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This is a time of immense growth and change for LPU, as well as higher education. With changing university student demographics, stagnant state funding, and intense competition from other universities, higher education has become more market driven in order to compete for the same prospective students. With the increase in LPU's admissions requirements in past, LPU positions to compete in the national marketplace of higher education by focusing targeted messages to a select student population.

Since establishment, the LPU has done a great deal to help communicate and attract prospective students. Using the lessons learned over the past, university determined that a revised and more integrated approach to communication efforts would be required.

Using the IMC Plan, LPU must focus key messages to the interests of prospective students that include specific and practical information on majors and programs, scholarship and financial aid, and student life. These key messages should pervade all communications efforts with an emphasis on academics, research, and extraordinary student life opportunities.

In the past, communicating with prospective students has been a scattered effort with various units sending brochures and information that did not have a common theme or design. With this campaign (IMC), a new integrated approach will apply so that prospective students receive key messages that resonate throughout every communications piece and belong to a family look that will be created and managed by the Office of University Relations.

Prospective students are looking for specific information on their major or area of study. Currently, each academic department is responsible for contacting students who show an interest in their program. Unfortunately, this method has proven to be much unstructured. A more centralized effort through the IMC must be implemented in order to track and maintain positive relationships with prospective students, and to ensure appropriate delivery and reinforcement of key messages.

Since LPU is entering a new phase of growth, the mass recruiting efforts of the past will no longer be appropriate, neither successful for the future. LPU's communication methods must be more targeted to a select group of students who can meet or exceed academic standards. LPU will provide information to students from all backgrounds and capabilities; however, special attention will be paid to groups of students who represent the best and brightest of their high university classes.

This integrated marketing communications plan is a roadmap to the future of LPU and its student body. At any given point, this plan can be amended and/or updated to respond to changes in the marketplace. This targeted recruiting push is an opportunity to learn new methods of communication that may change during the recruiting year or at the conclusion of each recruiting year.


The purpose of the LPU Integrated Marketing Plan is to increase the overall visibility and enhance the reputation of the University. The hallmarks of the university are academic excellence, responsive student services, advanced technology, community and industry partnerships, and workforce and economic development. LPU's marketing efforts are meant to highlight the excellent education and dynamic services it provides to the community, and ensure the university's growth, prosperity and future.

Marketing should be recognized as a central, core operating principle of the university. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing is "an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders."

Within the above definition of marketing is an affirmation of an integrated approach to marketing which enhances the university's reputation. Integrated marketing means applying a variety of communication and marketing strategies and efforts from various groups and/or departments across the university. Marketing has the goal of managing lifetime relationships in ways that benefit the student/community member/donor and the institution.

The Management has several goals, which inform the university's goals:

  • In order to improve enrollment, the university will implement strategies and actions that allow it to be more responsive to student demand within the current registration cycle.
  • Reexamine University marketing strategies and practices and develop an integrated and targeted marketing program that utilizes multiple media to reach prospective students, current students and opinion leaders in the Country.
  • Continue efforts to sustain and increase student enrollment. The key to integrated marketing is shared goals across the university. All departments work to accomplish the University's goals that support the institutional vision.
  • There should be a marketing dimension to all university plans, rather than marketing being solely one department's responsibility. The Office of Development, Marketing & Public Relations' role is to coordinate and support marketing resources and efforts.
  • Decision-making regarding approaches to targeted marketing will be also made in consultation with the Instructional Leadership Team. A timeline for creating fall and spring promotional campaigns should be developed.

When resources are coordinated and communication is effective, the university can best serve its students and community. This means everyone on campus is able to concisely articulate the university's vision, which serves as the "beacon" as everyone works together to develop, promote, and deliver LPU's genuinely distinctive educational experience.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for LPU:

The need for marketing exceeds the marketing resources currently available. Therefore, the primary reason for developing this integrated marketing plan is to maximize resources through improved coordination of efforts.

Goals and Strategies:

The purpose of the LPU Integrated Marketing Plan is to increase visibility of the university through coordinated efforts and consistent messaging, thereby enhancing the university's reputation and helping to grow enrollment. These efforts also focus on recruiting new students, retaining current students, communicating within the university community, and forging relationships with donors, alumni and business partners.

LPU's marketing goals and strategies are to:

Goal: 1. Build the reputation of the university through broad messaging.

Strategy: 1. Communicate effectively with the internal campus community (i.e. students, faculty, staff) to build awareness of events, activities, courses, programs and services.

Strategy: 2. Communicate effectively with the external community (i.e. businesses, donors, alumni, media, and prospective students and their parents) to build awareness of events, activities, courses, programs and services.

Goal: 2. Increase enrollment and improved access through targeted marketing and promotion.

Strategy: 1 Support university promotion of specific events, activities, courses, programs and services.

Strategy: 2 Support outreach efforts through development of materials and marketing expertise.

Goal: 3 Support marketing decisions with evidence from stakeholder groups.

Strategy: 1 Conduct on-going research studies to support marketing and outreach decisions.

Strategy: 2 Conduct behavioral research studies that identify market segments for target marketing efforts.


It is the overall mission is to create, produce, and execute a comprehensive, data-driven integrated marketing communications plan to recruit prospective students to LPU who have displayed academic and extracurricular excellence from a wide range of geographic areas and diverse demographic backgrounds.

Primary and Target Audiences:

Marketing is most effective when its message is tailored to the audience the university wants to reach and in the medium that is most appropriate. This method of honing in on specific groups with a message that is clear and useful to the recipients is called targeted marketing. Determining these targeted audiences, what motivates them and the message that is needed to create desired behavior is especially critical when a university has limited resources.

