LSC information technology system


"The set of agency information resources organized for the collection, storage, processing, maintenance, use, sharing, dissemination, disposition, display, or transmission of information. Categories of IT systems are major applications and general support systems." (Turban, leidner et al,2007)

According to turban, leidner etc"as information system collect, process, stoty, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose" And they define information technology system as "The collection of computing systems used by an organization, refer to the technological side of and information system. It includes the hardware, software, database, networks, and other electronic device."

Information technology system include the organizational business Information Technology includes business solution, projection networks, network security, software design, mobility applications and hardware equipment of the organization it consist of smart, strong, and active concepts about the business that progress the against software bugs and give organization direct feedback from others with the help of using some computerized equipment to find flaws. Influential techniques for scheduling of organizational resources In future the artificial intelligence in visual object respect, communication, and manual dexterity, social understanding is very important in the organization business.

Organization introduction:

In LSC they have all class room with white boards also with the facility of projectors and they have digital projectors for multimedia and video presentation. They are using some videos from their personal laptops for the teaching purpose. In library they have unlimited internet Access facility on your laptops and also they have electronic Resource like link with the access of ebrary which has lot of online books available with journals, newspapers and company profiles In the computer lab they have Pentium based terminates for student to use internet and intranet to use of internet they can find out information for outside LSC and to use of intranet they can find out the information of LSC like they can see student portal.(Lsclondon,2009)

History of LSC:

The school is fully accredited by the British council for independent also with High Education (BAC) and it is Associate college of the university of Wales Institute of Cardiff(UWIC) .The school has it primary aim to provide quality and cost effective education. (Lsclondon, 2009)


The school has more than 3000 students from over 100 countries all over the world which are rapidly growing in present time assuming more in number in future. There are couple of important reasons of this rapid growth first is very effective IT system of LSC, second is changing educational environment in UK and also they are offering they are offering very flexible programmes throughout the year. (Lsclondon, 2009)

LSC Information Technology System


(LSC Information Technology System Questioner is result of face to face interview with LSC IT department staff at 09 December 2009)

  1. What are the main components of information system in LSC?
  2. They have their main two component of information system one is hardware equipment they are using in the school and second the software they are using to support the hardware equipment.

  3. How LCS does is different information systems with other colleges?
  4. LSC has some competitor edge as compare with other colleges like they are using latest technology for their business introduction of portable biometric attendance is one example of success of their information technology systems.

  5. Which broad ban connection use in LSC?
  6. LSC is using their private lease line for the internet facility and connection with two different campuses.

  7. Is LSC one of the first educational institutes which use biometric attendance?
  8. LSC is one of the first UK educational institutes which start portable biometric for the attendance for the student and quick upload on the database which is very impressive performance of information system.

  9. Do they have any database?
  10. LSC has their own school database which consist various tables with different type of for the use of management purpose.

  11. How many table they have in database?
  12. They have almost 100 tables with different type of data.

  13. How many department data they have in database?
  14. School database consist of different departmental data like admission department, HR department, finance department, marketing department etc.

  15. How database work and access?
  16. School has different tables in database and these tables automatically updated with the entering the new data. If school need to get any queries about anything you can get result and it give you summary report for school decision making process.

  17. How the LSC website help new customers?
  18. They provide all information about the school on their web site also it help the willing student to contact with school and apply online for their chosen course.

  19. How the portal system work for communication?
  20. Students can download course outlines, timetables, room allocation lists and query forms directly from the Internet via a student portal. Additionally, wireless Internet connectivity for students has been provided in the whole of Chaucer House

  21. How many virtual studio room LSC have?
  22. LSC has two virtual studio rooms with they use for interaction with other universities for academic purpose and non academic purposes as well like online virtual meeting with other universities if needed.

  23. How information technology systems of LSC help middle management and staffs?
  24. LSC has their customer as the shape of students so information system facilitates customer and the internal members of the organization as well.

  25. How information technology system of LSC help customers during their study period?
  26. Information system provide student different type of facilities like intranet, internat, online library, class learning equipment etc.

  27. Do they have online library access?
  28. They have their one physical library and some limited number of access for the one online source library.

  29. How many PCS they have in LSC?
  30. They quit number of PC in the school some of them for staff use and some for the student use only like lab computer also they have facility to use intranet and internet from student personal laptops.

