Myself and Contribution to country

My name is sari flower goddess, my children to 3 of 3 brothers. Our brothers two men and one woman namely my own. My mother was a descendant of my father's china and the original west sumatra. In my family as a child is considered the most reliable and able to be responsible for all things well. My parents placed great hope to me so that I can be a successful one day. In my opinion, I am a simple boy. Remain friends with their surroundings and continue to help their parents when they need me. I just want to be happy my parents and could be useful to my homeland. My dad always taught to become useful people in society and should never rest with respect to the changes of their own country. We all are people of Indonesia and Indonesian nationality.

Few brief introduction about my country of Indonesia. My country is very proud to be a part of it. Indonesia Republic of Indonesia or the Indonesian abbreviation is a country in Southeast Asia, which crossed the equator. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world, therefore he also called Nusantara (Archipelago Between). Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the country's largest Muslim population in the world, although officially it is not an Islamic state. Form of government of Indonesia is a republic, the House of Representatives, the Regional Representative Council and the President directly elected by the people. Jakarta is the capital city. Indonesian archipelago became an important trade region since at least the 7th century, when the Srivijaya Kingdom religious relations and trade with China and India. However, over time after independence that we strive, Indonesia had many obstacles, threats and challenges of natural disasters, corruption, separatism, the process of democratization and the period of rapid economic change. From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia consists of various ethnic, linguistic and religious differences. The Javanese are the largest ethnic group and most politically dominant. Indonesia's national motto, "Diversity single ika" ( "Diversity remains one"), which brings the purpose of forming keberagamanlah our country. Besides having a large population and a dense region, Indonesia has a natural area that supports the level of biodiversity in the world's second largest.

My country would not have lasted until the present moment without a full contribution from the people who took part in Indonesia's own building. Until whenever I am proud of my nationality have today. Directly or not, I also always tried to contribute to the development that occurred in my country. This is very important to me I was one dikarekan a valuable part of my country dendiri. Fall and awakening of a nation depends on the individual communities in the country. Contribution I have been doing this for them is to maintain the culture by not following state changes coming from outside like the style of dress, followed a series of educational level provided by my state who are able to build an attitude, Maral and ethics to the future of Indonesian society, hygiene ikutu neighborhood where I live in hope can take part in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in my town, following the election of a political nature and come follow the existing law to run in Indonesia. This is crucial to the development of the country where I will be taken? Therefore, I took part to the small hope that this time I want to run one day. With a vote and abide by the law of obligations such as paying taxes means that I have in determining what kind of people who want to set up the front. I also contribute to the social environment of my house is not just one race but also different race without seeing and comparing the differences with each other. Although the contribution that I do still few and quite small but I think this is quite valuable and meaningful. Because in my opinion a little better the old-old will be on the hill from which nothing will destroy the produce of our own country. Our ability to be able to share that racial differences dikarekan indeed I have in my own family and also because we were almost all the Indonesian people have a common ideology which we both want the welfare of all Indonesian people and their descendants in the future.

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