Princess Diana of Wales

Having dinner with Princess Diana would be a great honor and privilege. She was an icon in the 1980's all over the world when she married Prince Charles. Princess Diana lived a fairytale life and admired by millions of people around the world. Her innocence and beauty made every woman envious of her. It was not just her beauty that everyone loved; it was her sincere and genuine sympathy towards people, whatever their situation or social status. She touched so many lives, all while being herself and doing what she loved--meeting people and caring for them.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles at the age of 20 years old. The wedding was on televisions all over the world. Everyone can probably remember the "Royal Wedding," and how beautiful it was. Conservation at the dinner table would definitely be about the wedding, how she felt on that day while millions were watching.

While married to Prince Charles, she became involved in many charities. She would visit these charities at least two times a year. At dinner, we would talk about her role in the ban against anti-personal landmines. Asking why she felt landmines was responsible for so many deaths, including children. Her beliefs were so strong that she later gained recognition for passing the "Ottawa Treaty," and later after her death, she won the "Nobel Peace Prize."

Princess Diana was not afraid of the AIDs disease. Many people in this time were ignorant about AIDs and thought that you could contract the disease just by touch. Princess Diana was photographed touching someone with AIDs; this gesture later changed people's minds and attitudes toward the disease.

She proved that she was just an ordinary person when she came to visit with the terminally ill patients in the hospital. Her smile and hugs warmed the hearts of so many. She would often get in trouble for sitting on the foot of the hospital beds. She wanted to let people know that she cared and had compassion for them.

Although everyone thought she had the perfect fairytale marriage, problems began to arise. She had tried several attempts of suicide during the early years of her marriage, struggling with an eating disorder along with the feeling that Prince Charles was having affair with someone whom he had had feelings for many years before her. Her intuition later confirmed; he had an affair with Camilla. They later separated in 1992.

Even after her life was crumbled, Diana still devoted her time and life to first her two boys and then to her charity work. She knew that she would never become "Queen" but her wish was to become the "Queen" in the people's heart. (

Diana went on with her life; she later met a man named Dodi Fayed. The reporters were flashing pictures all over the newspapers and magazines. One night after a dinner, the reporters were trying to get more photographs of her and Dodi. The reporters chased them on motorcycles, making their driver speed up. When they entered a tunnel, the driver passed a car to escape the reporters, lost control of the car, and crashed. The fairytale ended that night when Princess Diana died.

The final question at dinner would be how would you want people to perceive you? We already know that people loved her, they believed in what she stood for. They mourned her death just like family, and watched as the funeral took place on television. She tried to treat everyone the same no matter their circumstances. It was the mother's instinct that everyone will cherish and miss.

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