  31. Is LSC is sharing information with others?
  32. Whenever they have any inquiry from the home office they provide and confirm the detail about the particular student like his personal and attendance which they gather through information technology systems

  33. How many video conference room they have in LSC?
  34. At the moment they have only one for the purpose of meeting with other institutes and universities

  35. Which type of computers they are using in the school?
  36. They are using dell computer in the labs with intranet and internet facility

  37. Which type of sever they are using in the school?
  38. They are using SQL and My SQL server in the school.

  39. How the portal systems work in the school?
  40. They have one area for the student where all the teachers upload there subject notes and guiding material for the help of student

  41. Is prospectus is part of IT'S of LSC?
  42. Yes it is because it provide the information about the school in printed form and help the student to find out their desire course

  43. Which type of technology they use in class room for delivering lectures?
  44. LSC has all their class rooms fully equip with latest technology like they have facility of projectors and multimedia and video presentation.

  45. LSC online submission of Assignments?
  46. LSC is introducing the new facility for their student to submit their assignment online so it will reduce the pressure on their admission department also very convenient for the student to submitting soft copy of their assignments.

  47. Automatic sending of mobile messaging for information system to customers and staff?
  48. They have one facility in their database which produce the information message and send to the students on their mobiles number at a time also produce the informative letter for students automatically like if they have short attendance

Information technology system role for different management levels:

The information system of LSC is consist of soft ware and hardware technology they are using for example they are using Linics software for networking in school, data base application they are using for data store and recall for any query or any decision making and information check, getting information from different sources, process them and make that information as a use full data.

ITS system is the way to collecting the information from the customer and after process make it use full data and store this data and provide that data to different level of management and keep it up dating for the future use as well.

There are three level of management first is top management second is middle management and third is low level of management

For the low level of management like in school they have course coordinates they need data of student like how many groups they how many student they have, their id number. The information system provide them the data which is collected from the student profile and their documents

The middle manager of LSC is department head like they have finance department. Marketing department, HR department. They need the information and data about their department and information system provide them the data through school data base

Top management they reports about their department to do some important decision about the school. So they receive information and data from different with the help of IT system in a report form from different.

So in this way ITS is making the way to getting data from different sources and provide all level of management in LSC for getting the best result LSC has effective information system because it is one of the important reason to make LSC is a very successful organization

View about the suitability of information technology system of LSC for the school:

The information system of the organization is very useful and productive for LSC because its give college bit technological competitive advantage on other like they are UK first college they are using portable biometric attendance device. They have some other feature in their information system for example they have their database of college which has various function like students profiles, staffs profiles, data from different department, automaric sending of mobile messaging for information, automatic producing of little for student reminder, quick up loading of students attendance, generating the reports for the top management for decision making process.

LSC has very effective collection of hardware and software for the information system like they are using private line to connect two campuses and they are using SQL and My SQL server and at the moment they have one video conference room. They are using networking antivirus for the protection of their information system also as a physical security measure they have college cards for the entrance in the school.

Which thing is making LSC information system is more efficient because they are adopting new technique like

They start new online way of payment with is a good example of developing information system and second they introduce online submission of student assignment which is very effective way of working it will save the time and hassle as well for both staff and students. After exploring these qualities I think LSC has very efficient and effective information system.

Security system and cloud computing of the chosen organization:

According to (MICHAEL,E. WHITMAN AND HERBERT J.MTTOR,2004) "The quality or state of being secure -to be free from danger". Its means to make sure the hardware and software part of the information system to be secure from the challenger or other danger. Information system security achieved by different method undertaken simultaneously and use in combination with on one another.

There is some element which LSC is using for the security for their information technology system like

Physical security: They have card entrance system to enter in the school which has scan student and staff detail to enter.

Networking security:

LSC has very effective networking security for example they are using spam virses for the security of their system and other antivirus for the protection of intranet and database in the school

"An expression of the criticality/sensitivity of an IT system in the areas of confidentiality, integrity, availability, and exposure, expressed qualitatively as high, moderate or low. The level of concern indicates the extent to which security controls must be applied to an IT system based on risk, threat, vulnerability, system interconnectivity considerations, and information assurance needs


  1. Access control - is the security service that helps ensure that LAN resources are being utilized in an authorized manner.
  2. Availability - Assurance that information, services, and IT system resources are accessible to authorized users and/or system"

"Cloud Computing is the fastest growing part of IT GREAT benefits to customers of all sizes Cloud services are simpler to acquire and scale up or down Key opportunity for application and infrastructure vendors Public clouds work great for some but not all applications Private clouds offer many benefits for internal applications"

Public and private clouds can be used in combination.They are providing admission to oversees student through internet and also they perform some function in their day base which is the best example of cloud computing like automatic profile of student and staff, automatic send mobile messages to staff and student, like producing automatic lattes for providing

Cloud computing now a day is the fastest component of the information technology system and it is providing many benefits for the users. In LSC they are using cloud computing in the way of providing information to the positional user and for the existing user as well for example the give online admission to student through online filling application form and provide information about the study process for the students


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