Customer Care-

Is not just meeting but exceeding your customer expectations.

Effective Customer Care

Difference between Customer Service and Customer care

Customer Service

Meeting the requirement of customer as promised

Meeting or exceeding the customer needs

Providing service to meet the customer demand

Adapt customer care policies according to current trend in customer

Customer Service is the reason of the business

Customer care is to create customer for the


Importance of need for customer care policy.

Hotel will have customer care policy and plans, it will explain the plans for looking after the customers, The policy will also give importance how highly the organisation values the customer- ‘Customer is king' Employee of the organisation should be aware of the customer care policies, as it will benefit both the staff and the organisation. While making the policies the organisation has to consider both the type of customer –

* internal customer- Employee, Staff members

* external customer- Customers ,Client

Need for customer care policy

To Set the Standard

By having customer care policy in place, the organisation can set the standard among the competitors, may be doing something different to value their customers, can also express their goals and mission which is practice consistently in all their outlets or restaurant.


McDonalds is dedicated in delivering what they have promised to their customer, which helps in building trust with community and organisation.

Best Practice

Customer Care Policy also helps to set their objectives for Best Practice within the organisation, and helps to set highest standard in customer care of an organisation. It can also help in retaining the customer.

2. Types of Customer in Hospitality

Hospitality Industry Customers

* Business Customers

* Leisure and Tourist Customers

* Loyalty Programme Customers

* Business Customer-

Business Customer normally have a short stay in the Hotel may be for a day or two. Business customer have to follow a very tight schedule which may includes Meeting's, Conferences in a Hotel.

* Leisure and Tourist Customer-

This Pattern of Customer are leisure customer who come to relax in an hotel and enjoy the facilities provided by the Hotel and explore the place where they have visited for eg – if they have visited London they would go and visit some tourist places in and around London.

* Loyalty Programme Customers-

In Hospitality industry there are customer who are loyal to the Brand, These type of customers are frequent visitor to the hotel. As the Programme allows them some reward points everytime they book a room in that Hotel or the brand.

Types of Customer Pattern in McDonalds

Recent Studies Shows that most of the customer visit to McDonalds are impulse visit. Some type of customer pattern are mentioned below.

* Family and kids

* Business Customer

* Leisure Customer

* Local Community

* Students

* Disable Customers

* Family and Kids-

Families normally refer to come to Mc Donald's because it is Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Mc Donald's main objective is to focus on kids. They have variety of products available to attract kids to the restaurant.

o Business Customer -

Business Customer have a hectic schedule to follow, Mc Donald's is famous for fast and efficient service around the world. Business Customer would prefer to go to Mc Donald's as it would be time saving. Rather than going to a Restaurant and waiting for the food around 15 to 20mins.

o Leisure Customer and Tourist Customers-

This Pattern of Customers are tourist or travellers who come to explore the place, they are relaxed, they would like to McDonalds just to experience different variety they have to offer for their customer, Tourist are never have to follow a hectic schedule, At times they might precipitate to explore the place around After having a quick meal.

o Local Community-

This type of customer pattern are who live around the McDonald's, As they might the be frequent visitor to the restaurant.

o Students-

Students are attracted towards McDonalds, As McDonalds offer reasonable good deals to students and are affordable for students.

Today there is obesity problem which is address by McDonalds and they have introduced Healthy and nutritious products in their Restaurant.

Importance of customer care culture

Today there is a increase focus on customer care policy and programme and ways we can deliver the highest standard of service, the need for customer care programme is to understand the current trend, taste and requirements of the customer. how a employee can change the view of a customer about a product, service of an organisation. There are few points mentioned below to understand why customer care culture important in a organisation.

o It will help the organisation and employee's to understand customers prospect and wants

o It will help to reduced customer grievance

o It will help to different pattern of customer and their requirement

o It will help the organisation and employee to handle the complains more effectively and may help to retain the customer.

How it applies in McDonalds

McDonalds had the best Service Standards in Quick Service Restaurant, The McDonalds service background was based on speed and Convenience They wanted to make a change in existing hospitality culture and to exceed the customer expectation, McDonalds wanted to maintain the focus on the two fundamentals i.e Speed and Convenience.

