The prominent top management

CAT (Common Admission Test) is:

It is one of the prominent top management entrance tests which is administered by the Indian institutes of Management (IIMs) for admission in the tow year full time Post Graduate Programs in Management in India.

The objective of CAT:

The exam is not about testing intelligence. It aims on judging the attitude for doing well a course which one is willing to join. The test also determines one's general scholastic ability.

It is an aptitude test which aims at judging 'managerial abilities' by asking question based on Mathematics and English.

The concept of CAT:

The concept of the test is tackling questions based on the syllabus of 10th grade Mathematics and English. These subjects can be divided into varying areas namely like Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Date Sufficiency, Date Interpretation and Reading Comprehension.

One finds all the areas clearly demarcated into sections and with varying composition of sections each year.

Eligibility to Take the Test:

To appear for the CAT, you must be having a Bachelor's degree in any discipline generally with at least 50% in aggregate from a recognized university in India and 45% in case of SC/ST/DA (Differently Able) categories.

Candidates awaiting their final year's result are also eligible for appearing in the test. Tot count your percentage, you should enter the aggregate percentage of the semesters you have completed till the date.

Candidates with CGPA instead of percentage:

The percentage equivalent is based on the equivalence certified by the university or institute from where you have obtained your Bachelor's degree.

Candidates with less than 50% in Graduation:

If you do not have 50% in aggregate at graduation level, then you should try other exams such as XAT, MH-CET, IIFT and other regional tests. Also, look for instituted conducting specified tests according to your relative performance so far.

Age Restriction for appearing in CAT:

There is not any restriction on age limit for appearing for the test.

Minimum score required to clear the test:

In CAT, you do not come across anything like fixed minimum score to clear the test successfully. It is because the score cut-off is different every year since it is relative scoring.

Clearing each section is important:

It is mandatory to clear each section separately and cover the areas being tested well.

Minimum cut-off for each section:

Again, the cut off for each section in the test varies each year, so there is no known minimum cut-off. But considering the test for last several years, one must try to attempt at least 70% of questions given with 80% accurate to clear the test successfully.

Also, the cut-off for each section is different within a test.

Institutes other than IIMs which accept CAT scores:

There are number of institutes which accept CAT scores as a ticket to admission. Undoubtedly, one can find good and reputed institutes for taking course of their choice. There are around more than 100 institutes across India that accept CAT scores. You can find the list of these institutes on CAT bulletin.

The time of CAT:

The test is often conducted on the third Sunday of November month every year.

The time to apply for Cat:

The notification for the test is usually released after mid July every year in al the leading newspapers of the country. The time can also be known from the website of IIM after the notification is appeared in the newspapers.

What after the advertisement for CAT:

After the notification for CAT, aspiring candidate can buy a voucher from the designated bank branches and thereafter, need to register online for the test.

The purchasing of a voucher:

To buy a voucher, you need to fill pay-in-slip at the designated bank. You will find two copies of pay-in-slip. One copy will be retained by the bank and other will be returned to your after stamped.

You must retain the copy of pay-in-slip throughout the selection process. Make sure that the name on pay-in-slip is matched with the name appearing in the school-leaving certificate.

Issuing of admit card:

Just after applying for the exam online, you get an automated confirmation mail containing your Candidate Profile at the email mentioned by you.

Once you have provided your personal information, you are supposed to continue registration by scheduling the date, time and venue of the test. After the submission of scheduling information, you will receive another automated confirmation email containing your CAT Admit Card. At this stage, your registration process is complete.

Details on Admit Card:

The CAT admit card will contain the name o the candidate, date, time and venue for the test, confirmation number, registration number and instructions for the candidate.

Different time slots for planning the test for a typical test day:

A typical test day comprises two exam sessions. You will be allowed to schedule any one of the sessions but it is subjected to availability.

Number of times one can appear for CAT:

You cannot appear for the test more than once. If it is so, it will be deemed as a fraudulent activity.

In case of committing mistake while registering for the exam:

If you have made any mistake while registering for the exam, you can make changes to your personal date and application within a specified time limit only which can be noted on the registration page.

Time you need to spend in CAT preparation:

As per IIMs, one should try to prepare for the test six months in advance. You need to follow a planned study timings rigorously. You must study at least 2 hours in a day. More is always better but put emphasis on quality over quantity.

CAT interview:

Interview is a personality test. At this stage, panel judges one's discipline, self-awareness or in other words, one's all round personality.

Group Discussion (GD):

By 'group discussion', the institutes measure one's ability to function as a team. Here, a group is given topic or situation. They are given few minute time to think over and then discuss the topic among themselves for abut 15 to 20 minutes.

Declaration of Score:

CAT scores are declared mostly after 2-3 months of the test day.

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