Multimedia systems and design

    Part A

  1. Multimedia is being shifted from being localized to being distributed.What are some of the implications of this? Who will have access to the presentation? How will you keep it secure? How will you distribute it.
  2. Ans1. Multimedia Is Being shifted From Localized To Being distributed .And The Implications Of The Multimedia Capabilities In computers Is Just The Lateral Episode In A long Series: Cave Painting,Hand -Craftted Munusripts, The Printing Press,radio and television.....Multimedia Is a very Effective presentation And Sales Tools If You're Being driven Somewherre in Thw Back seat of A Car ,You May Not Remember How U got To U destination, If Your Had Been Drivieng The Car Yourself, Chances Are U.

  3. You are the team leader given the task of developing a CD-ROM to promote a non-profit. Discuss the thought process you must go through to determine what that CD-ROM should do and how it should look.
  4. Ans.2 A Compact Disk Is An Optical Disk That Was Originally Intended Only For atoring Music(In The Form OF OF Digital audio) IT Can REcOrd More Than 60 Minutes OF UnInTerrupted Playing cards.A CD _ROM Is Made Up Of Three COAtings,Namely,Polycarebonate Plastic,aluminium And An Acrylic Coating To protect The Disk From External Scratches And Dust

  5. Why are Multimedia projects most frequently performed by teams? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the team operates effectively? What can be done to promote team effectiveness.
  6. Ans3.Multimedia Projects Most frequently Performed By teams Because The Member Of The Multimedia Productions Team Were several Hats: Graphic Designers May Also do Interface Design, Scanning And Image Processing. A procect Manager Responsibility Is To Ensure That The Team Operators Effective.

    Part B

  7. What is meant by static and dynamic elements? Illustrate with examples.
  8. Ans4.multimedia documents that are installed in data-processing systems.It is known that a multimedia document can be considered as being in the form of a set of objects of an object-oriented program installed in a data-processing system, and as illustrated in particular by the publications relating to the work performed by the "Multimedia/Hypermedia Expert Group" with a view-to defining the MHEG international standard.The objects that are contained in a multimedia document and which can be very different, in particular in terms of the dynamic aspects of the document, can thus be taken into account in a unified manner

  9. Define Multimedia Computer programming. How does the programmer fit into the team? Is he or she at the end of the process, simply putting all the parts together after everyone else is finished.
  10. ANS.5 A Multimedia Programing Or Software Engineering Integrated All The MultiMedia elements Of a Project Into A Seamless Whole Using an Authoring system Or A Programing Language Multimedia programming Functions Range From coding Simple Displays Of Multimedia Elements To controlling Peripheral Devices Such As CD-DVD Olayers And Managing complex Timing ,Transitions And Records Keeping Creative Multimedia Programers can coax Extra Performance From Multimedia-Authoring And Programing Sysyems. Without programming talent can Be To NO Multimedia Code whether Written IN javaScript,Open Script,Lingo,Hyper Talk,Authorware, Java Or c++,Is The sheet Music Played By A well-Orchestrated Multimedia Project.

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