The programme was launched in two phases-Hospitality Plus workshops and Customer Care Course. Each phase was designed to ensure that customer care staff would

* Importance of cleanliness

* Understand the menu

* To maintain the Standards for McDonalds

* Understand how to meet and greet families, offer Assistance if needed.

* How to deal with customer complains and resolving it.

* McDonalds Contribution towards the community.

Hospitality Plus Workshops

This workshop was designed in objective to have fun with comfortable atmosphere with games and activities to strengthen the key message's

Workshop included and focused on key area mentioned below:-

* Hygiene Standard of Employee- Personal Appearance

* Dining Area Kept Clean and its importance

* Dealing with customer complains

* Creating a friendly atmosphere at work- giving assistance to disable customers who come along with children

The Customer Care Programme

The objective and aim of this programme was to delivery the highest standard of customer care consistently, McDonalds had a studied the market and found out few areas where they had to focussed on.

* Staffs able to address customer complains.

* Staff ready to help mothers with kids.

* Atmosphere at work more friendly

* Staffs should have the knowledge of products in the menu.

Evaluation of Customer Care programme

McDonalds had conducted a survey after the phase 1 training, results are as follows:-

* 98% Staff found it helpful.

* 95% Said they learned alot about great hospitality to the customer

* 86% found that workbooks was a useful tool

* 84% manager said the standard of customer care had improved a lot

Similar Survey was also conducted in Southern Region:-

* 92% found workbook as a useful tool.

* 85% found course interesting and useful.

* 92% of managers agreed that customer care had improved

Apart from the Points mentioned above they also monitored it, through their Mystery customer report, the results were outstanding, Reports established that Employee were working efficiently in dining area, and also were engage better with the customer.

Benefits of doing Evaluation

* It can be used to analyse the current customer care requirement of the market and trends

* It help to know the ranking of the organisation in the market

* It can be used for benchmarking of an organisation(internal)

* It can be used for long time plan and short time plan

4. Key Performance indicator (K.P.I)

Key Performance indicator, which is also know as KPI or key success indicator (k.s.i), helps an organisation to define and measure progress towards organisational goals.

Key Performance Indicator for McDonalds

According to the Case Study- KPI for McDonalds would be improving their Customer care standards and providing highest level of customer service to their customer.


Benchmarking can be defined as measurement of the quality of an organisation, course of actions, product, agenda, plan, and compare with A better organisation.

Different Types of Benchmark

o Internal

o External

Internal Benchmarking

This can be defined as a internal process of a an organisation, it is conducted within the organisation by comparing the practice and performance of comparable organisation The organisation compared with can be located in different place as well.

External Benchmarking

This can be defined as comparing business between competitors on the basis of Product, Quality, Service and value, McDonalds competitors would be KFC, Pizza hut, Burger King.

5. Method of Feedback

Feedback plays an important role in planning and evaluating policies in customer care. Every organisation should make sure customers give their feedback, in other words the organisation loses a opportunity to understand what they doing good, what they can do better. Feedback can be in two forms 1. Verbal 2. Non Verbal

o Personal Interview

This can be also termed as face to face conversation, In this Method the customer gives feedback and opinion directly to manager or to Member of staff if the customer is not happy with the product and services provided by the hotel.

o Feedback Forms

This the most effective way of getting a feedback from a customer, Feedback Form covers different category on the basis product and services offered by Hotel/Restaurant.

o Survey

This method of Feedback is used by the organisation to understand the Market share of product and services of organisation and also to understand current customer trend.

o Telephonic Feedback

This form of feedback is broadly used in hospitality industry and in other sectors as well. Every organisation has a toll free number where the customer can call and give his feedback. about the product and service offered.

o Mystery Guest/Shoppers

This Format of feedback is commonly used in retail, hospitality and restaurant business, Mystery guest observe the opportunities within the restaurant in terms of procedures and services provided to the customer (Mystery Guest). And based on it makes a report.

o E-Mail

This is format of feedback is commonly used through the world to give feedback and their view on the Hotel websites. This helps organisation to evaluate their in the market. For eg – tripadvisor

o Questionnaire

This is format of feedback, The customer has to answer few question on the basis of his stay, Format of the question is precise. normally this format of questionnaire who have difficulty to express their feedback verbally, may be because of language barrier

o Guest History Record.

