Other life forms

It has always been a mystery to us to know that there could be other possible life forms out there than just us humans on Earth. Ever since that question has been asked, scientists from all over the world have been on the lookout for new discoveries of life forms not just on Earth but also on other planets as well. Scientists have made many theories about what may exist out there in the universe; however, not one scientist has yet been able to prove that their theories were true with supporting back up evidence.

Many scientists have been searching for results and evidence of life in the universe; however, so far the process of finding life and proving it has not yet been a success. Many scientists have discovered how similar Mars is from the planet Earth. Since then, scientists from all areas around the world have been doing research and tests on the planet Mars. NASA and other scientists have been examining Mars ever since. However, NASA announced that they may have discovered something amazing: life on Mars. The NASA Administrators have announced that NASA may have made a great life discovery. They wanted to make their announcement clear to everyone that they did not find green aliens or people similar to humans on Mars; although, they discovered little tiny cell creatures that are comparable to bacteria on our home planet as life on Mars. They say there are no bigger life forms living on Mars than the tiny cell creatures they have discovered. Even though NASA has found evidence about life existing on Mars and are able to debate and argue upon their research to others who disagree, others still are not flattered and convinced by what NASA has to say. NASA's discovery is not 100% true, which is why there are other scientists around the world that totally disagree. It has always been a mystery of what really lies out there on Mars and will always be a mystery until someone has found real evidence to support the fact that there is life on Mars and possibly on other planets as well.

The discovery of life on Mars all started with a simple meteorite found on the ice field of Antarctica. The meteorite was the reason why scientists started to pay more attention to Mars. Before the meteorite first hit the surface of the Earth, it originally came from the planet Mars. Scientists did not want to just let this meteorite slide like it was nothing and so they decided to get two Viking Landers, Viking One and Viking Two to go to Mars and investigate the red soil. The Viking Landers mission was to search for possible life forms on Mars and to collect information and data that can be analyzed back home. The Viking Landers brought back home a rock and the NASA scientists started to examine it with tests. The NASA scientists were excited that hopefully this would be the chance to find answers to the question that has been a mystery for centuries back.

The finding of this rock was very interesting because they found carbonate globules inside the meteorite. Carbonate globules is known to be a mineral that is also known for existence of water. Scientists say water is the key to having existence of life. Scientists were excited that they found carbonate globules in the rock because on Earth, bacteria contain these carbonate globules as well that produce life. The carbonate globules are the reason why they think they might have found life on Mars. Many scientists said that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were also another key to life; however, others disagreed. Other scientists say that PAH can exist in places that do not produce life because PAH can exist not only in places where life exists but also inside a car's exhaust and many other places as well where life does not exist.

NASA was not the only group of scientists that studied Mars. Scientists in New Mexico decided to test the same meteorite as what NASA had tested, to see if the results would come out nearly the same. The results ended up being the total opposite of NASA's and they did not find any traces of life on the meteorite. NASA clearly announced that they did not find life in the meteorite; however, there is a possibility that there could be life or was life on Mars many centuries ago. Just because the results came out different does not mean that NASA was wrong in their discoveries; however, it's shown that NASA could be going on the right track to find the correct answer to the question.

NASA's prediction to life on Mars is that there could have been a possibility that there once was life on Mars. Scientists say even though life may not exist on the surface of the planet, life may exist underneath the surface. The theories the scientists established was that ever since the water that had once existed on the surface of Mars dried up, there still was water being produced underneath the surface. There was enough water being produced that scientists say life could exist there. They also discovered something similar to what we called clouds down on Earth, which the clouds on Mars were made by carbon dioxide being condensed from the outside of the surface. Scientists discovered many different possibilities of life on Mars and found many similarities between Mars and the Earth.

Not only did scientists research and study about Mars, they also studied Jupiter. They have theories saying that Jupiter also have the capabilities of having life exist on Jupiter's moon. An orbiter called the Galileo was sent up to Jupiter to take pictures and to examine how the weather is like on Jupiter's moon. They found out that they have discovered a very icy area where right underneath it might have an ocean. Not only that, scientists also studied Saturn's moon, Titan. They discovered that Titan has a much thicker atmosphere than the Earth. However, scientists are not too sure about Titan if life can exist there, but many scientists are still doing research about Titan today.

Even though there have been many theories, studies, and research done on all of these planets, no one is still positive enough to announce that there is life on any of those planets. Even though scientists have found many results of possible life out there in the universe, the unanswered question will still be a mystery. As for what the scientists have discovered, everything will still all remain as theories until someone has actually found evidence that there is life in the universe and that life can exist in other places than just the Earth. Hopefully, sooner or later someone will be able to find the answer to this mystery question. Until that day comes, the question is still a mystery and will always be a mystery, are there other life out there than just us humans.

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