Food quality of pizza hut UK


Pizza Hut is an American restaurant based in Addison, Texas. It is a chain and international franchise restaurant. It is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands. the world's largest restaurant company, which includes restaurants, delivery-carry out units and kiosks. The type off its business is wholly owned subsidiary. It offers a various styles of pizza along with several side dishes which includes, pastas, Buffalo wings, Breadsticks, Garlic bread etc. Pizza Hut was started in 1958 by two brothers, Frank and Dan Carney in Wichita, Kansas. Their initial idea was to open a pizza parlor. In 1959, the first franchise started its operation in Topeka, Kansas. Almost yen years later, Pizza Hut was serving one million people in a week in their 310 location outlets. In 1972, Pizza Hut was put on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PIZ. In 1978, PepsiCo acquired Pizza Hut and later KFC and Taco Bell. In 1986, Pizza Hut introduced delivery service, something no other restaurant was doing. By the 1990's Pizza Hut sales had reached $4 billion worldwide. In 1998, Pizza Hut celebrated their 40th anniversary, and launched their famous campaign "The Best Pizzas under One Roof." The oldest continuously operating Pizza Hut in the world is in Manhattan, Kansas, in a shopping and tavern district known as Aggie Ville near Kansas State University. Fifteen years later, the first UK restaurant was opened. Since then Pizza Hut has grown to become the biggest Pizza Company on the planet. They are the UK's leading pizza restaurant and delivery chain too, with over 600 outlets across the country. Pizza Hut is split into several restaurant formats. In includes, the original family style dinner in location with red roofs, store front delivery and carry out locations called Delcos, hybrid locations that offer carry out, delivery and dine-in options called the Restaurant Based Delivery units or RBDs. There are many full size outlets that offer lunch buffet with the tag line, 'All-You-Can-Eat" pizza, salad, breadstick and a special pasta. Pizza Hut also has some additional business concepts that are different from the store types. Pizza Hut "Bistro" locations are Red Roofs that offer an extended menu and a slightly more upscale option. Pizza Hut has been known for its ambiance as much as for its food offerings traditionally. Even the Red Roofs outlets offer delivery of carry out service. In 1980's, the company moved to some other successful formats. These were the delivery or carryout and the fast food "Express" model. "Pizza Hut Express" and "The Hut" are fast food restaurant outlets of the company that offers a limited menu with products that are not usually available at regular outlets. Such outlets are usually found in college campuses, food courts, theme parks and in stores.

Aims and Objective of the report:

The main aim of this report is to "Find out the peoples perception about the food quality of Pizza Hut in UK."

The objectives of the report are:

  • Finding out about Pizza Hut.
  • Analyze the food quality of Pizza Hut, UK through people perception.
  • Find out the ingredients they use that is useful for a diet.

Fast food industry in the UK:

With the development of economic globalization, fast food industry has never been as popular worldwide as it is nowadays. The nation of fast food has become somewhat a modern and the latest eating conception. In UK, increasing number of fast food restaurant has been opened, which indicates a change of life style in the commercialized societies. Almost all the fast food chain companies have their branches all over UK. Some among many are, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and Wimpy. All the companies are running successful business in UK. The reason for this is that, people in UK are sliding towards fast food and international companies are getting more preferences than local ones because of their consistent quality all over the world and also because of their image as market leaders.

Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut sales pizza in four sizes, personal, small, medium and large. Personal is for individual serving while the others are for more than one individual. The small one is not much seen in stores now. They also offer different types of specialty styles including Meat Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Cheese Lovers, Veggie Lovers, Double Cheeseburger, Supreme, Super Supreme and the newly introduced Pizza Mia. Pan pizza has a thicker crust than other one that are commercially available. There is also Stuffed Crust Pizza that they sell which has its outermost edge wrapped around a coil of mozzarella cheese, Hand Tossed with more like the traditional pizza crust, Thin 'N Crispy which has a thin and crispy dough that was Pizza Hut's original style, Dippin' Strips Pizza that is cut into small strips and can be dipped into different types of sauces and The Edge Pizza where the toppings nearly reach to the edge of the pizza. Pizza Hut experiments with new products frequently, with less successful ones being discounted. In 1985 Pizza Hut introduced the Priazzo, a two-crusted Italian pie that resembled a deep-dish pizza. Varieties included Priazzo Milano, a blend of Italian sausage, pepperoni, beef, pork fillings, a hint of bacon, mozzarella and cheddar cheese; Priazzo Florentine, a light blend of five cheeses with ham and a touch of spinach, and Priazzo Roma, stuffed with pepperoni, mushrooms, Italian sausage, pork filling, onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

