Establishing high-quality restaurant

Executive Summary


  • To establish a successful local fast food and selective chineses food restaurant shop.
  • To make restauranta destination spot for food eater and
  • To expand the business on oncoming years, and sell the high quality food and service to its valuable customer fast and in a good friendly manner.


The main goal for this restaurant is to make this restaurant most successful fast food restaurant located inside one of the famous shopping mall. We want our customers to have a great experience when visiting the restaurant.

Main focus of the restaurant would be to serve high-quality food at a good value.

Keys to success

To succeed in this business we must:

  • Need to create an unparalled and unique menu that will make us different from the rest of the food restaurant located inside the mall.
  • To control food, beverage and laour costs at all times. Food and beverage can be control by price adjustment but labour cant be control by paying lower wages.
  • Sell the products with the high quality as well as by keeping customers happy with our good friendly enivronmen and by maintaining excellent level of services among other restaurant competitors.
  • To train the staff this would be increase the productivity of the kitchen and dining room layout.
  • Connect customer to our place so they emotionally attach with us, its called sensationalize the customers.

Company Summary:

What is china gate?

China gate not only selling fast food and selected chineses range but it sells excellent and friendly customer service for free to support delighful ambiance of fuOn and youthful life-style.

Delightful ambiance, youthful and fresh envirnoment:

Our establishment will imitate most of the well establishments' fast food companies, such as McDonald and KTC, which cover majority of our main target market, age between 7 to 32 years.Our customers will also read our in house brochures for all knowledge about our foods and our selected range of chineses food. Restaurant will be decorated with bright counter and display menu with their prices on the wall.

Quality food:

Restaurant will offer fresh burgers, sandwiches and variety of fresh pure fruit juice. All served with extra home style care.


Restaurant will open every day from 1000 to 2000


A different selection of chineses food will be introduced every four months and we will also change our sauces to accompany with our new chineses food and fries.

Business Ownership:

Chine gate will be privately held by a two family members. It will be registered as a partnership company, with 50% - 50% ownership.

Both family member dont have any sort of fast food industry experience. But both will work as a manager of the restaurant with a 7 years experience manager.

One of the owners holds a degree in graphic designing from arts school, which will give a little bit help to design the restaurant.

Startup Summary:

The restaurant will be rented at one of the busiest shopping mall of the city. Our preference or target space would be ground floor and closer to main entrances gate of the mall to capature as many customers from the begining.

Start-up requirement will be financed by owner capital.

Location and Facilities:

China Gate location will range in 100 to 125 square yard size and will have a space from 20 to 25 customer's seats. Our location will be close to main entrances. We will fit the restaurant with designed furniture without changing its orginality in merchandise.

The location is selected on the based upto the following reasons.

  • Shopping Area.
  • Town size.
  • Public Transport
  • Large number of teenagers in the area

Above qualities are consisitent with china gate to provide better and quality food service.


We have to focus on chineses food with fast food. Only soft drinks will be sold in our restaurant, as we sell a halal and healthy food so no alcohol is allow. We will offer varity of fresh pure juices.

To capature young kids, we will offer free toys with medium or large meal, so that kids enjoy their meal. Take away will also help us to increase the sales.

Product Description

Our restaurant will sell beef burger, chicken and veg sandwiches and fries in fast food menu. We will sell three chineses items on chineses menu on first place and will change this items every four month time.

Competitive Comparison

  • Unique combination of fast and chineses food sells.
  • High level of engeric and trained staff will reflect the restaurant's culture.
  • 100% fresh menu, especially chineses menu, compare to among others.
  • Varities of fresh fruit juices.
  • Our innovative and simple packages will attract more customers.


  • By distributing leaflet and brochures throughtout the shopping mall and nearby area about the opening information in April 2010.
  • By advertisment in newspapers


Halal meat will be delivered weekly basis from halal butcher house. We also have reliable resources f other raw material from all around the UK.

Sale plan:

At opening, china gate will havebeen mix market of sell, more or less, because of new brand and new business.

Point of cash:

We will accept cash, credit/ debit card or discount vouchers for sales

Value meal:

Sales wouldnt only come from chineses menu or sandwiches but will be come from the conception of an innovative package called value meal. We will do three different value meals. Small, medium and large meals. All these three different value meals will come with fries and drink according to the size of the meal.

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