First and most appalling problem

Thirty four thousand new jobs for Ohioans. Billions of dollars spent and distributed throughout our state. An effective and positive way to jump start our economy. These are just a few of the promising claims you may have heard supporters of Issue 3 make. Issue 3, an amendment to the Ohio Constitutions, was passed in November, 2009. The bill allows casino owners to begin the constitution of four casinos throughout Ohio, including the Toledo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus areas. There has been much debate over this bill, whether or not it will benefit or harm Ohio's economy and help keep money in Ohio. There people are convinced that casinos will provide thousands of new jobs opportunities for Ohioans. Even people who don't agree with gambling voted yes on Issue 3, believing that it's passing would be for the greater good of their community and state. If only these people were right. The truth of matter is that building and operating casinos in Ohio is a major mistake that can bring an enormous amount of harm to our communities. Today I will show you how Issue 3 is a deeply flawed and misleading bill; one that promises good, but really brings great damage.

The first and most appalling problem with Issue 3 is that it benefits casino owners much more that it does the general public. We as Americans live in a democratic society where the good of the people is to be upheld over the good of a few select individuals. Issue 3 is deeply flawed because it ignores this fact and attempts to give power and benefits to a few people rather than to the majority. It was written in such a way that casinos owners are given unfair and dangerous advantages over the general public. According to Issue 3, casino owners only have to pay 33% of their profits in taxes. Buckeye State shows that this is the lowest percentage of taxes any group of casino owners has had to pay in the entire history of our nation. Stop and think about that for a moment. Supporters of Issue 3 claim that profits from casino owners are giving a fraction of their money back to the government and people. What does this mean for us as a community? We get squat, and little or no positive and lasting changes will be made on our behalf. Will Issue 3 really help bring money to our communities, and keep it there? I think not, and anyone who believes so is simply naive or hasn't taken the time to actually read and comprehend the bill.

Another major flaw with Issue 3 is that it gives the majorities of the power to casino owners, rather than to the general public and Ohio legislation. The bill sets up regulations and laws that clearly give freedom and power to select group to a select group, rather than evenly distributing it to the people. Anyone who takes the time to read Issue 3 will be appalled by the gross and despicable bias towards casino owners. There is no question that the bill was written by greedy, uncaring lawyers who had no one's interest in mind but theirs and the casino owners who were paying them. It's ludicrous to believe that a written bill written by casino owner lawyers would be fair and unbiased. But according to, this is exactly what many people thought when they voted to pass Issue 3.

This leads me to a very serious and pressing issue. As the youth of America, we are the next generation. It is up to us to determine what our future will be like. Many of you are at or near the age to vote. You may not realize it now, but as voters you have the ability to affect the world around you. You, and you alone have the power to bring about great change. Whether or not that change is for good or bad is up to you. You must realize and appreciate the great power and responsibility you posses. It is essential that we as voters are aware of matters around us. It's fundamental for our future for our future that we take time to research and truly understand the issues we face. Issue 3 is just one of the many casa we will need to confront.

Today I have presented you with a few of the major flaws of Issue 3. It should now be evident that the bill gives power and benefits to casino owners rather than to the people. It's now clear that casinos won't help jumpstart the economy or provide a significant increase in government funds. Allowing Issue 3 to pass was an atrocious mistake, one that we will have to deal with as a community. You and I will very likely be negatively effected by the future casinos, whether it is through crime or an even worse economy. But all is not lost. As the next generation of our nation, we have the opportunity and obligation to understand and change the issues in our communities and in our world. Take the time to research and comprehend the matters you will vote on. Uneducated and improper voting is a serious gamble that we simply cannot afford.

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