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This is an individual assignment for students to conduct a research on a specific topic in Computing and Information Processing and were assigned to produce a result, a report as the outcome of a research.

The objectives of this student's individual assignment are to conduct a research on the latest technology which is not cover in the syllabus on Computing and Information Processing, to improve the understanding and comprehension on the latest technology in the market and improve student's skills in the usage and working of the technology. Students were assignment to choose one topic to conduct the research out of 5 topics which are Computer Storage, Input/Output Devices, Hardware/Software, Security and Viruses. Out of these 5 topics, I have chosen Output Device as my topic. An output device is any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people and the device I chose to run my research is iPhone 3GS.

In the retrospect, the technology was still very new and hadn't developed well. The technology worked in the slow inefficient way and had less function which is limited to the assistance in our life. Contemporary, technology has been well-developed rapidly and lead to the benefit that make users more productivity and efficient in their personal task such as with the aid of application software, communication devices and etc thus increase the quantity of output produced by industry and increase the income of country while export the goods out to other countries.

IPhone is a line of internet and multimedia enabled phone which is called as a smartphone, designed and marketed by Apple Inc and the origin of the iPhone is in the U.S. IPhone was announced at 9th of January in 2007,after months of rumor and speculation which is now formed the term Apple rumor community(refers to the community surrounding rumors concerning Apple Inc.) brought to the release of the original iPhone in the United States at 27th of June in 2007 before being marketed in Europe. It was named The Invention of the Year in 2007 in Time Magazine. Next, the second version of iPhone, iPhone 3G is released at 11st of July in 2008 and finally comes to the iPhone 3GS, which is the most recent of three generations of the iPhone,was announced at 8th of June in 2009 and released in the U.S., Canada and six European countries at 19th of June in 2009 and released internationally in July and August in 2009.

Supporting Theory

The iPhone is the first Apple cell phone product and it is a device that combines an iPod, cell phone, and Internet device into a single small product. iPhone offers a touch-screen, the ability to automatically rotate the screen based on the phone's position, a web browser that able to connect to the internet via WiFi and any cell phone networks and many other features. Through browsing in internet, or go to the official website of Apple, we can learn the usage of iPhone, how to run the application, where to download the application and know more about the function, feature and software offered in iPhone.

Product Review

Based on the information in internet, iPhone is rated as 4 out of 5 stars. Since its announcement in January to its release in June, it has been a very resourceful phone for conversation, speculation and writing. It came out with the good responses about how good the iPhone is that the device is not a disappointment and in fact, it is more like to be said as an indulgement.

iPhone has been improving all the way until today since its first released version, iPhone In the year of 2007,then iPhone 3G and lead to the latest version of iPhone now in 2009, the iPhone 3GS, the most recent of three generation of iPhone.

iPhone functions as a camera phone, a portable media player, and an internet client and using the phone's multi-touch screen to provide a virtual keyboard in lieu of a physical keyboard. There has been shown to a tremendous improvement in the feature of iPhone 3GS such as the Improved Performances, Built-In Video Camera with Editing, Voice Control, Compass, Cut, Copy & Paste, Messages, Spotlight Search, Landscape Keyboard and Voice Memos. There is also a more option in choosing the color of iPhone 3GS, a better and bigger memory storage, camera and also the battery life.

The new features in iPhone 3GS such as Improved Performance, Built-in Video Camera with Editing, Voice control and Compass and the prolonged battery life have been very useful. iPhone has always been a hot topic in the market of technology as it shows the creativity and the innovative and thus lead to a great response among the consumers in the market of technology. Well, the attraction isn't stop here and also the design of iPhone has attracted a lot of users to be obsessed with it, the glamorous big designed with black or white color with the combination of the function lead to the higher ranking of iPhone in the technology section.

Here are some pictures of iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS look just like the previous version, iPhone 3G


iPhone 3GS

The iPhone is now definitely a hot technology product in the market as a candybar smartphone with its uniqueness of phone designed and the enormous functions in this current society. Meanwhile, the news of iPhone , this hot topic is raised frequently in the market of technology as from the date it released until now, the users of iPhone have been increasing in an incredible speed and reach to a tremendous amount today. First, we can get all the information of iPhone 3GS via browsing or making research in internet such as the price, the manufacturer, the operating system and etc. Of course at the same time , not only the iPhone 3GS, we too can get the technology information about the other products and items in Apple as well such as the latest iPod, iTouch and the Mac book.

