Green design in future

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Sustainability as a future development trend is widely used in different industries. It is beneficial to the Socio-economic development and reduces environmental damage.

The main objective of writing this essay is to identify what is sustainability for future, how does it actually solve the problem of global warming?

The green design is the key element for sustainability, and hence I stress on the green design system and how it affects the future, in the body of my essay, which is the analysis. The most important issue is global warming. Greenhouse effect increases the temperature of earth, which leads to global warming.


Since the end of the 20th century, human faces a variety of serious ecological issues and sustainable development issues and these issues have become a hot topic. Sustainable development as a new model of development has become a trend of social development in many countries. This is also a kind of progress of human social civilization. But people have different opinions regarding the understanding of sustainable development. This relates to how people grasp and achieve sustainable development.

2 Green designs in future

2.1 Issues of environmental damage

Nowadays, people start to pay more attention to the environment; therefore environmental issues have become a global topic. The change of Earth's environment is caused by human and our developments. The nature environment has changed due to overuse of nature resource, therefore the Earth's environment has been damaged and made natural environment changed since people rely on natural resources for survival, and we caused many resources to deplete. The most important issue is global warming. Greenhouse effect increases the temperature of earth, which leads to global warming.

2.1.1Solving the environmental problem

All these Earth's environmental issues lead to the destruction of the environment. Firstly, we have to stop destroying the forests, implementing a large-scale forestation work, promote forest regeneration and design for environment which is known as sustainable design. The importance of sustainable design is greenness or environmental protection. Green buildings increase awareness of the role of human activity in causing global climate change. Green building using natural ventilation to reduce the use of air-conditioning, hence green building is very essential for today's society, it is a great energy saving way.

2.2 The causes of sustainability

Sustainability is implemented due to the increasing demand for the energy and thus resulting in air pollution. It is a balance between human and nature. Human and nature is never harmonious. At first, people don't understand the natural because they lack of science knowledge. So they cannot prevent natural disasters and diseases, and also the speed of population growth. Therefore people began to seek knowledge from nature with the help of science and technology. When production level increases, the rate of population growth also increases. Human over use natural resources, environment pollution and damaged the ecological balance of nature, and also damage human survival on Earth. Now, human faces many issues regarding environment and its resources. They must reflect on the relationship between man and nature. People are more aware that they need to establish harmonious and friendly relations with nature. Sustainable development is the pursuit of harmony between man and nature as the target for the human social system in harmony with the Earth's natural systems and harmonious development.

Fundamentally, human health depends on a healthy environment. Present environmental changes are largely due to the result of human activities. In addition, the traditional development mode shows many disadvantages and cannot be sustained. It is also a rethink of industrial development. It shows economic development. The increase of population is a symbol of economic achievement. The population's point of view is to destroy the natural environment by excessive use of energy. In the context of the serious global issues, also endanger human survival and development of future generations, which is not going to be a healthy thing to happen.

2.2.1 Definition of the sustainability

Social development is the basis and sustainability is the key. It means to keep in existence, to be capable of being in continuous with the minimal long-term effect on the environment.

These are the three components of sustainable development. It includes the ecological sustainability, sustainable economic and social sustainability. Ecological sustainability is the foundation; economic sustainability is the condition, social sustainability is the goal. They are all connected by sustainability.

2.2.2Social Responsibility for sustainable development

Sustainable development encourages economic growth to embody the national power and wealth.

It should be able to protect the nature as it is the basis. Therefore, the development must be able to protect the environment, which includes controlling of environmental pollution and improving the environmental quality.

Sustainable development should be able to improve and enhance the quality of life for the purpose of social progress and adaptation. The meaning of sustainable development should include improving the quality of human life and improving human health in order to create a good social and natural environment.

2.3 Sustainable designs for the future

We do know that we must actively design sustainably, that is to design within the limits of natural resources and nature laws. The global issues that we need to focus on the demands of climate and cultural. Achieving sustainable development becomes a new development mode in each country.

Sustainable development is to let people understand the relationship between human and nature. It is used in different areas, particularly in design, such as green design, ecological design.

Sustainability is to create a new design goal. The design innovation is new model of sustainable development to explore the human survival and our living environment. Designing through the sustainable design innovation, it is a new perspective to solve the problem of human survival and living environment. Sustainable design in three ways: design concept innovation, design of materials innovation and innovative design structure.

2.4Sustainability in my design

The aim of the studio project is to create a “careful thought”, “aesthetic sentiment” and special space for people to enjoy the food of their everyday lives. This designed restaurant will use different element as a design medium to connect the user with nature environment. The site chosen for the project is at East Coast Park which provides a nice seascape. There will be higher chances to preserve greenery in its surrounding area. The main aim is to protect the natural environment as it is based on the design for the restaurant. I will use the resources from the site to design my restaurant because the huge energy comes from nature. Designs that use the available site energies are approaching sustainability that designs will be connect everything and is the health ecological model.

