Literature reflects communities and individuals within society that affect each other in different ways. Literature reflects communities by context of time, culture, settings, attitudes, and beliefs of time. Literature uses language to illustrate what it feels like to live in particular conditions. Literature creates opportunities for us to enjoy other pain, sorrow and gladness, its not just reflect of it. Literature plays a part in our culture, it allow us to know who we are. In the slavery time, the slave sang song. Like “Langston Hughes write in his poems “The Negro speaks of Rivers” and “Song for a Dark Girl” (pg 995-999)” can be used to provide a revealing historical context for a literary work. Literature can express words, and descriptions of a neighborhood like ours to help reader get a sense of community are described in the story. In this reflection, I will give examples upon these issues and give insight on the way literature reflects communities, individuals and society.

We all know that literature is a reflection on communities by context of time, culture, settings, attitudes, and beliefs of time. Literature uses language to signify certain conditions rather than using language to give analysis of those conditions. To illustrate this point, “Hughes on Harlem, The Blues” (pg 1019)” a story on the blues that black people faces” .Here is an example of how literature uses language to signify conditions, culture and community.
In “A Toast to Harlem the author uses the language spoken by African-American people in the southern communities to help the readers to know what culture and race the people are you will find the words “Negro”, “daddy-o”, Huba!” Huba! “” On (pg 1019)” the sentence reads. This type of language gives the reader a particular hint as to the race and culture of the people in this story.

Here is another reason why in the short story” A Toast to Harlem the story focuses on the need for education and for discrimination to work together in those time of the Harlem Blues” It illustrates how an education may not be fun or easy to obtain but it is necessary for a positive change to happen. The story looks at types of pride, leadership, and ways people can respect or disrespect each other in a community. Hughes is the person telling the story and he is telling it through his understanding. He is telling it in a way that gives the reader a wider look at a community. By comparing what he see different views of people and things. He often speaks about a black my driving a train”. He just was taking about black and how we go through things.

In literature you will find that there also can be some pain, such as story that demonstrates how literature reflects the community like “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, p. 79)” Faulkner share in “A Rose for Emily” how change and death, can cause someone happiness.” In a rose for Emily she was sad in the beginning when she heard that something had happen to her husband, then she remember how her husband had treated her wrong, she though bad thoughts. When “William Faulkner” wrote this story “A rose for Emily” He though about what was taking place in the civil war south” almost like what going on now in some of our hometowns. He was inspired to write about this because he came from a family that once owned a plantation and he had a family history in the South. There was a lot of racism going on at that time and still now. In the story “A rose for Emily “you can see that

in the story “A Rose for Emily” he is describes how each person in the story plays a part in miss Emily life, like” Emily old manservant, Jefferson and the ladies, the town leaders etc...William Faulkner portrays thecharacters as examples of how issues in the South are in the character of” Homer Barron” (pg 81)”The foreman name Homer Barron” who is a Yankee described as a big dark, ready man that has a load voice became a good friend to Emily Greisens' and could have been her first real boyfriend. His relationship with Emily was described as someone how is up to no good for anyone like Emily, because he is a Northerner and because it doesn't appear if they will get married to each other, because of who he is..

. The two don't care about the gossip until Emily's cousins from Alabama arrive. Homer leaves town until the cousins go back home. Another example is by some of the old men wearing brushed Confederate uniforms at Miss. Emily's funeral which gives the reader another clue about the time, beliefs and location in this story. Reflections on how literature reflects communities and the people around them when as a human need to take a good look of what we are blessed with…… In Langton Hughes he speak about the blues and changes that need to be made and also how we need to stand up and take control of oneself. In A rose for Emily it demonstrate racism what goes on in some communities and how a person live their life can make a different . Literature covers a broad of things that we face as a whole or just individual, rather cultural, ethics or moral.

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