Let talk about this hot mobile phone introduced and sold by Apple Inc. Obviously, we know iPhone 's manufacturer is Apple Inc as we recognize the symbol as an apple shape and see the advertisements of iPhone everywhere, television, internet or a poster and as well as a banner in shopping malls. IPhone 3GS is a type of candybar smartphone which is said to be internet-enabled. Based on my research and the information I have found via internet, I have known that iPhone 3GS's released date was at June 19,2009 and its operating system is iPhone OS 3.1.2 (build 7D11) while its CPU is Samsung S5PC 100 ARM Cortex-A8 833 MHz underlocked to 600 MHz PowerVR SGX GPU, this lead to the faster performance among the iPhones. Iphone 3GS has 2 types of storage capacity which is 16 and 32 GB, upgraded camera function into 3 megapixels with video, geotagging, automatic focus, white balance and exposure.

Definitely, iPhone is completely a far cry compare to those other mobile phones such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. The differences are the features such as the battery, phone design, operating system and so on. Now I am going to tell about some features of the iPhone 3GS.

Audio and output

There are two speakers while the left one and the microphone surround the dock connector on the base of the iPhone. Sound is played through it instead when a headset is plugged in. The loudspeaker is located above the screen as an earpiece while another is located at the left side of the bottom of the unit which is opposite a microphone on the bottom-right. The volume controls are located on the left side of the unit and as a slider in the iPod application. Both speakers are used for hands free operations and media playback while the TRRS connector for the headphones is located on the top left corner of the device.

A headset is provided by Apple with additional functionality as the iPhone is compatible with normal headphones. A multipurpose button near the microphone can be used in playing music or pause music, skip tracks, and answer or end phone calls without touching the iPhone itself. A small number of third-party headsets specifically designed for the iPhone also include the microphone and control button. Apple sells headsets with volume controls, but they are only compatible with the iPhone 3GS.

Composite or component video at up to 571i and stereo audio can be output from the dock connector using an adapter sold by Apple. Unlike many similar phones, the iPhone did not support voice recording until the 3.0 software update.


The top and side of the iPhone 3GS are identical to the iPhone 3G while the switches were black plastic on the original model.

Left to right, sides:

  • SIM card slot
  • Headphone jack
  • Silence switch
  • Volume controls.


  • Speaker
  • Screen

The iPhone features an internal rechargeable battery. It is like an iPod but it is completely different compare to other cell phones because the battery is not user-replaceable, this is causing inconvenience as a small shortcoming of iPhone. The iPhone can be charged when connected to a computer for syncing across the included USB to dock connector cable, like the iPod. Alternatively, a USB to AC adapter can be connected to the cable to charge directly from an AC outlet. A number of third party accessories such as stereos, car chargers, even solar chargers are also available.

In iPhone 3GS, it has been improved with 4 new extra features. They are the improved performance, built-in video with camera, voice control and compass.

New Features

Today, iPhone 3GS has been improved in an enormous way from the first version iPhone, second version iPhone 3G and then iPhone 3GS,the latest third generation of iPhone. First of all,we will notice about the 4 new features in iPhone 3GS which are not available in the iPhone 3G . iPhone3GS has been the fastest iPhone ever. The first thing you will notice about iPhone 3GS is the speed of how quickly you can launch applications, the web pages render in a fraction of time, and the increasing of response in viewing the email attachment. Improved performance and updated 3D graphics thus deliver an outstanding gaming experience. In fact, compare to iPhone 3G, the previous one, everything that iPhone 3GS does is up to double faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.

The second new feature is the built-in video with camera. With the iPhone 3GS, it shoots video in widescreen. A tap of the camera toggle switches from photo to video, then it is ready to video-recording and perfect for posting them on the web, in portrait or widescreen landscape. The iPhone 3GS too edit video on the go, unnecessary to wait in front of the computer to start editing and just drag to select start and end points on a filmstrip in iPhone 3GS.Next, it does share video anywhere, publishing the video to a Gallery or to YouTube is also just a tap away, it shows the conveniences and iTunes syncs all the video shooted on iPhone 3GS back to the iMAC or PC. In addition, the iPhone 3GS has been upgraded from 2 megapixel to the new 3-megapixel camera. The new 3-megapixel camera and the new built-in autofocus allow users to take great photographs. It just only a tap to focus on the object you want on the iPhone screen displayed.

Third, with voice control, it is even easier to make a phone call on iPhone 3GS. Voice control can find anybody in the contact lists. With this new feature, we are able to make calls and play the music using just the sound of our voice. In order to make a phone call, all we need is just to simply say a name or a phone number and iPhone 3GS will detect the voice command and repeat them to confirm, then dials away. On the other hand, we can also voice command the phone to play the music, and tell it to play our favourite album or ask the iPhone what song is playing. The voice control features cover up to 20 different languages such as Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Japanese and etc. It helps reduce the time and even more easier to make a phone call and listen to the music.