In addition to pizza, Pizza Hut also sold garlic cheese bread (not at all outlets), a number of side dishes including bread sticks, cheese sticks, cinnamon sticks, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chicken wings, boneless wings, chicken munchers, jalapeo poppers, Quepapas (potato bites filled with cheese and jalapeo flavor), a basket of taters or tater tots and fried apple pies. Depending on the individual restaurant size, Pizza Huts also may offer pasta dinners such as spaghetti and Cavatini - a mixture of Cavatelli (shells), Rotini (spirals), and Rotelle (wheels). In 2004, Pizza Hut unveiled a new concept named "Pizza Hut Italian Bistro". The Bistro is the same as before but it offers new, Italian dishes such as penne pasta, chicken pomodoro, toasted sandwiches and other foods.

Pizza Hut food Quality:

Pizza can be part of a well-balanced meal. Ingredients in pizzas offered by Pizza Hut include protein, complex carbohydrates, Vitamin A and calcium. And, depending on the toppings, pizzas have items from all of the four major food groups - meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Pizza Hut recognizes the importance of a balanced diet and thus they set their menus as such. The ingredients that make up the delicious pizzas are carefully put so that it does not inversely affect the health of their customers. They are passionate about every individual product on the menu, from starters to deserts and from pizzas to pastas and salads.

Balanced Diet and Pizza Hut:

Eating a healthy diet means eating a combination of main groups of foods in the healthiest proportion. This includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, breads, other cereals and potatoes. It also means, eating moderate amount of meat and dairy foods and smaller amount of high in fat and sugar. The combination helps us get the energy and the amount of nutrients we need. It also helps enjoy the variety and pleasure that good foods bring. Pizza Hut offers food products that contain all the ingredients that are required for a balanced diet. Pastas and salads that Pizza Hut offers are full of vegetables which are an important part of a balanced diet. They also contain fruits that help in the diet. The salads contain considerable amount of vegetables, egg, cheese, salt and even meat. Potato salad, tomato pasta salad, coleslaw, baby potatoes are some of the salads that Pizza Hut offers. These contains potato, pasta, tomato, cabbage, eggs, carrots etc. All these are ingredients for a healthy diet. Thus, the pastas and salads that Pizza Hut offers are balanced diet friendly. Pizzas contains proper amount of bread that is required for a persons balanced diet.

For example, Stuffed Crust Margherita Pizza contains vegetable oil spray, stuffed crust base, string cheese, mozzarella and garlic butter spray. This pizza category fulfills all the needs of a balanced diet. It contains bread, vegetables and a bit of high fat food in the form of cheese. Likewise, all the pizza categories that Pizza Hut offers more or less satisfy the requirements of a balanced diet.

Reason for people preference:

Pizza Hut is one of the leading brands in pizza industry of the world. Its success lay in its ability to satisfy customers. It was named number one brand in pizza industry. This is because of its ability to provide food products that satisfies appetite. People prefer Pizza Hut more over other pizza brands because of its quality. The quality of pizza that Pizza Hut offers is high and much qualified. Even with the varieties they offer, the quality has been maintained all over the world.

Pizza, Pasta, Salads, all contains ingredients that are useful for the human health. It provides them with a balanced diet. Thus, there every reason that people prefers Pizza Hut over others. Some reasons of why people prefer Pizza Hut are as follows:

  • Pizza Hut offers the widest range of pizzas.
  • They offer pastas and salads at the same place.
  • The prices of food items are relatively cheaper.
  • Their image as the best pizza company in its industry.
  • They offer discount codes on their items.
  • They have special days for special food items.
  • It is very easy to order on the internet.
  • The quality of food is higher than others.
  • Delivery service is quick.
  • They offer wide range of food items besides pizzas.
  • Mixture of proper food ingredients for a balanced diet.

Article and literature review:

The following article explains the reason that people choose Pizza Hut over others:

"Pizza hut is a great basic family restaurant where the quality is consistent and you get your full meal before the kids get bored of their crayons. There is a varied salad bar and good choice of meals. It is good for children's birthdays as they can make their own pizzas in the kitchen"

Another article says:

"The food is pretty standard Pizza Hut fare, but I found that everything was served hot and they were quick to cook, unlike some of the other branches."

