Fast growing civilizations


GCC and UAE citizens are now facing a major issue in their societies. Fast growing civilizations are making them so dependable on technologies, and whatever they can get as fast as possible while they are comfortable in their seats. These factors helped them to live in an ideal society for a while, but they have affected them slowly in a very bad and dangerous way called obesity.

When people neglect themselves and start living unhealthy life, they will gain extra weight and become fat. Then by time if they continued with that life style, they will get so much over weight and called obese. In a scientific definition, obesity is a chronic disease in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may effect badly on the person's health. It's a widespread issue in GCC nowadays, but people are still not aware enough of its risky impacts. That's why our group members have chosen to discuss its causes and effects in an attempt to spread awareness about obesity consequences in the society and make some important actions that may save people's lives.

There are two main causes for obesity. The first one is that which you develop by your lifestyle choices like not exercising regularly and depending on technologies a lot. For instance, when you are in a high building and want to reach the fifth floor, usually you will have two choices either to climb the stairs or to take the elevator. Most people will take the elevator, so they won't make any effort to burn calories. Another bad decision that people take daily without realizing its consequences is eating too much junk food such as Hotdogs, Big Macs, Macaronis,..Etc. It's true that these kinds of food are cheap, accessible, and delicious, but eating them more than three times a week will destroy your health and bring you illnesses. In addition, unemployment is a big factor that causes obesity because staying at home for along time without having any job to do will make the person lazy, careless about his health, and it will promote his appetite. The second cause for obesity is your genes. Scientists have discovered certain genes that make you feel hungrier, or make it take longer for you to feel full. That's is the reason why some people may gain weight quickly if they didn't make huge efforts, whereas others maintain the same weight for years even if they weren't careful enough in taking their lifestyle choices.

Obesity have several effects in the individual, society, and internationally. Obese people usually suffer from different diseases such as liver disease, sleep disturbance, blood vessel damage, kidney failure, heart failure, osteoarthritis of the hand, hip, back, and knees, and Gallstones which form when liquids stored in the gallbladder hardens into pieces of stone. Also, obesity decreases the body's resistance to harmful organisms and increases the risk of breast cancer in men and women. Moreover, obese people tend to lose their activeness and keep themselves isolated. As a result, people in the society will not be able to build any connections between each other which leads to lack of efforts and progress in the society. If that happened, the society will lose its position among other countries and go backward in all the fields of life.

Similar to any other issue, obesity has a solution. People can easily avoid it or get rid of it if they followed some particular steps that help them in managing their lifestyles. Doctors always say that losing about 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can have significant impact on your health. To do that you should have a healthy diet that contains a lot of vegetables and fruits. You should also pick the kinds of food that have low carbohydrates, low fat, or sugar free. Of course exercising should become an essential thing in your daily life even if your exercise meant a walk around the neighborhood; just try anything that makes you more active. Finally, you should always remember to visit the doctor and make regular check ups. If every single person makes sure to apply these recommendations in his life, we will live in a better, healthier, and more effective society which deserves to earn other countries' respect.

In conclusion, obese people should know the reason behind having this disease. If it was inherited, they should visit a doctor and figure out a solution to it with him, and however the diet he described for them was hard to follow, they must follow it as it is to maintain a long and healthy life. On the other hand, if their obesity was because of their wrong decision in life, they should change their lifestyles right away and take on his suggestions seriously. When every citizen in GCC learns to do that, people will enjoy a good health and body, a strong relationship between each other, and a co-operative society which occupies a prominent place worldwide.


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