Why people turn to drugs

Cause and Effect of Drugs

There are many explanations to why people turn to drugs, and several reasons why they choose to get help. Some people choose to use drugs because of peer pressure from their friends.

Others feel pressure from their family and some may even want to get away from a painful truth. There are also others that do it for sheer pleasure.

The pressure from an individual's peers can cause one to use dangerous drugs. For example, if a teenager is at a party and they have marijuana at the party, they might believe they need to smoke with everyone else to be accepted. If every person at the party is smoking, the teen may believe that they will be condemned or laughed at if they do not smoke with them. Due to this reason, most individuals expect that socially accepted children are more popular in high school. However, it is likely that individuals who are considered popularwill contain the most resources, the most chances and the most helpful knowledge. Most of the times this is true, but study shows that being in the popular group may also be a riskRisk is a concept that denotes the precise probability of specific eventualities. Technically, the notion of risk is independent from the notion of value and, as such, eventualities may have both beneficial and adverse consequences... factor for abnormal behaviour.

Parent and other family members do not understand the harm they might inflict, as well as how they tremendously impact their loved ones. Family has the influence to make an individual acquire the thirst for drugs. For example, a story about a teenager who had been obsessed with some drug for years, but got some aid from his doctor and was clean for a very long period of time. His family had been putting pressure on him and believed that he had still been using drugs, even though he was clean. Due to this, he began to use that drug again because of the exceeding pressure from his parents. He did not wish for it to happen again, but he did not know what else to do. This shows how parents can affect their children because of the pressure they create. Another way parents can affect their children with pressure is that they may want their children to do better in school. This might put pressure on the child and due to the stress, the individual might resort to drugs to forget about the tension. Therefore, parents and relatives can put enough tension on their loved ones, which can result in them relying on drugs, to get away from the stress.

There are several people who believe that life is painful and because of this they want to escape from their agonizing life. This may be because of financial difficulties, family problems, or employment issues. It might also be that the reality is too painful for them to handle. Now due to this reason, an individual might want to escape from reality by taking drugs. These drugs can put that individual in a different state of mind, and one forgets their problems. Even though they are hurting themselves, they might believe that they are doing this for their overall good. They believe by taking drugs their life can be easier and less stressing, however it just makes it more complex.

There might also be people that start doing drugs for the sake of just doing it. This usually occurs for people in high school or when they are teenagers. Teenagers might believe the necessary to try new or different type of things to see for themselves the effects of the drugs which they hear about. This is because some teenagers think they have to do it to see the effects of the drug by themselves. This may be because they feel the need to experiment to learn about more things. Some of the things they might want to try are drinking alcohol, or smoking and etc.

There might be not too many people like this, but these individuals are most likely the ones that put peer pressure on the others. Consequently, these individuals start doing drugs for experimental reasons, which usually does not result in a good situation.

In conclusion, there are numerous effects of using drugs. Sickness, addiction, and death, are just a few effects which drug use can have on an individual. These effects, which were mentioned, are only physical, however there are also emotional and psychological effects of drug use. Some of them might be addiction, depression and mood changes. These are the main psychological effects of using drugs. Therefore, pressure from many things can cause an individual to start taking drugs, however some might even do it for experimental reasons. But all of these factors does not result in a horrible condition. Consequently, these risks may vary from one individual to another.

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