Juggling, the skill of keeping several objects in the air by continuously throwing and catching them, is a popular hobby in many parts of the world. Although it requires a bit of practice, juggling is fairly easy to learn. As well as being a fun hobby, juggling has other benefits. These include being a gentle form of exercise and improving hand eye co-ordination. There is even some research that suggests the mental effort involved in juggling can increase brain power.


An increasingly sedentary lifestyle, especially in the western world, has been linked to a number of health problems including Cardiovascular Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes. A charity concerned about inactive lifestyles wants to promote a number of hobbies that will keep people active and away from their computer and television screens. Because it is an easy and fun way for people to become active, one of the hobbies they see as being potentially beneficial is juggling. The charity has approached you to design and build a website that will encourage people to take up juggling as a hobby.

Task 1 – Research

There are many different websites with information about juggling. You should do some research into juggling using these websites. When conducting your research bear in mind the purpose and aim of your website, to introduce juggling as a healthy way to have fun. You should make notes and record the addresses of useful websites that you find. Discuss these notes and ideas for your website with your tutor before proceeding.

URL : http://www.jugglingworld.biz/index.php?/home.html


This site has explained about juggling equipments and we can get rough idea about the price of these juggling equipments.

URL : http://www.juggling.org/jw/86/1/health.html

Description :

This website has explained about how juggling helps to humans health. And also this site has explained about the history of the juggling. This has told the juggling can improve the brain power and how can it effected to the human's brain.

Copyright Information: © 1996 Juggling Information Service

URL: http://resistancetraining.wordpress.com/2006/11/29/juggling-helps-focus-mind-body-link/


This site as explained so many useful of the juggling. For further there has explained about how can teach juggling to someone. This has explained five keys to high performance learning. I got so many important ideas from this site and site had helped to understand about juggling.


This site has explained about so many sides in the juggling. I got so many useful things from this site. This has shown the history of the juggling and the way of change it to present world. And also I got the information about word wide juggling organizations. It has mentioned about the new juggling software.

Copyright Information: © 2003 Juggling Information Service

URL: http://www.juggle.org/

Copyright Information: Copyright © 1996-2009 by the International Jugglers' Association, Inc

URL: http://www.eduslide.net/courses/1219/Advanced-Ball-Juggling-Tips-amp-Techniques.htm

Description :

This web site has a lot of juggling techniques and I got so many techniques for built my web site. There's a free video lessons co learn about those technique.

Copyright Information: © 2007. Virtual training company

URL: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Juggle-3-Balls


This web site has explained about how to juggle 3 balls. I got the basic juggling techniques from this web site.

Copyright Information: Copyright © 2009 Hubpages Inc. and respective owners

URL: http://www.jugglefit.com/jf_benefits.html


This web site explain about the benefits of juggling. It has show the hoe can effect the juggling to the mental and physical health. I got so many important facts from this web site.

Copyright Information: © 2009 JuggleFit LLC

URL: http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/curr393.shtml


From this site I got the how juggling improve the skills of the academic students. There is a teachers recommendation for the juggle and they describe the juggling effectiveness for the students.

Copyright Information: Copyright 1996-2009 by Education World, Inc

URL: http://www.dube.com/


This website has shown the juggling equipments. I got much more information about juggling equipments.

Copyright Information: © 2008 Brian Dubé, Inc

Task 2

Produce a project plan for the way you intend to complete the rest of this assignment. For planning, use the timescale you have been allocated for this assignment i.e. from the date you start to the date you submit your assignment. Submit a copy of your plan to your tutor BEFORE you proceed further with the assignment

Gantt chart

Task 5

Task 4

Task 3

Task 2

Task 1






















Task 3

Using appropriate techniques, you are required to specify the structure and navigation of the proposed site. The specification should be neat, use appropriate techniques and be easy to understand. Imagine the specification is being used to explain your proposed website to someone in the charity organization with no prior knowledge of Web Design. There should be enough detail presented in such a way that the person from the charity organization can quickly understand what will be developed

Task 5 – Critical Evaluation

You are required to write a short report (1000 words) analyzing the website you have submitted. You should highlight the strong and weak aspects of your site, suggest improvements and propose ideas for further development. It should be clear from this analysis that you have an understanding of basic web design principles and the technologies used to develop websites. This analysis must include a discussion of the accessibility of the site and how the website could be improved through the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


I have evaluated the web site for charity organization.

This web site is about juggling. This site has much more information about juggling techniques, how to be a juggler easily, history about juggling and the physical and mental health benefits. Viewers can get much information about juggling from this web site.

This site located at http://www.worldjugglingclub.com

Main expectation of this web site is:

* Explaining about juggling techniques and how to be a great juggler in few times.

* Showing the physical and mental health benefits to people.

* Know about juggling history and promote the juggling between people


This web site is well presented and it has a professional look. This site has much more information about juggling and viewer would require. It is well linked and this site ensures that an effective maintenance strategy is in place. This summary covers our findings for section by section. Viewers can easily get idea about this site content. This site gives the basic information and how to improve the juggling methods step by step. It helps to beginners of this game. This site has not unnecessary things. It has minimum amount of content when comparing it to experienced jugglers.

The avoidance of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) gives the site a poor appearance.

It is recommended that more information be presented to provide viewers with complete image of juggling.


1. Navigation -The users can clearly and easily understand in which page they are studding and also viewers can easily access home page from any page.

2. Access – Viewers can speedily access to the web site by using both broadband and dial-up connections. That is most important advantage of this site.

3. Speed of the site – Over ally the web site is speed. But the speed of the home page is little bit slowly because of the 8.62MB video. Most of the viewers are accessing the site through Broadband connection. So home page will load quickly. But some viewers are accessing the site through Dial-up connection. It may effected to quick loading of the site.


* A detailed site map to the home page was helped the users to easy navigation.

* Approach the appropriate video on home page helps to load quickly.

* Sign to visit links in the site will make the users to access properly.

* Changing the video format will effective to increase the viewers because every viewer can load the site quickly.

These are the some approaches to improve the web site. This is not major cost increase. The usability enhancements are well worth that cost


The report recommended that addressing the each of the issues identified. Many of the issues can resolved without redesign of the web site

However report will recommended,

* An extensive redesign of the home page

* Improving the content

* Change of the video in the home page

I will recommend to using the CSS Technology inside the web site

Advantages of using CSS

· Fast loading pages.

* Small file size.

* Print friendly.

* Flexibility of design

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