent immunity for any kind of interference
  • Superior motion "smoothness"
  • Miniature form factor
  • Cheap i.e. cost is low
  • Accuracy is high


This process requires lots of labour and time is required, primarily because lighting artists receive poor feedback from existing tools: interactive previews have very poor quality, while final-quality images often take hours to render.

The above figure presents an interactive cinematic lighting system used in the production of computer-animated feature films it is having very high complexity, in which surface and light appearances are described using procedural Render Man shaders.

This system provides lighting artists with high-quality previews at interactive frame rates with only small approximations compared to the final rendered images.

This system has been successfully used in the production of two features:

  1. Length animated films,
  2. Dramatically accelerating lighting tasks.

A Hybrid Hardware Technique is used for High Speed Backplane Messaging

A system and method of enhanced backplane messaging among a plurality of computer boards communicating over a common bus requires a set of pre-allocated buffers on every computer board to receive messages from other computer boards. Each sender computer board is represented on each remote computer board by a descriptor ring with pointers to pre-allocated buffers on that remote computer board.

When a sending computer board has a message to deliver to a remote computer board, the sending computer board uses its DMA controller to transfer the message into the pre-allocated buffers on the remote computer board. The sending computer board also sends a mailbox interrupt to the remote computer board.

The remote computer boards interrupt handler moves the messages from the descriptor rings to the receiving application(s) via pointer manipulation. Chained DMA transfers are used to eliminate any data transfers by the processor itself across the bus.

Performance of hybrid cars

The gasolineenginecan be much smaller in hybrid cars than the engine in a conventionalcar and therefore hybrid cars are more efficient.

Smaller engines are more efficient than bigger ones because:

  • The big engine is heavier than the small engine, so the car requires extra energy every time it accelerates or drives up a hill.
  • Other internal components are heavier, so they also require more energy each time they go up and down in the cylinder.
  • The size of the cylinders is larger in case of conventional cars, so more fuel is required by each cylinder.

Both conventional and hybrid engines have to output the same amount of power to drive the car, but the small engine uses less power to drive itself.

The disadvantages of hybrid vehicles are:

  • Hybrid vehicles are costly as compared to conventional vehicles.
  • Hybrid vehicles do not get good fuel mileage on the open highway because of the added weight of the battery.
  • Hybrid vehicles have a high maintenance cost. The major expense is Battery replacement.
  • Generally very small gasoline or diesel engines are found in hybrid cars. Therefore, the air-conditioning system will place a high load on the small engine that result in reducing the gas mileage drastically.
  • The manufacturers of hybrid vehicles have tended to exaggerate the fuel economy. Many owners of hybrid vehicles are not satisfied when they cannot obtain the fuel economy as advertised or promised at the time of sale.


  • While hybrids are considered to be one of the clean technology by most users, but its internal combustion engine will still produce pollutants. Most of the contamination is handled by catalytic converters, but there's still that good old greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Even hybrid machine pumps this out, however they just pump lower amounts of it, and mostly because most hybrids have engines that stop when the vehicle comes to a halt.
  • The battery that stores the electricity should also be considered. Most hybrids use a nickel metal hydride system, which requires nickel mining, which is often done in open cast mines with all the attendant pollution that goes along with excavating large holes in the ground. Luckily, nickel metal hydride batteries are non toxic and they can be recycled, but their cost is very high.


There are many advantages of using the technology of hybrid hardware; few of them are given below:

  • Hybrids combine clean energy of the electrical motor with the power of the gas-powered engine that has lower emissions and a good mileage.
  • Hybrids are reliable and comfortable as any traditional car and tax benefits are also provided.
  • Purchase incentives are there for Hybrid vehicle owners (varies by state).
  • Hybrids are much cleaner cars than conventional vehicles with lesser CO and other greenhouse gas emissions in environment.
  • Hybrids provide a good mileage than conventional cars.
  • The future for hybrids seems bright with rapid developments in hybrid technology to improve efficiency of engine.
  • Due to the Regenerative Braking technology, the batteries require no external source.
  • Special warranties are provided for the battery pack and the electric motor other costly items.
  • Hybrids help to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels which directly affects the fuel prices very much.

Hardware of eye TV has always packed some very impressive functionality into a small USB dongle; however, the previous units (designed and built by OEMs like Pinnacle and Hauppauge for bundling with the Eye TV app) didn't always shine when it came to holding onto weak HDTV signals, and sometimes recordings were plagued with dropouts and jitter when they are used with borderline-adequate antennas.

The new hardware design has been in sourced to Eye TV's team and custom-built with a focus on improving signal handling; the results are good enough.



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