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Clifford Stoll, an expert on computer security, talks about the isolating factors that current technology constantly offers in his article "Isolated by the Internet". The article commences by explaining how the internet offers anonymity and the chance to become the person that one is too introverted to become. Stoll also mentions the new opportunities to develop relationships from the World Wide Web.

However, Stoll follows by stating the social and psychological implications of constant use of the internet and how extremely rare are the occurrences that one will develop meaningful relationships. Stoll also mentions that Carnegie Mellon University psychologists Kraut and Lundmark conducted a two year survey with 96 families of various backgrounds studying the effects of online behavior. The psychologists concluded from the study that for every hour spent online, depression increased by one percentile.

Furthermore, Stoll asserts that many psychological disorders stem from social isolation, and that the internet is a likely culprit of causing such social depravity. This leads Stoll to wonder whether many small relationships can compensate for the loss of a few close social ties. This leads Stoll to point out that there exist people that do enjoy the non-personal contacts within the information highway, for he mentions that online video games offer a release from reality and a distraction from depression. Stoll mentions of a gamer that thrives on Multi-User Dungeons and garners respect from the community, but lacks self-confidence to feel comfortable around women and feels that he doesn't belong among his peers at school.

Henceforth, technology allows people to make friends through distant connections instead of relying on nearby friends and family. As more people use the internet, the actual communities they live in become more silent. Professor Mary Baker of Stanford laid an example of the situation. When she was pregnant she got many emails with a friend from another country. Her isolation gave her an opportunity to make friends, but instead of one's nearby she befriended a woman from another country whom she had never met.

Therefore, current technology offers many isolating factors with modern society. Many social and psychological conditions can be caused by the overuse of the internet. People befriend people who are from the other side of the country instead of right next door. The chance of isolation and having an introverted persona becomes greater the more a person relies on technology and the World Wide Web. Technology can be a decisive tool in creating a successful life, but it must be used in the right increments in order to be beneficial.


Clifford Stoll, a computer expert, talks about how current technology is capable of producing very lonely individuals in his article "Isolated by the Internet". Stoll begins by explaining how the internet offers people a medium through which they can do what they want without the social consequences. Stoll further explains that the internet provides numerous chances to explore and create new bonds with people from great distances using the web.

However, Stoll does forewarn that the internet offers a great deal of isolation to those that invest a great deal of time using the infamous network. Stoll implies that this isolation can cause several psychological and social effects on an individual that spends long hours online. Psychologists Kraut and Lundmark of Carnegie Mellon conducted a 24 month survey documenting the effects of prolonged exposure to the internet among 96 various families. Stoll states that Kraut and Lundmark concluded that every hour spent on the internet led to a 1 percent increase in depression.

Likewise, Stoll concedes that the internet is a probable suspect for causing social isolation and long-term psychological effects. Stoll then instigates the argument if several small relationships can substitute for a few close social ties. Stoll in turn points out that many people enjoy the distraction that the internet has to offer, including video games that allow one to live out a false reality. A gamer is mentioned in the article and he states that Multi-User Dungeons are a way of life and that much respect can be gained from other players, but also tells of how little self-confidence he possesses and how school is a foreign place.

Yet, networks make it possible for people to make distant connections instead of relying on nearby companionship. As more go online, the actual communities they live in fall into a state of despair. . Professor Mary Baker of tells an example of the situation. When she was pregnant she received many emails from a friend in another country. This loneliness gave her the chance to make friends, but instead chose to befriend someone from another country that she never met.

Stoll concludes that current technology offers isolation in our contemporary society. Many social and psychological side effects can be caused by the abuse of the web. People befriend people from miles away instead of their neighbors. The probability of isolation and depression become greater the more one invests in technology and the internet. Technology can be a useful tool, but it must be used sparingly.

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