This method of receiving feedback is mainly used in hotel, it gives entire detail of guest preferences during his stay. and how frequent they visit the hotel.

6. Advantage and Disadvantage of feedbacks mentioned above

Advantage of Personal Interview

o Customer feels that, importance is given to his view and feedback.

o This format helps the organisation to understand where they are lacking, in terms of customer service.

o It helps in building trust between the customer and organisation.

Disadvantage of Personal Interview

o Feedback process can be lengthy at times.

o Communication Barrier

o Organisation will have to hire people to conduct personal interviews

Advantage of Feedback Forms

o Can be recorded and used as reference

o It is a immediate structure of feedback, can be assessed what we need to improve or what can be done better.

Disadvantage of Feedback Forms

o May not have the correct information, or filled in properly.

o Some Customer may find it time consuming.

o Not easy maintain- forms can be lost.

Advantage of Survey

o Helps to understand customer trend

o Helps to Analyse the how well the product will do in the Market

o Many question may be asked to analyse or come to a conclusion

Disadvantage of Survey

o Can be a time consuming process.

o Data May not be accurate

o Too many open ended question like ‘what' ‘when' ‘how' customer will not like to answer it can be a lengthy process.

Advantage of Telephonic Feedback

o This Method is the easiest hand quickest way to get a feedback.

o Calls are recorded for training purpose

Disadvantage of Telephonic Feedback

o There can be a communication barrier

o Representative of the hotel may not understand the message clearly due to connections problem.

Advantage of Mystery Shopper

o Helps to find out the Areas of opportunity through the report

o Can be recorded and referred in future to analyse

Disadvantage of Mystery Shopper

o At times information not fully entered

o Can his personal views about the restaurant.

Advantage of Email

o Can be easily assessed, the mail regarding the feedback can be marked to several employee and different department of an organisation.

o Can maintain an evidence if needed by the customer.

o Email can help to find out right person in an organisation who can help to answer your enquiry or your feedback

Disadvantage of Email

o Should be precise- if not business customer would like to read it

o Language Barrier- can be misunderstood

o Can get time consuming, if there is complicated questions

Advantage of Questionnaire

o It is most easy way to get a feedback

o it is very precise- for eg :- Answer can be yes or no, close ended question.

Disadvantage of Questionnaire

o Can be time consuming for a business customer, and not filling in the data properly.

o This would have a language barrier, customer may not understand questionnaire or due to the format.

Advantage of Guest History Record.

o This method helps to understand the needs of the customer and their preferences and stay in their hotel.

o It gives an opportunity to the organisation to work on their previous feedback, if the customer was not happy with his stay at the hotel.

o Even a trainee can access to data- Guest feels he is treated with importance.

Disadvantage of Guest History Record

o It is wastage of file if the guest is not a frequent visitor to the hotel.

o Technology can break down- can loss of data.

Importance of feedback

o It helps to know the current market trend

o Can be helpful to make some changes in the company customer care policy.

o Helps to evaluate the service standards- what we are doing right and what we can do better.

o We can alter our product and service to meet the demand.

o Feedback can be used during launch of a product.

7. Empowerment-

It is a management style of sharing information, and power to their staff, So that they can put efforts to take decision to solve a problem and to improve their service and performance.

Areas of empowerment in McDonalds

* Training

* Customer Complains

* Reward plan


A Manager can delegate the task of training to the supervisor, As training is a on-going and internal of an process of an organisation. This will not only help the self-development of the supervisor, and also to achieve the long term organisational goal.

Customer Complains

By way of empowerment Supervisor can take decision on behalf of the manager, for eg :- Replacement of a product, may be giving some discount to customer within the company policies.

Reward plan

McDonalds as a organisation allows it Restaurant Manager and supervisor to take decision on reward plan for their individual restaurant team, this not help the team motivation, but also the organisation benefits in achieving the goal.

Benefits of Empowerment

* Increased employee training and education

* Employee involve in self development

* Employee is Motivated

* Enhance the team spirit and Productivity

* Increase respect among employee and commitment towards to the team.

* Conflicts between the manager and staffs member is reduced as all participate and agree on a decision.

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