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With the lack of money, skills, talent, knowledge, and even motivation, cheating can make life significantly easier. Unfortunately, it is an extremely common issue in society today. Often times, people become so accustom to these actions that they don't even realize that they're doing it. Sometimes it can be tough to balance out certain priorities. Between listening to what your parents tell you, what your teachers say, and what your friends pressure, dealing with this matter can be really challenging. There are many different forms of cheating and many different types of people who do it.

Sadly enough, cheating is shown to children while they're sitting in front of the television screen playing a video game. It is fairly easy to get a hold of cheat codes for video games. This generally makes the game easier, or gives you an infinite amount of resources within the game. Some games have cheat code books that you must buy in order to get the codes. But many times, you can just go onto the internet and easily find codes posted by other players. Now, cheating in video games does not seem too harmful at the time it is happening. However, the future of that person cheating on something in real life is much more likely if they cheat in video games, especially as a child. They easily get away with cheating in the game and surely enough put those habits towards something else.

Embezzlement, skimming, affairs, stealing, and wasting time are all occurring in businesses today. It can start with taking a few bucks out of the cash drawer just to pay for lunch. But once someone gets started, it is hard to stop if they don't get caught the first few times. This can slowly lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars missing. Often times, the person doing it is someone you would least expect. But every employee is a potential suspect, whether it's the manager, janitor, or a CEO. Many businesses don't allow interoffice dating. But many times, people will try to do it on the low. As sneaky as it is, people don't care. They'll act like they're just friends with the other employees, but outside of the office, they act like lovers. This may seem okay, but it truly can affect the business. If the couple gets into an argument, they may call out from work or come to work with their minds someplace else. This can have an influence on the quality of work that's being done by the employee. Eventually, the truth will come out about their interoffice fling and consequences will occur. But that's not the only thing that will affect the quality of work. While technology is becoming more prevalent in this society, it is becoming much easier to get distracted in the office. "Studies show that employees are spending approximately one-hour or more each day sending and reading personal emails, planning vacations, making medical and dental appointments, chasing down their parents and children, making arrangements for childcare and eldercare, and even surfing the web while on the clock" (Wolfe). People are spending more time on Farmville than they are on their actual work assignments. Employees are cheating their employer of their time and not even thinking twice about it. It is very important to be aware of these issues, especially if you are a business owner.

Cheating in schools has become predominately more popular. With a constant demand from both a student's parents and society, being dishonest can often lead to successful grades. As ironic as it sounds, it's true. Being able to pass a grade level and graduate from school, you need to have exceptional grades. It can be very challenging, especially when it is so much easier to be lazy and uncaring. Having the motivation to actually do homework and study is much harder when you have no support. It always feels great to have that extra encouragement when you feel like you can't do something. This type of support can come from teachers, family, and even friends. Unfortunately, many teenagers get caught up with the wrong crowds of people, and they fail to realize how important doing well in school truly is. Not too long ago, I was in a situation that made cheating extremely easy. I was sitting in my physical science class, disappointed because I received a 78 on my exam, and my professor was going over the questions. Confusion broke out about one of the answers, and the professor decided he would give anyone who got that question wrong two extra points. I thought that it was a great idea, until I realized that I had already answered that question correctly. At the end of class, he had people come to his desk and give him their name if they got it wrong. That's it. He wanted nothing more than just their name. He didn't want to look at their exams to make sure that they weren't lying. He just trusted his students. Now many students easily took advantage of this situation. Going up to his desk, giving their name, and then walking out of class with two extra points and no guilt on their chest. Well, I thought long and hard about how much two points would help me. It would bump me up a whole letter grade. But then I thought even harder. Do I stay true to myself and try harder next time? Or do I take the extra points and have a nice day? Surprisingly enough, I decided to stay true. I'm a woman of honesty, and I wouldn't want to be taken advantage myself. It felt good walking out of that classroom, knowing that I could have cheated but didn't. People often think that since if they don't get caught, then it isn't cheating. But it's exactly the opposite. Not only are you cheating yourself out of the information from the class, but you're cheating your teacher and your potential to ever be trusted again.

But cheating is not only found in schools. Many athletes are known for cheating. Whether it's from taking steroids, not obeying the rules, lying, and even using non-regulation equipment, cheating has been around for centuries. In using non-regulation equipment, a pitcher in baseball might put graphite or Vaseline on the baseball to make it harder for the batter to hit it. Another example is if the batter uses a corked bat in order to hit easier. It not only occurs in professional sports, but it's also been known to happen in the Olympics as well. In the 1980's Ben Johnson made a name for himself in the Olympics. Between breaking records and winning medals, he was an amazing sprinter. However, things changed in 1988 when he won a gold medal (Ward). Shortly after the race, he took a urine test and tested positive for steroid use. He was then disqualified and stripped of his medals (Ward). Using steroids the way these athletes do is extremely harmful to them physically and it ruins their reputations. Baseball is full of athletes who once were thought to be amazing players, until the media finds out the truth. From John Rocker, Sammy Sosa, and Alex Rodriguez, many of the biggest named stars have been caught cheating. What happened to a clean, fair game of baseball?

As unfortunate as it is, cheating will always be a part of society. It has become a way of life for people. Whether it's because you don't have enough time in the day, you want to advance, or a lack of knowledge, there will always be an excuse to cheat. Sometimes people cheat, not because they want to advance, but because they are afraid of failure. Everyone wants to be first, especially when they are being pressured from family and friends.

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