Human-Computer Interaction Design


Interactive design, also known as interaction design, is an interactive system designed to support people's daily lives or work.

Interactive design and human-computer interaction design and a lot of scientific branches or cross-linked with each other, including: ergonomics, psychological, cognitive science, information science, engineering, computer science, computer software, science, sociology, human factors , cognitive science, cognitive ergonomics and so on.

Computer, the computer interaction, taking into consideration the main purpose is to help users, not designers; also is cut into the user's point of view, so that users can control the order, speed, and how attention to information, and those information is negligible. Human-Computer Interaction Design has a wide-ranging discussion, interactive design starting point is the correctness in the where, when and how to provide to the user control panel. When we understand what the computer can do for us, and how to deal with information, we can be most of their time on "people" rather than on the technology, so a successful interactive means people are telling the computer how to work, rather than spin in these technologies.

Any one product plans, whether in the development of time, money or technology, interactive design are both very important and indispensable part of complex products is also due to the design of highly interactive until developed.

But the number of interactions and interaction patterns can be considered as an interactive design request? It depends on the content of your paper, depending on the different types of information conveyed by the performance of interaction is different. Such areas as a simple file interaction may only need basic browsing and media control; an electronic dialog box may need to search a database of information and processing capability; while training in a medical discipline requires not only browsing and media control, it may be more need for 3D object model to simulate real-life situation, and even control the objects.

Therefore, the construction of each product differently, interactive grades are not the same as the above example. However, the basic objective should be to maintain interactive design clear, concise, easy to use features.

Interaction design is also seen in games, for example like “Framville”, It have not have a sound and light sound, stories, story-rich, as well as virtual characters can play exciting games, monsters, upgrades, compared to young people indulging in online games, ”farmville” is not that fancy. However, because it is a very simple game, interface simple and clear objective, free and very easy to use, so even if the network is not good for adults, and even the elderly are not barriers to entry can easily join, but also with their children, friends, interactive, so popular a lot of User. The touch of your mouse you can easily complete the vegetables, watering, pest, weed, harvest, and action, the most interesting than you can anywhere visiting the friend's farm to see what kinds of fruits and friend, as well as can be smoothly "steal" away some.

Each of the next one seed, you can see it sprout, long leaves, flowering fruit can grow to a ripe harvest of the process, meet the people of Taiwan a part of traditional agricultural society has its own kind of thirst for a small field can be self-sufficient culture of values. Having watched planted the seed germinate slowly grew up out of different flowers, grow a wide variety of fruit, simple but really have a sense of satisfaction. Have to wait for crops mature, it takes time to relatively slow pace of the game, no amount of time spent in the game have been unable to do other things, but also allowing the player can use the leisure farm tour in vacant time slots, no wonder so popular in the white-collar workers, "taking care of the farm" into a major effort to alleviate the pressure under the pressure of a simple way.

In order to prevent their own mature fruit stolen by friends, or let the fields dry, long grass affect the health of crops, the value must be regularly up harvest, weeding, and has created the game sticky. Some User initial play, because crops were stolen and the angry friends to death, but also in order to revenge staring at a friend's farm to steal crops ready to fight back. However, over time, they gradually relieved, after all, this is just a game, but yes you steal me, I stole you; I can help you weed, you help me insecticide such a simple interaction, the interaction between the creation of a friend intimacy and pleasure. Another special is the ability to grow their own flowers out of a friend, as a small mind.

“Farmville” is a social networking game, the key to success lies in the fact, can design a simple and interactive way for people to play the game is no longer a matter, when more people to join the game, the more interesting to be able to help each other can also be a small prank, in the design of an interactive approach, the game is to be able to design at the same time can help friends make their own profitable way. For example, in the farmville, weeding watering for someone else, apart from friends will thank you, but also can increase the value of their own experience, so to upgrade quicker. Interaction, is the most important key to a farmville simple and easy to use, creating a large usage and business opportunities, but it also add a richness of the lives of ordinary.

Interaction is important because interactive design will meet the information and communication technology, today's key economic and social challenges, social challenge is the danger of a digital segment, These technologies will extend the capacity of professional knowledge workers , a good interactive design will make it easier to use digital technologies as well as the closer.

Of economic opportunities is a combination of culture and design, we live in a world of non-material values will become more important (fashion, advertising, entertainment) as well as a rapid production of globalized market place will be to lower labor costs area. Our economic future will depend on a new capacity to the idea of development and production of goods, and a high degree of communication and cultural value of service.

Today, to create a successful product or service, a good technology is not enough. They must comply with a simple, elegant, and be able to enjoy into the structure of daily life and culture. They need to be expected, as well as the use of easily accessible but also has the power, and this is the role of interactive design.

Orientation to these challenges, we must develop a culture of research and the development of sophisticated (sophisticated) strategy; to re-define and to bringing together scientific and human knowledge to the definition of today's industrial culture; to construct knowledge and expertise to new areas; in respect of need to educate people to be more flexible and creative, so they can take (seize) the opportunity to live, these new technologies also provide cultural, social and economic life, this is the Interaction's role.

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