Woodstock 1969

three days of peace, love, and the love for rock music.

Some say Woodstock was one of the biggest capstones of an era devoted to human development. Others say it was quite an end to a time of innocence. Then there are those who say it was just one hell of a party. “Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 captured more than 450,000 people to a dairy farm in Sullivan County. For four days, the site became a mini-nation in which minds were open, drugs were legal and love was free” (Tiber). One of These 450,000 people included former groupie, Sherri Rabin. With the help of her diary and amazing memories to tell, she tells her niece Kelly of the Magical four days and events that made her feel like nothing else mattered, and love and peace were the primary thoughts on the minds of 450,000 plus hippies.

Aunt Sher, can you tell me about Woodstock...? A friend and I were talking about it today and were quite curious about this huge concert, and what happened there that put such a huge footprint in the pasts' sand of 1969. Well Kelly I would love to. Almost everything that happened in those three amazing days I will remember always would you like me to tell the whole story? Sure auntie, I don't exactly have anywhere to go tonight so be my guest... Well Kelly, in 1969 the first Woodstock Music and Art Fair took place. Those were the good old days when the music festival was full of groovy music, love, and sharing. But the peace, love, and music was gone in the year 1999 where another Woodstock was held; this time it was not full of love and sharing at all. All it was said to have been nothing but a party full of rape, drugs, and a bad recreation of a future changing event. Looking back at the several differences there are only few similarities one being the name of the event, it remained the same good old Woodstock (Tiber).

Since Woodstock has happened, I believe it has proved how much our society has changed in just 30 long, crazy years. However the Woodstock I attended was the one to remember. The Sixties were an exciting world-shattering decade with great civilization transformation. Some people called it the “decade of unhappiness" due to the race riots in Detroit and LA, and the demonstrations against the Vietnam War. Other people called it the decade of “Peace, Love, and Harmony” The series of events that took place in the sixties were a bitter-sweet start and end to this decade. The assassination of JFK 22 November 1963, Dallas, Texas (IMBD Movie Database), unforgettable fashion where the skirts rose higher than ever and tie dye was in (Rich), new styles of music including the all famous Jimmi Hendrix(Madoni), civil rights, gay and women's liberation, The memorable Vietnam war, Neil Armstrong making that one large step for man kind, peace marches, sexual freedom, and drug experimentation with popular drugs such as marijuana and acid. All of which revolved around the celebration of Woodstock. All of these things caused a change in the world of good music and society.

Woodstock Music and Art Fair was the most legendary of the sixties rock festivals. The plan for Woodstock was to have it in New York as the primary setting and stage for the rock music festival. The concert eventually took place in a small town called Bethel. This festival took place over three days, August 15, 16, and 17, during the year of 1969. The original plan for Woodstock was an outdoor rock festival for “Three Days of Peace and Music"(Tiber) in the Catskill village of Woodstock. Woodstock expected to close to 50,000 to 100,000 people, then an unexpected 400,000 or more people ended up attending. It began with these four men, Michael Lang, the manager of a popular rock band, Artie Kronfeld, a known executive at Capitol Records, and John Roberts and Joel Rosenman, who came up with the money and the original idea for Woodstock. Their first plan was to build a recording studio in Woodstock. To get the word out, the four men planned to host a concert called The Woodstock Music and Art Fair as the recording studio's ice breaker. The men who made the festival possible, tried to have it in the actual town of Woodstock, but the citizens would not permit it. After argumenitively trying to come up with a place to hold the concert, Lichael Lang also tried moving the concert to a town called Wallkill in New York. Unfortunately the people of that town also protested as well. It ended up being held at Max Yasgur's muddy dairy pasture in Sullivan County. The finding of the Pasture ended the search for the perfect spot and became quite a peaceful beginning to an “all about love” festival (Tibber).

There was no honking of horns . . . but we were one car of many who were parked in the “unauthorized” parking, and we walked our butts' all the way across huge fields. The Cops seen the traffic build up as a surprising picture, due to the fact that not one single act of violence erupted during the traffic jam that was backed up for miles.The hold up due to traffic did not prove to be a problem for Woodstock officials because, “the music was only an hour late getting started.” The hippies showed the world that even peace could come out of a strenuous situation. When while trying to figure out the main cause of the huge traffic build up, it seemed as though “What brought them to Bethel is rock music their common denominator, the distillation of the finest, the worst, the angriest, the most gentle, the happiest, the saddest thing that youth believe is in their lives.”(Phillips).

Woodstock Music and Art Festival put a footprint on over 450,000 hippie kids' hearts, and a damper on others. In all the original Woodstock can never be recreated like the original. That part of the world in 1969 all had the same things in mind, peace, love, music, and freedom. So Kelly there is my reminiscence on one of the most memorable weekends, and times of my life for plenty others as well. You can only hope for your generation or maybe even you children's generation to bring it back to the real thing and show the world what peace and love Is really about. How music can be used to bring people together, to express feelings, and to enlighten the world with togetherness. Woodstock 69' accomplished these things, and lives n as a world changing event that will never be forgotten.


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