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"You Can Do It", yes this is a really common phrase that people can hear everywhere, however, to me this signify something more meaningful. This means family support, strength, hope and even future. "You can do it," it's my mom's phrase that she told me every time when I felt depressed for the reason that I couldn't do something , because of my lack of the English language, when I started living in the United States.

The first year living in the United States was very difficult to me; I had to do everything with double effort, learn English was my first priority, and it wasn't easy, nevertheless, it wasn't become a goal impossible to achieve. I did it! And with the help of my family who always encouraged me that I can do it, and with the help of my high school teachers that always support me in everything. I'm very thankful for that.

My parents always told me that education is very important and that I need to take every opportunity that life gave me. And I had done it. Gaining a new language was a great opportunity and now I'm bilingual. Learn English not only helped to me, instead, it makes me to helped my family in special my parents that know a little be of English to translate them, and I liked to do that because I love to help people when I can.

Overcoming a new language gave me a one more strength to me; it made me to be always a persistent girl. Other strengths that I have are that I'm responsible, honest, tolerant and very dedicate in everything that I do. One weakness is that I'm a little perfectionist and at the moment to work in groups I'm always attentive to what my classmates are doing, and sometimes I think this cannot be good to them, but I think I do this because I always want to do everything as best I can.

Since I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher, why? Because I thinks this is he most important profession. To realized any profession, people have to go to the school and who teaches them, of course, teachers.

My parents always told me that education is very important and that I need to take every opportunity that life gave me. And I had done it

Autobiographical Essay: Please use this space describing your educational and career goals, your community and school involvement, and any special or unique circumstances you would like to share with the scholarship committee if your application is selected for review.

I am an International Student at San Joaquin Delta College since January 2002. I am from Lahore, Pakistan, and have been in the United States for over two years. I graduated from High School in Pakistan. I was actively involved in all of the events and organizations in my High School. Although I was a science student, I was interested in extracurricular activities that explored my creativity and my capability in other fields such as poetry, journalism, literature and theater. I participated and organized a number of poetry, essay, declamation and debating contests. I also did sets and props for my High School Play in my senior year. Besides my involvement in High School activities, I also freelanced for a weekly magazine called "The Weekly Independent." I interviewed a lot of local celebrities for my weekly articles. After I came to the United States, I continued writing a column from here as a foreign correspondent. My column was called "Letter from California," and I tried to explore the American popular culture, and compare it to the lifestyle of people in my home country. My column was more of an education for me too as I slowly became accustomed to life in the States and shared it with readers back home.

When I enrolled in classes at Delta College, I was amazed at the degree of diversity that I saw, not only in the student body and faculty, but also in the courses being offered. Never had I thought of taking Music and Pre-calculus in one semester. My first semester at Delta was not only a great experience in education for me, but it also introduced me to wonderful new things. I had new friends, very cooperative and helpful instructors and I learned about Beethoven and Mozart! Although I am a science student, I take pride in knowing my classics.

Currently I am enrolled in 14 units at Delta College. I have had no problems with my courses so far, and am hoping to maintain a proficient GPA in the future. I have often sought help from the Tutoring Center on campus, and have always found the assistance provided by the tutors to be helpful in my classes. I have also attended a number of different seminars and workshops offered on campus.

I am planning to get an AS Degree at Delta College and am also planning to transfer to UC Santa Cruz to get a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry. I am interested in going into the researching branch of Biochemsitry with special concentration on the rapidly emerging science of stem cell research. I have read a lot of articles on stem cell research, and have even spoken to my Delta College Biology instructor about my interest in pursuing studies in this field. I am convinced by the research that I have conducted in this regard that stem cell research may be the stepping-stone of finding cures for the innumerable life-threatening diseases that we are trying to combat in this day and age.

Besides maintaining a good GPA, and working hard towards the achievement of my career and educational goals, I also want to keep up my interest in poetry and literature. I won third place in the annual poetry contest held by the Stockton Arts Commission last year, and am entering the competition again this year. I am also learning about business management by practical hands-on experience by helping out my family take care of their business at the Weberstown Mall in Stockton. I am also working in the Disabled Student Center on campus part-time as an Alternate Format Technician.

I am looking forward to the rest of my education in the United States, and am completely dedicated to my work and classes. Getting a scholarship as a reward for my academic achievement and continuing efforts for getting a good education will not only help me financially, but also boost my confidence and encourage me to work harder in the future.

All applicants: As a scholarship applicant, I hereby authorize the Financial Aid Office at San Joaquin Delta College to release information contained on this application as well as my academic transcripts to campus personnel and/or private donors as may be required in connection with securing or renewing a scholarship for me. Furthermore, I understand that scholarships may be denied or withdrawn if any information reported on this application is found to be intentionally misleading or inaccurate.

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