General audiences are:

  1. Students who live close to LPU, for whom LPU is the most convenient choice,
  2. Students in the larger geographic area who seek a great education at an affordable price,
  3. Parents and family decision makers,
  4. Leaders in Education,
  5. Financial Donors and Partners,
  6. Community at large

Value Statement:

The purpose of a value statement is to gain clarity on what value is being offered in exchange for the price. In the case of LPU the price is both the cost of tuition and the time invested in education relative to other pursuits such as employment.

"LPU delivers a great education that is convenient and at a price students can afford."

Positioning Statement:

The positioning statement summarizes the reputation for which LPU wishes to be known. It is an internal guide that should be used to guide marketing decisions.

"LPU is a welcoming environment that supports commitment to achieving a better life; the university provides a convenient, great education at an affordable price."

We refer to the synthesis of the above ideas for LPU as a catchphrase called a mantra, which is: Excellent Education.

Tag Line:

The tag line embodies the attributes of the reputation and supports the positioning statement. It is an external statement that communicates value and builds the reputation of the university.

LPU's tagline is Achieve

Key Message:

LPU offers a great education at a price students can afford.

Market Analysis:

The universities of India can be classified in various categories like Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities, Private Universities, Agricultural universities, National Institutes of Importance and Open Universities. With the growth of the economy, the Indian Universities and other institutes of higher education have faced with a new challenge. This is to provide qualified and skilled professionals to the burgeoning industries and corporate houses. As India is already very large in terms of population, the need of the hour is transform the unproductive human resources to productive human capital. This again calls for making quality and relevant higher education accessible to a large section of the population and huge investment in the education sector.

Situational Analysis:

LPU is one of biggest universities nationwide holding both land and student status. With many nationally-ranked academic programs, LPU is only university poised to compete on a national scale with other universities. LPU has made impressive progress during the last five years. The quality and performance of students, the success of faculty and staff and the overall image and standing of LPU have improved greatly. LPU is distinctive, with special marketing opportunities that arise from its unique campus culture, traditions, history and geographic location. The University has the extraordinary opportunity to garner even more attention and further raise the profile of its nationally competitive academic programs and faculty. To achieve its vision as a national player, LPU must:

  • Recruit the best, most academically-qualified students, both undergraduate and graduate,
  • Enhance the research environment, and
  • Attract and retain top-caliber faculty researchers/scholars, as well as support staff.

During the past five years, the University has worked to transform itself into a much more aggressive strategic marketing operation for it. Already, it is working more closely together internally in project teams as well as more collaboratively with departmental marketing representatives from across campus. These partnerships, fueled by both quantitative and qualitative research, are producing communication programs based on data and facts resulting in more highly integrated and, therefore, more successful campaigns.

This approach has been significantly more effective for the University. Universities efforts to market and brand the University are stronger, clearer, more cohesive and consistent, resulting in increased attention for LPU, as well as a higher perception of the University.

To influence perceptions of LPU as a national player, the University must look and act the part. Here is where aggressive, targeted marketing can play an integral role in bringing recognition to the University, further enhancing its reputation. Already University Relations has had major success in positioning the University's academic successes. Given adequate financial resources and staff, we can further parlay that awareness on an even greater level nationally.

The University will develop a world-class knowledge base transferable to educational, professional and business enterprises; produce a competitively-educated workforce that attracts cutting-edge industries; provide education and training that is economical, effective and immediate and stimulates idea generation and development of new products and technologies.

LPU clearly must lead the state in its intellectual, cultural, social and economic advancement. With appropriate support and a clear vision, LPU can count itself among the leading public research universities in the nation. LPU has a history of excellence, offers programs designed for students' personal goals and interests, provides extensive graduate research opportunities, offers strong outreach programs and makes a major contribution to the state's economy.

Promotional strategies for LPU:

Promotional Methods

Because of the wide range of potential customers 'test marketing' should be carried out through a variety of media. We cannot depend on only one media of advertising because according to the need of the hour and severe competition, we have to go with maximum number of media to promote LPU. All the media should communicate the same message to the target customers so that effective promotion of LPU can be achieved. Following there are some media strategies which can be adopted for the promotion of LPU.

Direct Mail:

The most common form of direct marketing is direct mail. This method would be used to target a clearly identified range of potential students, probably we will send direct mail not more than 20000 people per month initially. The intention would be to gain interest and set an appointment with them to introduce courses offered by LPU.


This is one of the most common genres of direct marketing, in which marketers contact consumers by phone. We may contact to the various prospective students by telephone. This is very helpful method of advertising and promotion of LPU.

Door to Door Leaflet Marketing:

Leaflet Distribution services are used extensively by the many industries, and many other businesses focusing on local catchments. It is similar to direct mail marketing. This method is targeted purely by area, and costs a fraction of the amount of a mail shot due to not having to purchase stamps, envelopes or having to buy address lists and the names of home occupants.

Internet e-commerce:

It is planned to register LPU as a domain name and to develop an e-commerce Internet site to promote the university. Registering with a number of search engines will provide worldwide access to LPU. Strict monitoring of response will be an integral part of the web site design.

Television marketing:

Direct marketing on TV has two basic forms: long form (usually half-hour or hour-long segments that explain a product in detail and are commonly referred to as infomercials) and short form which refers to typical 0:30 second or 0:60 second commercials that ask viewers for an immediate response (typically to call a phone number on screen or go to a website).

Catalogue Sales:

This will target the end user on a direct sales basis. Fulfillment would normally be direct from LPU on the international level.

Attendance at Youth Festivals and Competitive examination centers:

It is planned to attend an Autumn Youth Festival and other events to aware the students about the courses. This Festival would attract the general public; the intention is to create awareness throughout the masses.


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