Who is winston churchill

Who is winston churchill

Sir Winston Churchill was born on November 30th, 1874. Churchill was prime minister twice throughout his life the first time was 1940 through 1945. The second time he was prime minister was 1951 through 1955. Churchill was a writer, artist, officer in the British army and he was also a historian. During Churchill military career he fought in the Sudan and the second Boer war. During this war Churchill wrote books describing the battles. Over a 50 year period Churchill held several political and cabinet positions. He was president of the board of trade which was before the First World War. He remained in the government until the Gallipoli battle which caused him to have to leave the government. After the Second World War was started Churchill again was selected as the first lord of the admiralty. On May 10th, 1940 the prime minister of the United Kingdom Neville chamberlain resigned which lead Churchill to become the new prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Churchill grew up in a good family. During his schooling Churchill did poorly and was punished for not trying. Churchill went to three different schools in his life the first one was St. George's school in Ascot. The second school he went to was Brunswick school. The third school that Winston Churchill went to was Harrow which was the school where he first started his military career. When Churchill went off to school his mother and father really didn't care about him. This was shown when his mother never came to visit him and Churchill would write his mom and tell her to come visit him or to at least allow him to come home. Churchill and his father were not close at all, Churchill once said that they barley even spoke at all. This shows that his father didn't really care about what he was up to or how he was doing at school and it was almost like he didn't even want Churchill to be at school. On January 24th, 1895 his father died. Churchill's father was only at the age of forty five years old when he died which lead Winston Churchill to believe that he too would die young just like his father did. This made Churchill believe that he needed to work fast to achieve his goals in life. Throughout his life Churchill had a problem with talking. Any word with the "s" sound in it wouldn't sound right. So Churchill had enough with his speech problem so he went and saw a therapist to try to fix the sound his voice made when he said words with the "s" sound in them. Churchill and his family knew why he had this problem with "s" sound and it was because his father too had the same problem.

In 1904 in Crewe House, Churchill first met his future wife and in 1908 Churchill met her for the second time and they hit off their romance at a dinner party. Winston Churchill and his fiancé were married on September 12th, 1908 in the St. Margaret's church in Westminster. After they were married Churchill and his wife moved in March of 1909 to a house that Churchill bought which was located at 33 Eccleston Square.

The same year that they moved into the first house together they also had their first kid. Her name was Diana and she was born on July 11th, 1909. Two years after that they had their second child and his name was Randolph which he was born on may 28th, 1911. Three years after their second child was born they had another kid named Sarah and she was born on October 7th, 1914. Four years after their third child was born Churchill and his wife had their fourth child and her name was Marigold Frances Churchill and she was born on November 15th, 1918. Unfortunately she became sick and she died on August 23rd. After the death of their fourth child they went on to have a 5th child and on September 15th, 1922 Churchill's wife gave birth to their last child and they named her Mary. After Churchill's 5th child was born he went out and bought his last house which he called Chartwell.

After Churchill got done at the harrow school he attended the Royal military college in Sandhurst, this is where Churchill received a lot of his information on war tactics and where he learned to fight. In December of 1894 he graduated from Royal Military College ranked eighth in a class of one hundred and fifty. In 1941 Churchill became the colonel of the Hussars.

Churchill decides in 1895 that he wants to go to Cuba and watch the Spanish fight against the Cuban gorillas. He wanted to go watch this battle because he wanted to learn the new fighting method and learn how other countries fought so in case we ever got into a battle with them we would know what to expect. He would have learned a whole lot more than he did but unfortunately he received word that his nanny was dying. This news made him rush home. After she died Churchill wrote this in his journal "she was my favorite friend." and he also wrote "she had been my dearest and most intimate friend during the whole of twenty years that I had lived." This was telling me a lot it shows that she has been around him pretty much all of his life and because she has been around so long she really means a lot to him as well as to his family because she was the person who was watching Churchill's kids when he wasn't around to watch them which was probably a lot.

Winston Churchill's normal Army career ended in 1902 but he decided to join the Imperial Yeomanry a captain of the Queens Oxforshire Hussars on January 4th, 1902. This didn't last long because in 1905 he became the major of the queens Oxforshire Hussars. Then he decided that he wanted to go back to being just a normal officer and he stayed an officer till he retired in 1924.

Churchill would have been the first Lord of the Admiralty at the beginning of World War I but unfortunately he had a really bad experience at the battle of Gallipoli and the government didn't want to have the same outcome as they did in this battle because apparently it was a pretty bad battle which he lost. He wanted to be a brigade commander at the western front but ended up becoming a commander of a battalion. As commander Churchill lead his troops into battle and did some serious things which lead his wife to believe that he was going to be killed because he was doing things that no one else would do but this was just Churchill's type of fighting that he had learned from watching the Cuban gorillas.

In the summer of 1949 Churchill experienced a mild stroke when he was on vacation just south of France. This stroke was just a mild one so he easily pushed on with his life. Then when he was at the age of 78 in June of 1953 Churchill had a worse stoke than his first one. This stroke lead him to go back home to try to recuperate the funny thing about this was that know one in parliament or in the government even knew he had a stroke they were just told that he was extremely tired and they believed it. His second stroke was hard to hide because it had affected his walking ability and he couldn't talk. Churchill realized that he wasn't going to get much better so 1955 Churchill retired as prime minister and a year later he experienced his last stroke in February 1956. Churchill had a chance to be created the duke of London but his son turned down the queen because he didn't want to inherit the title after his father died. On the 15th of January, 1965 Churchill had another life Threatening seizure and ended up dying nine days later. He lived to be 90 and he died on the same day as his father but he lived 70 years longer than he did.

Winston Churchill led a great life throughout his whole life and was one of this country's best heroes of all time. He ended up having a giant funeral which the queen helped out with and turned out to be a really nice funeral and he probably will never be forgotten.

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