The site is an existing building which is an international seafood restaurant & market. The challenge is to redesign the existing building with a mindset towards sustainability. For this project I need to redesign the existing building to make connection with the natural environment for users and introduce day lighting and natural ventilation.

I will make use of natural elements such as light, water and surrounding environment to create a sustainable design. Nature lighting is the key element of my design because I am using the glass wall for the façade to bring the natural light through the double volume spaces to make it brighter without artificial lighting. I will also keep the artificial pond which is under the existing building. I will use it as a part of my design and make a link to the surrounding environment. This approach is consistent with the design philosophy of sustainable development.

The whole idea of my concept for this project is “wave motion” is to create the movement space while users experience closer to nature. The use of different elements such as the form of the space, natural elements, material, light and color to create a heterogeneous environment space connect with surrounding environment using flexible ways. The basic of wave motion concept is the use of surrounding environment to influence the indoor space, and think of designing a roof garden, because nature will inspire design to provide for a sustainable future. The challenge of this project is to keep the surrounding environment and use the available site energies to creating a sustainable building.

“Sustainable design

-Follow the sun.

-Observe the wind.

-Watch the flow of water.

-Use simple materials.

-Touch the earth lightly.”

-Glenn Murcutt, Architect.

2.4.1In the design field

Sustainable design is a solution which solves the economic, social, and environmental challenges of the project at the same time, and these solutions are powered by sustainable energies. It is combined natural and function to the design.

The environmental issues have brought sustainable factors into future design field. Some of the architects believe “sustainability” is the most important change in the future.

2.4.2Green design to achieving Sustainable design

They have started to focus on designing and constructing buildings in such a way that protects the surrounding environment. Therefore the conceptual shift is from balance of human and nature. Green design is the way adapts to the social development and reflects the strategic thinking for sustainable development and it is an effective way to achieve sustainable development architecture. It becomes one of the solutions of environmental pollution.

Green design as an element of sustainability is widely used in construction. Green building integrates the local climate and resources to create healthy interior space with natural light and use of recycling materials to development of a sustainable future. Sustainable design is to add value of the environment.

However, sustainable design is different with green design. Sustainable design improves the quality of life using of those sustainable elements. The elements of building are technologies and materials. These elements play an important role on the sustainability of a design. Sustainable elements should be selected by materials and technologies that do not require constant servicing. Green buildings should use durable materials and technologies that can be use for long time without being depleted and changed. Resource recyclability should be capable of being easily reused and recycled.

Green building as an artificial environment that embodies sustainability, also meets the needs of the human material and spiritual life.

The effects of green building are divided to environment effect and effect to the people. For the environment effect, it is embodied in energy saving.

For the effect to the people is make user to approach the health by fresh air. Another effect is to mental approach of people. Green building provides a healthy and comfortable environment for people to stay away from the noisy city, and have moment of calmness.

2.5 Case studies

To design for sustainability is a trend. It is also a challenge of architecture in the twenty-first century.

Songjiang Hotel (first case study)

It is an amazing five-star hotel and is a best example of sustainable architecture design in china.

It uses an existing site environment to provide a natural environment for users. It is built to minimize the impact on the environment when construction begins. The concept of this hotel is design to the landscape and natural water features. The hall hotel is covered by green roof, and the building will use site energy for the heating and electrical supply. The positive effect on the natural resources is to conserve the energy and water, less waste, and a healthy environment.

“ This design inspiration from the quarry setting itself, adopting the image of a green hill cascading down the natural rock face as a series of terraced landscaped hanging gardens. In the centre, we have created a transparent glass ‘waterfall' from a central vertical circulation atrium connecting the quarry base with the ground level.”

- Martin Jochman

It is all the nature things they use for the design to make it sustainability. The aquatic concept went through the design both visually and functionally; they using garden city philosophy and sustainable design principle to develop their design concept. This hotel is a green building designed for the green generation with many sustainable features.

Art school in Singapore (second case study)

It is another example of sustainable design. It is green roof art school in Singapore. This design provides a new experience to keep the user close the nature. It has a green roof, water recycling, low-energy and use recycled materials wherever possible. The designer uses glass wall façade to bring the natural light come through the space and provide a visual exchange between indoor and outdoor. The curving green roof creates an open space to reduce heat in the building, create balance ventilation of the surrounding and able rainwater to come in for the landscaping irrigation.


In conclusion, sustainable design has been incredibly successful; because the design of sustainable development of great significance for the return of human nature. It is an important change in the future.

According to the design trend, Sustainable design will become a new design tools. Sustainability is a great idea to heal the world environment. Sustainable designs have become a key element of design. It use of modern technology, great efforts to develop green resources, continuous improvement of the ecological environment, to advance the harmonious development between man and nature. By successfully preserving green, there is the possibility and chances for us to help our own world, to save the earth from global damage and destruction.


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