The Draft Controversy

The Draft Controversy

Every male at the age of 18 much register themselves to be drafted into the military, if indeed a draft is necessary (Military Draft). The draft has been around for a very long time, dating back to the Civil War, but even then, there were regulations (Military Draft). The draft has always been consisted of just men (Military Draft). Women make up about 20% of our military (U.S. Military). Now, more than ever, there has been a strong push for women to be part of the draft (Military Draft). Women believe that they should be included because “it would be a large step in creating gender equality and they would be helping their country” (Drafting Women for Military Service). This won't suit our country well. Women shouldn't be in the draft because they are much more important back home, than overseas (Glazer).

One thing that women would miss out on is the opportunity to fight for their country. At home, you can't fight. Fighting on the battlefield is a very bold way to express your patriotism (Edwards). Women have been quoted that, “they would enjoy fighting for their country in order to protect and serve the people back home” (Drafting Women for Military Service). However, maybe it would be a good thing if they were the ones back home.

With more people back home, more jobs would be kept. Why is this important? War costs money. The war in Iraq continues to cost us many, many dollars as we continue to ship supplies overseas (National Priorities Project). The war costs over 966 trillion dollars and the number is constantly rising (National Priorities Project). It is important to have jobs because they are what fuel our economy and keep our money flowing (National Priorities Project). If more and more people have to leave to go fight a war, our economy will take a hit (National Priorities Project). Still, there are risks if it is decided to not draft women.

Many women are great soldiers. If we decide not to draft women, we may be missing out on a very beneficial part of our armed forces (Batts). There are a great amount of women out there that are in a higher position than men. Many women today are high ranked officials, generals, and have led the military in big tasks (Batts). Think of what all the others could do, but what if they weren't as good as we thought?

Any time a person is drafted, the inexperience factor rises. The more people that are drafted, the greater chance there is at having someone fighting that doesn't really know what they are doing. Women can tend to be much more emotional than men at times, which could lead to bad decisions in battle (Drafting Women for Military Service). Inexperience plays a huge role in leading to casualties and the last thing this world wants is for more and more people to be killed in combat (Edwards). On the contrary, many believe that despite these things, the issue of sexism is still there.

It says in the Constitution that everyone is created equal. If this is true, then women are obligated to same thing as men. Some believe that not allowing women to be drafted is a form of sexism (Drafting Women for Military Service). Women have said that they believe they should have the same opportunities and rights as men do (Military Draft). There are many people out there that truly believe that this issue should lie in the women's hands, “If she wants to be drafted, allow her to do so” (Military Draft). This is a strong point, but we need women back home for so many more beneficial things.

Mother's are almost essential to a child in its early life, but not many changes in the years to follow (Glazer). Children need their moms. The most proper of child care can only happen if both of the parents are able to do so together, but if one of the spouses is gone, the mother is the best fit for the job (Glazer). She can provide food and nourishment, as well as mothers love that will never end (Glazer). There is a “Mothers Movement” going on in the world, it states that mothers are moving away from occupations and focusing on raising their children, because it is what is truly important (Glazer). The drafting of women would not allow some kids to have their full childhood experience, and they may miss out on some great memories with parents gone to the war (Glazer). On the other hand, what if the family was well represented in the war?

This would make for a very strong storyline. Not only that, but it sets a great example of what men and women can do together to work at a great cause and fight for what they believe in and for what they truly want (Drafting Women for Military Service). Members of the family that are being represented can all learn how to serve and work with one another. Not only may this help the chemistry, but it may also ease the pain of serving alone, knowing you have someone there to help you through it (Drafting Women for Military Service). It would also be a step showing that women can go toe to toe with men, and do what they do (Drafting Women for Military Service). This scenario of your family being well represented raises one last issue.

The strongest argument against having women in the military draft is the possibility of your mother and your father being drafted, killed in combat, and you being alone is scary. Losing both your parents to the war wouldn't be worth it. Someone needs to be home. Most likely the father will be drafted if it is needed, so that's why the moms need to stay at home. If a person were to be brought into combat, that person could be involuntarily asked to return to the battlefield again, and many of the times will be asked to do so (Edwards). Losing your parents for long periods of time off and on somewhat unexpectedly would be terrible. The war itself can change someone and bring them back a whole new person (U.S. Military). No one wants their sweet, loving, caring mom to come back from combat crazy and have a stress problem. It would almost be like losing her anyway. Becoming an orphan has to be one of the top fears. In 2008 there were and estimated 132 million orphans in the world (Kovacs). Not drafting women could help prevent more children from becoming orphans. Drafting both genders is just not worth ripping a family apart.

Women are a key essential back home as well. Dating back to the earliest of civilizations, they were the ones who kept everything running smoothly back at the house. Staying with men for the draft is just fine. Men can serve us proud, and we don't have to risk killing more people than needed. Children, the economy, and the whole world need women. The draft itself is fine how it is. The women that are pushing for the right to be drafted should consider themselves lucky that they don't have to put their own lives on the line every day of the week for someone they don't know. The military draft does not need to be changed by any means at all. Plus, on a final note, the women of the United States are too good looking to be at war, we need them back home for that as well.

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