The ultimate aim of technology



The ultimate aim of technology is to make life comfortable for common man, One such Technical advancement is Internet Commerce. The role of Trust and security in Internet- commerce gained importance over the past few years [should look for a proper Reference]. Since the success of Web-based businesses depends essentially on their customers, consumers trust is critical for Internet commerce [1- araujo]. The success of web based business depends on retaining the existing customers and gaining new customers. Another aspect involved in E- commerce is Goodwill. As the saying goes First Impression is the best Impression" , Customers or End users tend to believe in a website or in an Organization depending on their previous experiences with them directly or indirectly.

Studies show nearly all customers refuse to provide personal information to a Web site at one time or another, a majority because they lack trust in the site [keng siau ]. The most significant barriers to the growth of E commerce include Security, Authentication fraud and risk of loss.[amit]. The other aspect from consumer's point of view is that there is always a tradeoff between Time and Money. IF the consumer gets to the store and buys a product, he is spending both his money and time. On the other hand, if he purchases the product online, he is saving his time in the lateral case. The other aspect which makes the customers move away from online shopping to traditional shopping is about the inability in finding the right information of the product and evaluation of available alternate options. Though the concept of Internet Revolutionized, how Business is done across Globe, it is still in its infancy in some parts, not because of the lack of technical advancements, but the lack Good User Interface designs and Ease of navigating on the website.

Primary RISK'S INVOLVED IN ecommerce:

Purchasing Uncertainty's:

Though the website provides a catalog of all the products available with their pictures and their features, People would still be hesitant about the quality of the product as they are not physically viewing the product and they are not able to make a choice between the available options. Though website has features like frequently asked questions (FAQ), Email support and chat support, they would still feel that the human touch is missing. After making a choice on the product, the other risk involved is, giving personal information such as Name, Physical Address and credit card details to the vendor which could be misused by vendor. The Idea of being anonymous to the vendor exists no more. If the customer tries to cancel the product, there is no way that the information the vendor has can be taken back. The customer is skeptic about the quality of the product till it reaches him /her and uses it for quite some time. If the user customer wants to return the product, there is a lot of supply chain management Involved to return the product and get the money back.[arazou-- ]

[] In his research Dr Bhatnagar made a detailed study about the behavioural aspects of the end customer in online shopping considering financial risks as the point of focus. He Quotes

"The likelihood of purchasing on the Internet decreases with increases in product risk"[bhatnagar]

Financial risk. This risk is associated with the Internet as a purchasing medium , rather than the consequences of purchasing particular goods. A large number of studies show that consumers are quite apprehensive about communicating credit card information over the Internet . This risk is not particularly on account of the monetary amount involved in the transaction but more because it puts the consumer at risk of losing money via credit card fraud.[bhatnagar].

Potential Attacks on Ecommerce systems:-
  • Deleting or corrupting data on the hard disk of the server. It could affect a lot of end customers.
  • Theft of confidential data by hackers by recording user key strokes.
  • Hackers can hijack your system and use it for their own purposes, which may include adding it to a larger group of botnets.
  • using your computer for malicious purposes, such asplanning a DoS attack on another website.
  • harming customer and trading partner relationships by forwarding viruses to them from your own system.(Googled and Rephrased the entire meaning on what was present on the net).
Impact of User Interface design on eCommerce

User interface design plays an important role in ecommerce. To gain new customers and to retain existing customers, the User interface must be designed keeping a novice customer in mind. [] Inexperienced customers should be able to browse the site easily The structure of the site should make sense to visitors, meeting or exceeding their expectation about the vendor [araujo] Having said that, our next focus will be on the characteristics of a good interface design in a Business to Consumer Website.

The first important design aspect would be the way in which the information is filtered and displayed as per the customer's request. The Giant Organizations like Amazon offer hyperlinks in their websites to product reviews and other links, which helps the end customer to come to a conclusion about the product S/He going to buy.[]A pleasant navigation experience can persuade users to make business with a commerce site. Small glitches in Web sites, such as broken links, typographical/grammatical errors, and interface inconsistencies affect the customers' credibility on a Web site.[arazou]

The consumer buying process involves several stages. The 1 stage involves in finding the relevant information depending on the product of interest. The 2 stage involves in getting to conclusion about the results arrived on the search. The 3 stage, which is the final stage involves making a decision among the available options before making a final purchase of the product.

Hardware giants like Dell and IBM ( and allow the end customers to custom build their computers and make price comparisons for various computer configurations. The content of the website is as important as its design and usability. If a vendor doesn't display the updated information of a product or display some incorrect information in H/Her website, the customers might get discouraged. End customers should always be posted with the latest and updated information. On the other hand, if the vendor maintains the website very dynamically having all the key updates of the product in place and provides the User interface tailor made to different target groups And different Lines of Business, People will start building trust on the Vendor.

Securing Ecommerce Websites:-

Securing Ecommerce systems involves implementing various security controls. The security controls should not be too confining as they might affect the End customers Ease of navigation on the website.

The common security controls are as follows :-

User Authentication:- Before the user does online shopping in a website, H/SHE should be first authenticated to make a payment. This step is really important to confirm whether the actual designated Person is making the transaction or not. There are a lot of Mechanisms in place for Authentication. The most common technique is to prompt the user to type in a user id and password combination to enter the website. One more authentication mechanism is to verify the digital signature of the user before logging on to the website. The latest authentication mechanism needs the user's unique physical attribute(biometric) to get onto the website.

Access Control:- In giving access control to different users ( class of users), Care must be taken that they get access to information to which they are authorized to view.

Firewall:- This is a software which helps the website from being accessed by users who are not authenticated (Hackers) and helps to secure the information of the end users.


The idea that trust is a stumbling block in the growth of Internet activities is not a new one. As many researchers have recognized, lack of trust can create problems for commerce in general, and for e-commerce in particular.

Trust can be built by vendors in customers in various ways.

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