Information system of JD Sports


There are so many big and small companies in the market right now who are growing day by day with the use of the different business strategy. But the business strategy is not enough because in the market there is so much competition going on. So, for making the right decision for the company all are using the information system, and which is very helpful to make the decision.

Company's profile

I am going to take JD SPORTS as the one of the company which is growing day by day for the clothing (textile) and footwear. JD SPORTS full name is JOHN DAVID GROUP PLC and now it is become JD SPORTS FASHION PLC because of they are selling more fashion product than the sports product. First store was open in bury in 1980.and than during 1980s they expanded the stores in the north and midlands in UK. The first London store was open in the 1989 in Oxford Street. And the group grew onwards and by 2002 they had almost 200 stores in the UK. In the 2005 they purchased almost 70 more store from the ALLSPORT and then it becomes the leading UK retailer of fashionable sports and casual wear. The group acquisition of SCOTTS in December 2004 and bank fashion in December 2007.Now there are more than about 400 stores operated in the UK and REPUBLIC OF IRELAND.

This company is selling branded product like NIKE, REEBOK, ADIDAS, PUMA, FRED PERRY, SCOTT, LECOSTE, DC, BENCH, etc as the well known brand and they launch their own brand as well like MACKENZIE, CARBRINI, BROOKHAVEN, PURE, K-SWISS, etc. In those entire brands they get the both clothing and footwear.

Different levels of management

Because of the larger structure of the company there are four types of the management is working in this company they are top level manager, middle level managers, and low level manager. And at different levels they used different information system.

Starting from the bottom of the company's structure, There are worker and the staffs are within the company. They are using the TPS (transactions processing system) system. They have to deal with the money on the till, customer service with the help of the given information system.

Second stage there are low level mangers (store manager, floor-manager and the supervisors who are running the store).they are using the MIS (management information system)system who are taking care about the information system units and they concentrate on the training the new staff or older staffs how to use the new information system. This level of management are not doing analysis and they are using the predefine information system.

Third stage there are middle level managers(area manager, visual display manager, training manager, product buyers for the company)they are using the DSS(decision support system)system who are taking care about how are different store are doing?, which are the stores lacking behind ?,what to do making more sales?, etc.

Last fourth there are top level managers(owner, directors, regional mangers)who are using the ESS(executive support system).they making the big decision like where to open the new store, getting new product with the company, upgrading the information system to make the right decision for the company.

Information system used by the company

Now I am going to the information system of the company. I think that the information system they got is very powerful and also it is up-to-date new information system. And still they are looking forward for the new, effective information system.

Few weeks before, they announce that they are going to purchase the IBM software SPSS. This is the software which can be used to make sure that future stores are opened in the right areas for the best sales. So basically this information system will help the company to open the new store in UNITED KINGDOM from where they can get more money. So as from business prospective it is going to be good option where to open the new store in the area. And it will decide which product suppose to sale in the particular area and also it will somehow decide the offers within the store in the branch. So overall, we can say that with the help of the IBM software 'SPSS'. They are going to make the right decision to growth their business in the market. (IT PRO- Asavin Wattanajantra, 3 Nov 2009 at 16:26)

Second one is the BMRS (Branch merchandise reporting system).this is the important information system is used by this company. In this software they are using the different OLAP products and the versions.

  • Oracle 10g Database version with OLAP
  • Oracle Application Server Release 2 version
  • i Oracle BI Discoverer Plus 10g Release 2 version
  • Oracle BI Discoverer Catalog should be created and grants given to OLAP
  • Oracle Analytical Workspace Version installed on a PC (INATACK, a calsoft company)

With help of this software they can survey the sales of the 450 store and they can merchandise the different product in there branch in such a way that customer more attracted to the product and they (customer) are inspire to buy the product.

The other software they use it is the SAGE. (SAGE UK LTD, 2009) That software is used for the company's pay roll. That is the best software to use for the pay roll because it is very secure but on the other side there is one disadvantage is there as well that is the handling the smaller number of the employees detail. So I can suggest to this company to go for the ACCORD payroll software package. This is the one of the good software for the pay roll and it is applicable to the small business up to 50 employees to 20,000 employees. And the other advantage is that, this software package is design for the windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.So, it covers the all new windows system.' Accord Payroll supports all of the UK payroll requirements and procedures. It has been accredited by HMRC as meeting the HMRC Payroll Standard and Pensioner Payroll Standard' (payroll bs, 2009)

Security of the information technology

This all about the software are used by this company while they are running the business. But there are so many security software is there in that company. And this company is spending too much amount of money to make that safer. For that I will give you one example,

This company has signed a 2 million five-year IT management outsourcing deal to enable compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in Great Britain. The industry standard was developed by credit card companies to help prevent fraud and improve the security of payment card data. (Warwick Ashford 2008)

Now I am going for the back office security software. They are currently using the McAfee® Internet Security Suite for all of their back office PC. But that is now become the bit older version for security but now there is one another version I did find out that is overcome the fault with this security suite. And that is the ZONEALARM® Security Suite 2010 (Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, 2009) which is more useful and it has the some of the extra features on it that overcome the failure of the McAfee® Internet Security Suite.

For I have the on table which shows the why security software ZONEALARM® Security Suite 2010 is more powerful than the older one. It shown below And from that you can see there are so many advantage of the ZONEALARM® Security Suite 2010 over the McAfee® Internet Security Suite.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the network in which you can access the different data and also different application which is actually held by the internet instead of keeping in your business place, because of this reason you can save the cost for the business.(Tech target,2009) And it is good that you do not have to pay for all cost like installing, maintaining, upgrading, servicing, etc. so you have to pay only the subscription per month or per year and the people who are providing the service they will look after the all facility for you. If I say about this company about the cloud computing than it will be more useful to the company. Because day by day the data load, hardware and software problem, updating the system over night, it is hard to maintain from the each store. As I said before that this company has more than 400 stores all over the UNITED KINGDOM. All data are like money they are taking, sales of goods, different product in different store, etc all are different from store to store. So if this company put all stores in the cloud computing than it is going to be easier to excess store's sales, any problem with the any system from the store, upgrading the service and system, taking the data overnight and thus it will be more beneficial to the company in a prospect of time and money.


From above discussion you can see that the information technology becomes vital in any small or big business. It saves the time and money once it is implemented in the business. Now this company is thinking to go ahead for next step and they are thinking to making more stores in the United Kingdom and also expanding the same business in the Europe as well. And for doing that the information technology will be much more helpful to make the crucial decision for the company.


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