The weapons competition


This report tells us that how Pakistan enters into the weapons competition. Due to his that desired Pakistan is now facing one of the extreme economic crises. Till now Pakistan had fought four wars on his boarder, and he is fighting one of the wars against terrorism. This report focuses the first and last war economic crises, but gives more attention towards the middle war economic crises. Although it seems that Pakistan won all wares but it loss their long term economic policies. It shows all such factors which make Pakistan economy towards disaster. It also tells that at which stage their leader should make mistake. Due to these mistakes every Pakistani is now in trouble. This report tells different solution at every stage.


Economic history of Pakistan started with the partition of Indian subcontinent on 14th of August 1947. The partition of Pakistan was one of the main problem west Pakistan and east Pakistan now called Bangladesh is thousand of mills far away from each other. Another big issue was the Kashmir. These are the main issues due to which Pakistan run after getting advance weapons which makes Pakistan stronger on military side but weakened on economic sectors.

Pakistani income has comes mostly from textile industries and several other sources. Most of this income has spent on due to continuing conflict with India on Kashmir. Due to this main problem Pakistani government spends one fifth of his budget on its military, remaining budget is spend on social sector.

Pakistan exports had been fallen during 2008-09 because of instability in the country. The impact was more observed in textile sector .Pakistan cotton fabrics and towels industry was decline due to present situation in Pakistan (Suri, 2009).



Kashmir was the biggest state in India before the partition of the country in August 1947.The total area of Kashmir was 2,22,236 sq. km. Presently India acquires 43% of the Kashmir region including Srinagar, Jammu, Kashmir valley and Siachen Glacier. Pakistan controls on 37% of Kashmir, main parts are Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan. China controls 20% of Kashmir region containing most part of Aksai chin which China occupied it form India against a war in 1962. Pakistan and India have fought three wars over Kashmir in 1947,1965 and 1999.

British had been declared India as his colonial power in 1742. Basically they are business mind people. They sold all those areas from where they think that they can't take more money .like other state they sold Kashmir to a Sikh maharaja Gulab Singh's on seventy five lack rupees in 1845. Later on Kashmir had been ruled by his son Ranbir Singh grand son Partab Singh and grand grand son Hari singh.

Indo Pak partition was basically made on religious basis .The ruler of the states were given a choice that they join with Pakistan or India or to remain independent. Maharaja of Kashmir sign to join with India but majority of population in Kashmir was Muslim; they want to join with Pakistan. As a result of which the local people come out on war against maharaja and Indian army on the other side Pakistan also send their army to help these local Muslim people . At last india take this dispute to United Nation .UN send their observer and make a sease fire.


  • Suri,K.K(2009)Textile Asia Volume 40,Issue 4-5,April 2009,Pages 53-54

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