Database design and development

Database Design and Development


This assignment was a great opportunity to us, which helped me to develop my knowledge and skills on the subject Database Design and Development. I appreciate the greatness of NCC and thank NCC for giving us such opportunity. I also thank NCC for providing this kind of global IT education facility for which we are able to get better education.

Firstly, I thank our honorable course teacher Ashik Mahmud for his great effort; he has contributed to help our studies. Without his helps it was quit impossible for me to complete the assignment. He gave me the proper direction and showed me the right way to complete the assignment.

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This assignment will allow you to demonstrate an understanding of applying data modeling. Analysis and administration techniques to the design and development of database solutions .You will build a working relational database containing a small amount of example data complete with data entry and modification facilities and user queries. You will also research issues relating to the deployment of a database on the Internet.


Problem Statement:

Draw an Entity Relationship Data Model which describes the content and structure of the data held by the Research Department.

Problem Decomposition:

Identify Entity (object) regarding Database Design & Development Scenario.

  • Project
  • Employee
  • Finding Agency
  • Agency Involve Project
  • Project Employee

Relationship Description:

R1:- Project and ProjectEmployee

Type: One to many relationship.

Description: One Project can have many ProjectEmployee

R2:- ProjectEmployee and Employee

Type: Many to one relationship

Description: Many of the projectEmployee are frome the department's Employee

R3:- AgencyInvolveProject and Project

Type: One to many relationship

Description: An AgencyInvolveProject can have many Project

R4:- Agency and AgencyInvolveProject

Type: One to many relationship

Description: An Afency can have many AgencyInvolveProject


Problem Statement:

Set-up and test all of the following queries using Structured Query Language (SQL). Provide printouts of SQL code for each query and the output produced when you run the query in the database you have developed:

a) Display the full name of all of the employees (both internal and external) currently working on at least one project for the Research Department along with the project(s) they work on, and their roles in each project.

b) he name of the project, the names of employees involved, the name of the funding agency, the funding contribution from the funding agency, the name of the project manager, the project total cost, and project end date.

Problem Decomposition:

(a) Input:

SELECT full_Name,p_Name,team_Name,role,e_Type

FROM project,employee,project_employee

WHERE project.p_Id=project_employee.p_Id

AND project_employee.e_Id=employee.e_Id


(b) Input:

SELECT p_Name,full_Name,a_Name,funded_Contribution,p_Manager,tp_Cost,end_Date

FROM project,employee,project_employee,agency_involve_project,agency

WHERE project.p_Id=agency_involve_project.p_Id

AND project.p_Id=project_employee.p_Id

AND project_employee.e_Id=employee.e_Id

AND agency.a_Id=agency_involve_project.a_Id;



Problem Statement:

Explain any assumptions you have made when analyzing, designing and implementing the above database, justify the approach you have taken and explain any alternative approaches you could have taken to any of the above tasks. Discuss any changes you would make to improve your work.

Problem Decomposition:

This a practical Assignment work which is part of my IADCS academic course under career. This Assignment is mainly based on the. Database Design and Development. Which gave me the opportunity to work on their existing manual process so that this developed system can provide the higher management with any kind of refined reports related to the Database.

This automated system is devised to deliver all that can be provided to maintain a neat and tidy record of all the phases taken place in the Database phase of an Record. The companies stuff often lose of what is the current status of the record in data in progress. With this proposed system in place they would be able to know let the managerial executives be aware of anything concerning the stage through which any of the Record are undergoing. It would generate reports concerning the Project, employee, project_employee, agency, agency_involve_project; it will also generate project detail according to start date and projects handled by project manager and thus help to consider set the target in a more reasonable and practical manner.

I have used the Navicat Premium Tool server to analyze and design the system. The analysis will highlight the main aspects of the current system and also feature of the proposed system. This documentation will provide the direction and flow of my work accordingly as the whole system development process initiates starting with the initial studies then, feasibility study, requirement Specification, system analysis, system design, development, testing and finally implementation.

The software is developed using MySQL database working in the backend. Dot net framework in the most recent and updated technology in the software development family, it offers a common platform despite the language that is being used therefore if the management decides on any future enhancements they would be able to do that and integrate with the existing system without and technical hesitation.



After thoroughly going through the Database Design and Development assignment where the primary goal was to demonstrate the ability to use various features and techniques. It should be clear enough how to define and develop a system from the scratch. Although the whole assignment was not as easy as it seems but after going through several reference books, which includes the NCC course material it was possible to overcome all the barriers. Going through all those study materials and finally able to get the job done was a different kind of satisfaction. Against all odds the whole assignment seems strong enough to have a good impression of our honorable lecturer, without his kind help the job couldn't take a proper shape.

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