This proves that the food quality of Pizza Hut is one of the most important factors for which people prefer it the most.

Lacking of quality of Pizza Hut food:

Inspite of being the being the number one brand in pizza, Pizza Hut has been facing complains from unsatisfied customers at r regular interval regarding their food quality. The following is an article on complain made by an unsatisfied customer:

"We went to the Grimsby England store; we were served by a very helpful young women no complaints there. 13th January, 2009. There was a party of 10 of us. The food looked good, but oddly no cooking smells were smelt. We later realized they had used catering cheese and not real cheese. We ordered different flavors of pizzas but all tasted the same completely tasteless! Also they were not very warm. I would rate the food 1/2 out of 10 and that's being generous. Have Pizza hut got no pride in serving good tasty food to there customers? Obviously not. Needless to say we will not be going there again for a meal. Can Pizza hut afford to loose customers in this time of a credit crunch? Maybe they can but we can't afford to waste money on rubbish food and won't again."

Here, the consumer is complaining about the cheese that Pizza Hut used. According to him, the cheese that has been used was not real cheese. Rather, it was catering cheese. For Pizza Hut, such complain is a discredit. Regarding their food quality, such complains degrades their image as the best pizza suppliers of the world.

Another complain article is as follows:

"My family and I ordered 2 large specialty pizzas for the coupon price of 21.99 and was over charged to begin with and then treated very rudely by the person taking the order. The order was made at 9:45 pm at 10:02 we were called by them. The co-worker once again rudely spoke to us telling us we need to come get our food so she can lock the doors. Well that was not a problem for us we get there and she charges 5 pounds more than the coupon had stated and again we were rudely spoke to, needless to say I paid and went home so that I could feed my family.(me, two young children, and a six month pregnant women){keep that in mind now}The expectant mother ate one slice noticing something didn't taste right thanking it was just her so she went ahead and ate, my 10 year old daughter pointed out to us during her first slice the pizza that it was very raw {you could seriously mold your own pizza out of the uncooked pizza} not only was the dough not cooked neither were the toppings. Now the 5 year old ate her first and only piece before we discovered this and so did the expectant mom. We called to let the manager know about it at 10:20 and once again rude service and before we could finish letting her know our info. She rudely hung up the phone. Now we have two food sick people in the house thanks to improper service."

Complain here is about the food not being cooked well. According to this complain, a pizza that has been delivered to their home was not cooked properly. The pizza was very raw and uncooked. And even after complaining, there were no sense of urgency among them to resend it. Such occurring is very unsatisfactory an unacceptable for a company like Pizza Hut.

Another complain says:

"I placed my order at 4:30 and was told the pizza would arrive in about 55 min. 1 1/2 hours later a cold pizza was finally delivered. The sloppy, nasty-looking delivery guy didn't even apologize! While I was waiting on the pizza I tried calling Pizza Hut 3 times and was put on hold twice and directed to somebody in Alabama once. I will NEVER order from Pizza Hut again!"

This situation is a total negligence of the Pizza Hut store. They did not maintain their time limit and even the quality of the food supplied was not satisfactory.

Method of Data Collection:

There are two main sources of collecting data or information. Sometimes information required is easily approachable and need only be analyzed. However, there are times when the information must be collected. This type of research will take the second approach where the information is not already available and need to be collected.

In primary data collection, I collect the data myself using methods such as interviews and questionnaires. The key point here is that the data I collect is unique to my research and me and, until I publish, no one else has access to it.

There are many methods of collecting primary data and the main methods include:

  • questionnaires
  • interviews
  • focus group interviews
  • observation
  • case-studies
  • diaries
  • critical incidents
  • Portfolios.

This research mainly based on the Primary data that's why the methodology of research mainly based on qualitative research method rather than quantitative method. There are some reasons behind it that why I'm choosing quantitative research methods, because the data which I can be collected from face to face chatting with the manager of the organization or from the interviews and also from the business seminars, which will be quite interesting. The nature of the problem or the solution of the problem, which I will explore in this research, is suitable for the quantitative research method.

The secondary data use in the research will be extracted from, the literature in terms of internet, books, magazines, articles, reports, journals, e-journals, web sites, company's web sites and all other sources of written.

