The percentage of indian-malaysians

Malaysians, Chinese, and Indians, and the percentage of Indian-Malaysians is about 10%.In the 19th century, Indians were mainly brought to Malaysia by the British and then lived in Malaysia .During the 19th century and early 20th century, Indians in Malaysia used to work in poor conditions. Nowadays, with the rapid development of economic, Indian-Malaysians' life is becoming better,but still has some problems. In order to know how Indian-Malaysians feel about their life in Kuala Lumpur, a research on the living standard of Indian-Malaysians is done. The living standards include not only the income levels and household conditions, but also something that can not be purchased, such as the services provided by the government. All of the three factors are related to the living standard directly or indirectly, and by analyzing them, people can understand the living standard of India-Malaysians comprehensively.

Based on some research,80% of India-Malaysians are satisfied with their life, but still has some problems ,for example ,in the year 2009 unemployment rate among India-Malaysians has increased compared with the year 2008. Many India-Malaysians families just earn enough to survive. At the same time, there is another group of India-Malaysians who are unemployed and are on welfare. So, there are two serious issues of employment and level of income regarding Malaysian-Indians. At first, because of social and economical structures over the past few years, India-Malaysians have not been able to secure jobs as much as people in other ethnic groups. A lot Malaysian-Indians do physical work. The statistics show that the majority of employment is in education, medicine, manufacturing, transportation and management; based on that, 45.5% of work fall into manufacturing, 18.6% into management, 13.3% into transportation, 17.8% into education and medicine, and finally 4.8% into other industries. The majority of jobs are in manufacturing. On one hand, Malaysian industries have developed faster in recent years; and in the other hand, in the past many products were made by man instead of machine. As a result more and more people are losing their jobs. So the problem of employment has made people concerned. Reducing the unemployment rate has become a problem the government has to face if the country wants to improve living standards. Secondly, low-income and unemployment are important problems that governments must be concerned about. Low-income families and the unemployed not only dependent on welfare but also cause the standard of living to decline. Obviously, if the government wants to find a solution to the problem of low living standards, it is essential that it improves employment rate. There is no doubt that enough attention must be paid to the problem of employment. For one thing, the large difference between low-income groups reveal the importance of factors additional to income in influencing living standards. So more jobs must be created for low-income groups. For another, achieving a social assistance system that supports people at work, by making sure that people get the assistance they are entitled to, when they should together with the delivery of that support, they can remain employed. These reforms can improve India-Malaysians employment and income problems. Then the living standard of India-Malaysians will be much better.

"Household type describes the living environment and conditions, stage in life and maintenance liabilities of a household." Household conditions, which make every member of a family live together in harmony, are one of the judge on living standard that primarily contain family conditions and environmental quality. On the one hand, everyone works hard in order to make their own family live comfortable because family is an important part in people's life, and a person who is successful in life is a person who has a happy family. According to the survey, three-quarters of India-Malaysians with lower income are satisfied with their life because of having a harmonious family. Therefore, a harmonious family, which can boost people and make them relaxed, is regarded as a heaven without sadness. On the other hand, with the developing of the society, people pay more attention to the environmental quality which makes the person enjoy themselves better. People like to living in the good environment because it can not only affect people's mood and health directly, but also have a great influence on their children. For example, a quiet and natural environment, where has fresh air, can make the livers peaceful and children easily concentrate on study. Therefore the riches spend a lot of money to buy a house in the village in order to live in the natural environment. In addition, the survey shows that more than 80% of India-Malaysian will choose a well environmental place as their house If they have enough money.

Further more, the services provided by government is improving because of the effort of the India-Malaysian Congress and other social organization, but still not sufficient at the present time. The fundamental service is education. According to the research, 45 % of interviewees thought that their education is fine, the rest considered that India-Malaysian did not get a good education. a non-profitable, non-political and non-governmental organization called India-Malaysian Youth Development Foundation states "For years, concerned organizations and policy makers have sought ways to address the issue of Indian youth being stereotyped as delinquents. Debates and conferences have been held, reports have been written and distributed, and goals have been set. But the goals have not been achieved and it is time to sound an alarm." The education for Malaysian Indian is still in a bad shape. In Indian school, the teaching facilities and teaching environment are not enough. Some interviewees appeal to the government to upgrade the equipment in Indian school. But two of the interviewees are well-educated. They are teachers. As written by Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway, the educated Indian population will generally be in a variety of professions, such as lawyers and journalists. Another vital service is healthcare. Surprisingly, about all the interviewees are satisfied with the medical care. As stated by Simon Richmond, in Malaysia the standard of medical care in major centres is good, and most problems can be adequately dealt with in Kuala Lumpur. Similarly, many interviewees thought that most of essential care is provided by government, and fees and medicines in hospital are at a very low price or even free of charge. In a word, the medical care for Malaysian Indian is of good quality. The last part is public transport. 80 % of interviewees do not feel well in public transport. Their opinions base on three aspects. First, the light rail transit and monorail are often crowded in rush hours and weekend. Second, the taxi fare is increasing. Third, the buses are not sufficient and people often spend much time waiting for a bus. Above all, the living standard of India-Malaysians is better than before because more services have been provided by the government .

Although some India-Malaysians are worried about losing their job within the financial crisis, people's life is still better than 5 years ago. In general, India-Malaysians, who have better household conditions and more social services, are living a better life, not only physically, but also mentally.


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