Presentation Outline

Final Presentation Outline

The following is provided as a guideline for preparing your final presentations for next week. There is nothing here that we haven't discussed in class, but this will formalize the process for you. Feel free to put this information in any order you wish, but this is the minimum topics that I would like to see covered :

1. Brief Introduction of Company

Identify management team and each team member's specific role (if assigned one)

Identify the strategy(ies) you were pursuing over the past 8 years.

What strategy?

Did you change strategy? If so, why? Did the change have the impact you intended?

What segments did you compete in?

How well did you execute your chosen strategy? Did you appropriately position your products, enter/exit segments, invest marketing dollars, improve automation, etc. (This is a different question from how well you ultimately performed, which could be impacted by numerous other factors and will be addressed below. )

2. Discuss your company's performance over past eight years (the competition rounds)

Discussion of performances should include trends in profitability, share price, ROA, ROE, market cap, and market share. Use of charts and graphs is highly encouraged.

*What I am NOT looking for is a recap of the functional area decisions you made each round. This would take too much time is not something the board is interested in knowing.

What is your overall assessment of your company's performance?

3. Lessons Learned from past eight years

What factors contributed most to your performance (good or bad)?

What things would you specifically do differently/ the same over the past eight years if you had the chance, and why?

How did your management team make decisions? Was the process efficient/effective?

What were the most important lessons you learned from the past eight years that will impact what you do for the next three years?

4. Future Plans

What is your strategic plan for the company going forward, and how will you implement that plan over the next three years? *Remember, this is not a ‘do-over' but a continuation from where you are.

What assumptions guided your plans for the future of your company? (market conditions, competitor actions, company capabilities, etc.)

If your company is not doing well, how will you turn it around? If you are doing well, how will you sustain your competitive advantage? Be specific, since you're essentially justifying your continued employment.

What strategy will you adopt going forward from where you are? Keeping your current strategy IS an option, of course.

How will your functional decisions support this strategy? I'm not looking for year by year decisions here, but rather something like, “In the next three years, we will shift our marketing emphasis from A to B, increasing the budget by $X.XX.” The same general approach should be taken with each area, with particular emphasis on product repositioning/creation/divestment. Financing will also be an important consideration, particularly for companies that are not doing as well as had been hoped.

How confident are you as a management team that you will be able to execute this strategic plan?

Remember, you have 25 minutes (+/- 2) to clearly and succinctly provide this information. Use the time wisely. It is assumed that the answers to these questions will flow from your experience, as well as the appropriate use of analysis tools (SWOT, competitive strength assessment, etc.) that we have discussed and used in class.

As the written component for this presentation, please answer the questions I have posed above and provide appropriate documentation.

Dress is formal business attire (suits and ties for men, business suits (slacks or skirts) for women). Decorum should also be formal, befitting a corporate Board of Directors' meeting (or what you'd imagine it would be).

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