Surgery for low back pain

Recall the last time you stood erect, that happened due to backbone. Any disruption in back can draw you directly to the bed with added cost on your psyche. Back injury needs high concern with long medicine usage. If your back pain doesn't reply to medications, surgery is an option.

You should first try medicines and physiotherapy for back pain, because surgery is the last alternative and heavy on your pocket. Surgery is the only resort in traumatic cases of spine; such surgeries are called emergency surgery. A compression fracture requiring bed rest and medications can be converted to the one which requires spinal surgery, if getting treatment delays.

If you've knocked your back down because of someone else's negligence, without a delay; call your spinal injury lawyer. Lawyer knows your rights better than you and understands your psychological trauma and monetary burden. Spinal injury lawyer empathizes and helps to deal with the reimbursement.

In following cases surgery is recommended.

  • Herniated intervertebral disc causing compression on the nerves
  • Trauma to the spine and dislocation.
  • One vertebra when forwardly displaces on the other below it, causes compression on nerve roots of spinal cord is called spondylolisthesis, painful condition.
  • Instability or neurological deficits due to bony impingement in foramen causes nerve compression.

Your doctor can recommend you one of the following surgeries.

  1. Discectomy: It is the most common kind of surgery for back pain in herniated disc, where a portion of the disc causing nerve compression is removed. Intervertebral disc when protruded causes pressure nerves and creates pain. This procedure removes the impinging disc. The position of herniated disc is confirmed by CT scan or MRI first. While surgery, other than disc any loose fragments are also removed.
  2. Micro-discectomy: It is same as the discectomy except process and hospital stay, both are shorter than discectomy. Here procedure is carried out with operating microscope and smaller incision. Usage of microscope magnifies the area of herniated disc, thus improves accessibility at disc area, through a very small incision, less traumatic to the surrounding tissues. As, it is done with lesser trauma and shorter hospital stay, patient compliance is more.
  3. Laminectomy: It is a choice of surgery in case of spinal stenosis, where spinal cord is compressed due to narrowing of spinal canal. Lamina is the part of vertebra encircles the spinal canal. In Laminectomy, canal is enlarged by removing lamina to regain the space which has been lost due to stenosis and pressure is relieved.
  4. Spinal Fusion: It is a process for joining vertebrae with bone grafts and metal skeleton. Generally, after disc removal to close the created space and in case of deformity to align the spine, spinal fusion is recommended. It stabilizes the spine, returns the alignment and fosters the strength of vertebrae. Here, spinal fixation device are used to provide metal skeleton. It has load bearing segment named rigid spinal fixation rod, which is placed on the back of the vertebrae to immobilize the targeted vertebral action. Rods are having action of alignment and immobilization, so it facilitates healing and bone growth at intervertebral disc. It has been anchored in the anchoring elements like wires, plates, screws, hooks or bolts, to keep the fixation rod at its place. Bone graft is placed between two vertebrae. Metal rod and plates are used to attach vertebral bone and create a skeleton on which bone grows and unifies. This is known as spinal fusion with spinal fixation rod.

Traumatic fracture of spine needs prompt medical care and emergency. Most of the surgeries are quite costlier. If trauma is because of other's careless way, don't forget to call your traumatic spinal injury attorney; by speaking to him you can decide what has taken place and what stance you can take for reimbursement.

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