Information systems in an organization

As the world changes so does the need for quick and accurate Information. In this segment I will explain how that Information will enhance your organization.

What is an Information System?

An Information System is a connection of processes and technology that occurs within and between organizations.

An organization not only utilizes the technology but also the way it works within the business process.

What an Information System does.

Information Systems links man and machine, in order to achieve results within an organization by utilizing Information Technology.

Information Technology is the use of computers (inclusive of hardware and software), telecommunication services and office systems. They are used to store, retrieve, manage and process data.

Data is defined as raw facts:

  1. Timesheets
  2. Employee records
  3. Invoices
  4. Customer records

These are just some examples.

When all data is processed the end result produces the information required with the use of the relevant software.

Software and how it affects your organization

Software was created to control or manage the processing task.

Using the proper software can enhance the efficiency of an organization.

Every business structure and needs may not be the same, hence the reason for the creating software that is fitted for specific business requirements. For example the software that is needed for medical billings would not be the same as what is needed at a supermarket for cashing goods.

This type of software is referred to as ?Vertical Market Software which is application software that is unique to a particular industry or written specifically for an industry?. There is also software that is referred to as ?Horizontal Market Software which is application software that is general enough to be suitable for use in a variety of industries?; an example of this is shown in the following paragraph. Management of Information Systems for the Information Age.

Without up-to-date or relevant software the efficiency of any business will be compromised. For instance a consultation company receives a soft copy of a document from another company (using Microsoft Office as an example) that is using 2007 version and they are still using 2003 version then valuable information will be inaccessible because of their failure to upgrade their software. This would have adverse effects on the business and may cause them to lose valuable clientele.

Advancement of Technology

Thanks to the growing demands and use of Information Systems the world has now become accessible by the click of a button. We now have the use of the Internet and Intranet which can open a vast amount of information. It allows businesses to access the information needed much faster.

Due to the growth and demand for a larger work force no longer would there be a need for an internal messenger within an organization. We now have the use of an Intranet system. This facilitates the user within to either communicate with each other or access confidential information weather or not the person is in office.

A company may need to purchase office supplies from another company or wholesaler, the use of e-mails (by sending a requisition) or even visiting the website can be easier and quicker ways of gathering information needed on supplies.

Another example can be that a Marketing Department may want to gain information about another company or companies (even though it may be limited), in order to review its strategy to meet or beat the competition, EBay versus Amazon.

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