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On the case of abdul karim telgi

History of Abdul Karim Telgi Born to an employee of Indian Railways in 1961, Telgi was left to fend for himself at an early age after his father's death. He paid for his own education at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, an English medium school, by selling fruit and vegetables on trains.[2] He completed his B.Com from a Belgaum college. After this, he moved to Saudi Arabia. Seven years later, he returned to India and began to work as a travel agent

WHAT EXACTLY WAS THE SCAM:-In this scam the mastermind abdul karim telgi in the "syndicate" lead by him in which he used the chemically washed stems what he used to do was he used to perforate the stamps .He used to take all the old stamps that were cancelled and use to remove the cancelled ink with the help of chemical and then circulated it in the market with the original stamps

Who was responsible behind this:- all the government organizations were in the era of sleep as the scam took place.


Firstly the chemical washing could be don only as there was no branding of new stamps and no cancellation of the used stamps

Secondly the control mechanism for the granting of liscenses to the vendors was also very dull

Thirdly this provided base for the unscrupulous vendors to sll the adhesive stamps which they were not allowed to sell

Fourthly the receipts issued by the central stamp office did not have any of the security features

Fifthly this allowed the culprits to replicates the receipts and showing them as a genuine copy to convience their clients.

Sixthly stamp printed at the Indian security press at nashik did nt have any batch no or carried the marking of the state in which they are to be sold .

Seventhly the employees of the central stampion office were also involved in the corruption like the rules implemented by them like keeping a check of annual sales ,indents made,position of the inspections and all were done but this scam did not come into the notice

What was the analysis /review of this case

Firstly According to this such a huge scame that had affected the revenues of the state could not come in the notice of the concerned authorities

Secondly when the authorities themselves have launched prosecution and conducted the verification of major bulk users or purchasers of the stamp still it could not be detected.

Thirdly according to the license issued to the vendors,the stamp vendors were not allowed to sell special adhesive stamps and majority of the users have known this position.

Fourthly the majority of the purchasers were from the public and the private sectors were using the services of agents lke telgi

Fifthly the employees of the Central Stamps Office as well as the officers/employees of bulk purchasers in private and public sector undertakings which have come to light during the investigation by the police .

At investigation

THE Special Investigating Team (SIT) probing the allegations of mala fides in the investigation by the Maharashtra police of the multi-crore Telgi stamp paper.

scam, made by Mr S.M. Mushrif, former Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime), Pune, has described as "proved beyond doubt" his contention that the evidence collected during the investigation was deliberately not being brought on record and was being misused. The suppression and the misuse of the evidence by mr mushrif may have an adverse bearing on the outcome of the case during the process of the trial" and that "the responsibility for the same would be squarely of (the) Pune police and the then investigation and supervisory officers. The five material allegation made by mr mushrif

1. The inclusion of the names of shahida,telgi's wife daughter sana and also his brother were also the part of the suspect.

2. The other names that were included in a suspicious manner which suggested "outright mala fide intention,ostensibly to extract mo ney from th main accused by threatening to arrest his wife

3. mysterious dropping of the names of five persons - Manoj Kotharath, Fatima, Gafar Nabilal Tamboli, Javed and Bajrang Maniklal Kharatmal - who had, "till the end," been shown as "wanted accused" from the crime diary

4. The addition, "at the last moment," of six persons - Ali Eliyas Telgi, Abdul Rahim Laadsaheb Telgi, Parvez Abdul Rehim Telgi, Sahida Abdul Karim Telgi, Sana Abdul Karim Telgi and Anilkumar Narayandas Shah - to the list of "suspected wanted accused" in the case diaries without assigning any reason; and

5. The deliberate failure to take on record and the misuse of evidence collected in the course of the Pune police investigation into ld ha the fake stamp paper scam.

What could have been done

Firstly the sleeping organizations of the government should awake The post crisis approach should be applied Here the main mistake was the control mechanism failed here. The issuing of license was improper. Poor working of central stamp office.. There should be a proper secure feature for receirts of stamps by stamp offic e. Creating a proper record and identification mark of the stamps that are being issued by the Indian security press. Creating a check on the gvt. Servants who generally get involved. Proper check on the implementation of sales. Of the papers so that u can check the regulation ..

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