Data I can get. Where as primary data will be collected through Questionnaire, business exhibitions and interviews. Then all the data collected from these sources will be analyzed in order to achieve all my aims and objectives or targets for my dissertation. This research will be qualitative method.

Secondary data collection methods

All methods of data collection can supply quantitative data (numbers, statistics or financial) or qualitative data (usually words or text). Quantitative data may often be presented in tabular or graphical form. Secondary data is data that has already been collected by someone else for a different purpose to yours.

Sources can be classified as:

  • Paper-based Sources - books, journals, periodicals, abstracts, indexes, directories, research reports, conference papers, market reports, annual reports, internal records of organizations, newspapers and magazines
  • Electronic Sources- CD-ROMs, on-line databases, Internet, videos and broadcasts.

The main sources of qualitative and quantitative secondary data include the following:

  • Official or government sources.
  • Unofficial or general business sources.

The output of all publishers of non-official sources is included in the most comprehensive directory available:

Mort D. (1997) Sources of Unofficial UK Statistics 3rd Edition Aldershot: Gower

The guide lists 1,059 statistical titles and series published by 635 different organizations. It excludes one-off surveys or market reports.

The arrangement is alphabetical by organization with details of titles produced and contacts for further information. It lists references to the following types of sources:

  • trade associations
  • trade and other journals
  • private research publishers
  • stock broking firms
  • large company market reports
  • local authorities
  • professional bodies
  • academic institutions.
  • European Union (Community) sources.
  • International sources.
  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • United Nations and related organisations.

Sources for the last two categories are many and varied. If my dissertation requires these sources then I need to conduct a more thorough search of the library and perhaps seek the assistance of the librarian.

Survey result:

The survey was carried out on a group of people in Stratford and North Greenwich. People from mostly these and surrounding areas visit Pizza Hut. Number of respondents is 100.

The survey shows that, people falling in the age group of less than 18 and 19 to 31 are the ones who visit Pizza Hut monthly. They fall into the category of student mostly. But there are also some business individuals who visit Pizza Hut. 60% of the respondents visit Pizza Hut with friends, 30% with families and the rest either alone or others. Among the pizza categories mentioned in the questionnaire, 33% prefer pan pizza, 29% prefer Italian, 25% prefers Cheesy bites and the rest prefers Tuscany. For the toppings, 27% prefer mix peppers and onions, 20% prefers chicken and meat, 51% prefer mushroom and sweat corn, and 2% prefer pepperoni and ham. Considering taste, the respondents rated Pizza Hut as good with a 72%, 8% as excellent, 16% as fair and 4% as bad. For Pastas and Desserts, 67% of the respondents went for good, 21% for fair, 4% for excellent and rest for poor. For the quality of Salad, 48% respondents went for good, 29% for fair, 9% for excellent and 14% for poor.

The above analysis shows that, the respondents have a mixed image of the quality of food items that Pizza Hut offers. Pizza, Pastas and Desserts and Salad were the ones put under survey and it is seen that, the most preferable and like item among these for the people Pizza. Most visit Pizza Hut to eat and enjoy pizza because of its quality and taste. Thus, it can be concluded that, people preference of Pizza Hut is mainly for its quality and taste of Pizza.


Pizza Hut is one of the booming fast food industries of the world. They are operating for over 50 years now and still maintaining the quality and taste that they had started with which is one of the reason why it is the number company for pizza in food industry. They have maintained its originality in the branches all around UK as well. The people of UK are willing to spend on good food and Pizza Hut is doing exactly that by providing them with the best quality of food. Inspite of some complains, which is part of service business, people all around UK are very much happy with the service and the quality of food that Pizza Hut offers in all their outlets. No doubt, they deserve to be the number one pizza company of the world.

PlansandTimetable for the Dissertation

Time schedule and work plan actually vitally depends on the consultation of supervisor. This requires course work as well as research work. Besides of studying a lot on the existing literature and existing theories I have also to do a lot of work like preparing the questionnaire, pre-testing the questionnaire, finalization of the questionnaire, data gathering from the field, data processing, presentation and data analysis, writing of the dissertation with rechecking and consultation with the supervisor and finalization ofdissertation. So far as I know, However, I will make this in consultation with the person who will be my dissertation supervisor.

Finally it is very much important to state that this is actually a proposal of my MBA dissertation what largely depends on the supervisor's consultation to be finalized.



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