The lovely bones


Susie Salmon

Susie is the main character in this book. She is a fourteen year old girl. She tells the whole story from heaven, because she has been murdered by a man named George Harvey. Susie is a very lovely and smart girl. In the book there are no descriptions of the appearance of people, but in my imagination she is a thin tall girl with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. But maybe the imagination comes from the idea that she's in heaven, and I relate girls in heaven to angels, and angels look like that. Susie has a sister, who's a year younger, and a brother, who's much younger. Her sister is called Lindsey and her brother Buckley.

Lindsey Salmon

Lindsey is the younger sister of Susie. In the book Susie tells that her parents see Susie in Lindsey's eyes, so I think Lindsey has to resemble Susie. There is one description of her in the book: 'Her breasts were perfect small cups, her legs gangly but curved, her eyes like flint and flower petals.' In my imagination she's a little taller than Susie, because my younger sister is a little taller than me too. Lindsey is, just like Susie, a lovely and smart girl. She belongs to a group of people who are gifted. So that says enough about her cleverness. In the book she gets a boyfriend, named Samuel.

Buckley Salmon

There's not much to say about Buckley. Buckley is the younger brother of Susie and Lindsay, he's just three years old when Susie is murdered. He looks most like his dad.

Jack Salmon

Jack is the father of the three Salmons. He gets desperate and confused after Susie's dead. Jack is a very lovely father and husband, but Jack and his wife are growing apart in the book. He suspects the neighbor, George Harvey, to be the murderer of his daughter. He is right on that point, but the detectives couldn't find anything in the house of Harvey.

Abigail Salmon

Abigail is the mother of Susie, Lindsey and Buckley and Jack's wife. She is an attractive woman, for her age. She gets desperate and confused too after Susie's disappearance, but she solves this in another way. She gets an affair with the main detective, Len Fenerman. I didn't really like her because of that, but maybe it was her way to process and forget the loss of her daughter. I think Abigail has something of a midlife crisis. She wants to get away from her family, and she does. Abigail has a mother who sometimes visits the family.

Grandma Lynn

Grandma Lynn is the mother of Abigail. The family didn't like Grandma Lynn much, but after Susie's dead, they grew closer to her. She helps the family and even after Abigail leaving the family, she wants to come to help Jack and the kids. She is bossy, but she means it well. There is no description either of Grandma Lynn, all I know is that she's really concerned about her looks and that she wears a lot of make-up.

Len Federman

Len Federman is the detective whom Abigail has a affair with. He lost his wife because she committed suicide. I think Len is an old grey man, but he must have been a little bit attractive at least, otherwise Abigail wouldn't have an affair with him.

George Harvey

George Harvey is the murderer of Susie. He has got a really bad youth, his mother had a really bad influence on him. He's a very strange and odd man, the whole neighborhood says. In his basement he keeps the bones of animals that he killed, and charms and things like that of the other kids he has murdered. The police have often inspected his whole house, but never found anything that could lead them to the murderer. George Harvey has never been married, but he tells everyone about his dead wife, who didn't even exist. He stays kind to everyone, even to Lindsey when she broke into his house.

There are lot more characters, but these are the main characters. I will give a list of the other characters who are less important, but for the story they are important.


On December 6, 1973, Susie made her way home. She walked along the house of George Harvey and he began to talk to her. He invited her in to come in and see his hiding place. There George raped her and murdered her. First her family believed she would come back, but than an elbow was found by Gilberts dog. They had to face the truth: Susie had been killed.

From heaven Susie observes what happens after her death: how everyone is effected by her death: her sister and brother grow older and Lindsey gets her first real boyfriend, her mother gets an affair with the detective, her father gets obsessed with her death, and so much more. A year after the murder, the whole neighborhood holds a memorial, an anniversary for Susie's death. Susie feels like this is her opportunity to say goodbye to everyone and wish them the best. But she is still very much obsessed by what is happening on earth, because the lifes of her family and friends are still influenced by her death. And she still has one wish: to be kissed by Ray once more. This really happens. Her family finds a way to live without her. And she sees her murderer be killed by an icicle and fall in a ravine. At last Susie can return to Heaven in peace.

Biography of the author

Alice Sebold was born on September 6th, 1963 in Antigo in Wisconsin. That is in America, so she is an American writer. Alice has been raped too, just like Susie, when she was a student. With this as an inspiration she wrote Lucky, that became her first successful publishing. After that she began to write The Lovely Bones. Peter Jackson, a director, wanted to make a movie about it. The premiere was on November 24th 2009 in America and will come out on January 29th 2010 in Europe. In 2001 she married Glen David Gold.

Personal response

I really really really loved the story. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was exciting and sometimes it was emotional. It was one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. Not only because of the story, but the way it was written. The story was told by Susie in heaven and you could read about every movement and every thought of every person and I think that is very special. And it may sound a little bit weird, but it felt like there was a little bit of magic on every page, like Susie was watching me too from above while I was reading about her. That felt really special.

There was one thing I shouldn't have done: To go with George Harvey to his garden and watch his 'hiding place'. The last thing you have to do when it's dark outside, is go inside a house of a neighbor, a really weird one, you hardly know. I mean, you can be sure that bad things will happen then. That's a thing I will never do. But I'm happy she did, because otherwise the story will not be this story if you know what I mean.

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