Lastly, the maps and compass features. In the latest iPhone, it has a built-in digital compass ( Figure 1) which it works like a magnetic needle compass and enable to let us know our direction. In this feature, with the accuracy of GPS and a built-in digital compass, it helps to find locations and get directions. iPhone 3GS finds our location quickly and accurately via GPS,Wi-fi or cellular towers and it tracks our progress with GPS to get direction. It too helps with seeing the traffic, the maps on iPhone shows the live traffic information and it indicates the speed along the route in easy-to-read green, red and yellow highlights. Other than that, it also change our view. The maps on iPhone let us switch between map view, satellite view, hybrid view, and street view, it can zoom in and out on the map with double-tap or pinch on the s Figure 1 ( Compass and Map ) the new feature.

Comparison between an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Based on the research I have made via the internet, I have been broadened with the understanding of the difference between the iPhone 3GS and the previous version iPhone 3G. The difference can be seen in the function and the feature between these 2 iPhones. The differences are iPhone 3GS works faster as compared to iPhone 3G since iPhone 3GS is improved. iPhone 3G has only 2 megapixel camera while iPhone 3GS has improved to 3 megapixel and iPhone 3G's RAM is less than iPhone 3GS, hence, it performs slower. In the extended features, iPhone 3GS has a digital compass, voice control, and video recording facility which absent in the feature in iPhone 3G. Most of the time, the softwares for iPhone 3GS are available for free on the internet except for a few and the software updates for iPhone 3G are available for free.

Other than that, the screen of iPhone 3G is not oil-resistant and water can cause damages to the screen of this phone. In the aspect of price, the iPhone 3G is definitely cheaper than iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3GS is costly since it has advanced features. The more it costs when there Is larger storage memory size. While we focus on the battery between these 2 phones, the battery of iPhone 3GS will last longer than the iPhone 3G. Lastly, the storage of iPhone 3GS is larger than the iPhone 3G.

Solution of The Problem

After the comparison of the difference between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, I have found that the shortcomings of iPhone 3G. Due to the problems that we encounter in iPhone 3G, it has been corrected and adjusted thus come to the new improved version, iPhone 3GS.

Few problems have occurred and it was fixed and corrected. First of all, the first problem is the performance of the speed in iPhone 3G, it is slow and lags appear in the processing of data or activities that take over in this iPhone 3G, due to this slow performance, it has been corrected in the next version which is iPhone 3GS, Apple uses the better Central Processing Unit to get the better performance in iPhone 3GS. Thus, Apple uses a better processor to solve the problem. Second, the battery of the iPhone 3G does not last long and usually the battery flat quickly. In iPhone 3GS, the battery life is prolonged but the duration of the battery does not last long too. Due to the testimonial from one of my relative which is an iPhone 3GS user, I have had a short conversation with him about the iPhone 3GS and I was told by him about the iPhone 3GS, the advantages and the disadvantages as well. He told a lot about the advantages such as the easy access for checking the stock market, email checking, compass with map, and etc whilst there are problems too that he is facing with as an iPhone 3GS user. He complaint about the battery life which does not last long and the irreplaceable internal battery.

In addition, although the process has been improved, the speed performance in iPhone 3GS is still slow and he is not satisfy with the speed since while running application or programme, usually lag appears and have to wait for a few seconds. Lastly, iPhone is not a friendly-user phone, you need to know and learn about how to run the application, feature and the programme of the iPhone, if not, iPhone is just a normal phone just to make phone-call and no different compare to other mobile phone. It is important to understand all about the iPhone, well, not only about the iPhone and also the device or applications that is related to it such as the iTunes which every applications of iPhone can be found.


In conclusion, throughout this report we understand about the new featurse of the latest version of iPhone and the comparison with its previous version whilst understanding what are the improvements. The comparison between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G will prove helpful in the plan on buying a 3G mobile phone. So, we roughly have an idea about the iPhone 3GS now, first, the price of iPhone 3GS is almost double of iPhone 3G since it provides advanced features, hence its price is higher. iPhone 3GS, it is just slightly better than iPhone 3G and have 4 extra features which do not exist in iPhone 3G. iPhone 3GS is slightly faster than iPhone 3G, it does video recording, voice control, embedded with compass and has a predicted better battery life than iPhone 3G but iPhone 3G's battery life might improve as well with software update. My recommendation is you must learn how to run the application and understand all the programme in iPhone before you get one, and of course you can learn it when you have one, since iPhone is not a friendly-user phone unlike the Nokia, Sony Ericsson and etc.

If you are an iPhone 3G user and you can live without the new features that exist in iPhone 3GS, don't get the iPhone 3GS as it costs almost double of iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G is quite good enough for assisting in our personal task. Anyhow, the news about the release of the forth version of iPhone, iPhone 4.0 is spreading throughout the media in the current market, and the release date is announced in around May but not confirmed yet. When the new version comes out, the temptation comes again for wanting to change a new one. Save the money for the iPhone 4.0 as it might have something that unexpected high-tech feature and function or maybe different design which is really cool. Based on my own view, the response of iPhone in the current market is excellent I think that the response of iPhone in the future market will be increased to a new climax again.


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