The Murder trial of Lizzie Borden

The Murder trial of Lizzie Borden, who was accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe, was considered to be one of the most famous trials in history. Even though Lizzie was found not guilty there is a lot of evidence that proves she was guilty of the murders.

While the case was being investigated it came to a conclusion that the murders were an inside job because there were no signs of forced entry and no one was seen entering or leaving the Borden home on the day of the murder. Lizzie Borden was at home during the time of the murder but she claimed that she never heard anything even though her parents were being chopped with an axe right upstairs. It seems very suspicious that she never even heard them scream at least once because they were hit twenty one times total or if she truly believed that both of them had left wouldn't it seem strange to her if she heard anything from upstairs? Lizzie had to have heard something while her parents were being murdered. Lizzie claimed that she had thought her stepmother had left because a note had been delivered saying that a friend of hers was ill but no note turned up in the investigation. Lizzie stated that during the time of the murder she was in the barn for fifteen to twenty minutes but there was no evidence to prove she was there and the investigators found the barn to be so hot that they could believe that she could have stayed in there anywhere close to twenty minutes. Quite a few of her statements of where she had been and what she was doing didn't seem to add up and no proof turned up to support them. When she discovered her parent's bodies she came out screaming that her parents had been murdered but there was no blood on her and three days later she was found burning a dress that she claimed had paint on it. If it had paint on it why didn't she just through it out? The most possible reason was that it was covered with blood and couldn't let anyone find it even by accident because it would prove she was guilty. ("Fourteen Reasons That Lizzie Borden Was Guilty).

Lizzie Borden certainly had a motive for killing her father and stepmother. It was believed that Lizzie resented her father because in his will he transferred the Falls River property to her stepmother. Lizzie had always resented her stepmother and this action causes her to hate her even more. In her interview it was noticed how Lizzie always used the term "stepmother and never mother. Lizzie was known a high society member and a good Christian who was actively involved in the Church. Her home life made it seem that she wasn't the "innocent person she was known to be. She was accused to have stolen money and jewelry from her father's safe and was also accused of shoplifting by several merchants. When Lizzie lost her inheritance of the Falls River Property she stopped eating with her parents and continuously referred her stepmother as "Mrs. Borden. After the murder were committed she didn't seem too upset and just sent people on various errands and it was considered strange that remained alone in the house when no one was sure if the murderer was still in the house or not. Lizzie seemed to be just cold hearted because there was never any evidence of abuse or neglect. She was just upset that she couldn't get the wealth and power she wanted from her father ("Biographies of key Figures).

According to her testimony that she gave in court, she apparently had no problems with her stepmother and that they got along great, and seemed to forget to mention that she never got along with her stepmother because of the property her father gave to her stepmother. If she never mentioned that she never actually talked to her stepmother and would only refer to her as Mrs. Borden, it seems that she was hiding something about their relationship and did not want to give the court any idea of a motive she might have. During her testimony she did not she to remember where she was during the day of the murder. At first she claimed that she was never upstairs but later she said she had been upstairs a few times. She also couldn't seem to remember where she was at all that day because during her testimony she changed her mind on where she was several times. When she was giving her statement she stated that when she found her father lying down she didn't think he was dead and that he was just hurt. She said she didn't know where Mrs. Borden was even though in the beginning of her testimony, she said she had thought that she heard Mrs. Borden come into the house earlier and go upstairs. Lizzie didn't even go searching for her. There is one thing that doesn't add up about that fact. When she found her father wouldn't she have thought to go searching for Mrs. Borden to let her know that her father was hurt and that he could be dead? In her testimony she didn't even sound as thought she felt as terrified as she lead them to believe. It wouldn't have made sense to think that her father was just her because his face was covered with blood (Testimony of Lizzie Borden).

If Lizzie Borden had not planned the death of her parents or had nothing to do with the murders at all it seems suspicious that the day before the murder Lizzie went to the S.R. Smith's drug store and tried to purchase a deadly poison called prussic acid. It would seem that if she had not planned to use an axe, the acid would have been her first choice and killing her parents with the axe was plan B. If she had used the poison the police probably wouldn't have known and she never would have been a suspect (The Trial of Lizzie Borden).

During the investigation of the murders it was strongly believed that the murders were done by someone with in the Borden and it turned up that there was no blood anywhere else in the house except on the two victims. No obvious murder weapon turned up and this lead to suspicion of Lizzie Borden. It would have been easy for Lizzie to hide the murder weapon and to make sure there was no other blood in the house that could have linked the deaths to her and the fact that there was no proof that she was in the barn where she had claimed to be during the murders proves that she had something to do with the murders or that she knew something important that she wasn't telling. Her reason for burning the dress in the kitchen fire was that it had old paint on it but witnesses saw her on the morning of the murders wearing a blue dress that fit the description of the dress she was trying to burn. This proves that there was at least blood or something on that dress that she didn't want investigators to see (The trial Of Lizzie Borden).

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