Elaborating the reason

Do you think the problems faced by Hures, both past and present, are unique? Whyor why not?

The problem Hures facing in past and present are not unique. I am elaborating the reason below why:

At past in 1987 to keep up with growing demands of Hures company setup a mainframe computer network, that serves a lots of terminal on desktop computer. According to phenomenon of Hars Company's in 1987, the mainframe computer's network was quite capable to fulfil Hures demands. Hures Company keeps up with growing business, and the mainframe was capable to serve Hures more than ten years.

That is meaning Hures Company properly assess the potentiality of the project for ten years, And successfully setup mainframe computer network, which serve to Hures Company for ten years. As we know that we cannot predict future and technology developing every day, we can't exactly say what technology we will use after ten years. And cannot eliminate now all the possible aspect for ten years.

It,s might come to mind why Hurs didn't setup client server in 1987? Client server system's succession come after 1990.And Hures setup their mainframe in 1987.and was good enough for huers for ten years.

Peasant problem, in 1999 Hures company setup client/server system network , to adjust with the change in business, Information System and to fulfill the demand of Y2K. The client Server system initially result efficiency increase by 30% by end of 2nd year and profit grew by 18%. Client server system also helps to improve the data handling capability.

Company has notice that,

  • Network has difficulty in scaling the server.
  • Difficulty in configuring application into client server modules
  • Modify the configuration in the response of user feedback.

From my point of view, the problem Hures Company facing are not unique. These are common problem, It's happen because of time been and company need to update their network system for adjust with growing business demand. Because client/server is such a faxable network, At any time we can migrant it into a three-tire network, without affecting any client or users. Difficulty of scaling is because server is running out of its capacity. As business growing rapidly and might grow more. Hures need to upgrade

In addition, as it stuff filling difficulty to configure application on client/server module and unable to modify application in the response of user feedback. It also not at all unique problem, As Hures company ported new client server application, It stuff need to be familiar with the new application. IT stuffs need farther training for cop with new client/server system and its application.

After carefully concern all pros and cons of the question, it is clear that the problems faced by Hures, in past and present are not unique. It is solvable, some problem come for time been and some problem came from lack of knowledge and poor maintains.

Suggest alternative architectures that could be used to overcome the problems faced by Hures' current Client/Server technology.

After concerning the phenomenon, it is realizable that Hure present client/server architecture is not high end and well organized. That's why Hures facing flowing network difficulty.

  • Difficulty in scaling the server
  • Difficulty with configure application into client server system.
  • Difficulty with modify the configuration in the response of user feedback.

That's why Hures need Upgrade their network infrastructure to consider present and future demands.

Bellow number of suggestion that Hures for company, that can be considerable to improve network performance.

  • 3-tier client/server network infrastructure,
  • Uses of SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol.)

3-tier client/server network infrastructure

After concerning the Hures problem, it is releasable that Hures using 2-tier client/server network infrastructure .And Hures need to update it to 3-tier network infrastructure. Let us see how 3-tire will help Hures company to overcome the problem.

Scalability As 3-tier concentration, income request and distribute through multiple server. When a network provide there service through multiple server, which is help to reduce traffic and reduce presser from one server. Then the network becomes highly scalable. That's the way Hures can overcome their scalability problem.

Centralize Administration 3-tier centralizes administrating system help to control and maintain the whole network from any part of network. With that tool software can be deploy, install manageable on entire network. And tool can use for short out Hures other Two problem.

3-tier got some other merits as well which can help to improve the overall network performance of Hares Company. Like, 3-tire can fulfill the requirements of any large client/server internet or intranet network. It can integrate multiple sources and can be able to distribute through multiple server. This is very flexible. In addition, implement 3-tier client /server network system Hures could be able to do easily further extension.

3-tier client/server network infrastructure

And at bellow graph it show that after certain period of time 2-tier can't take the load, with its limited capacity, maintains cost and complexity growth high. That's what had happened Hures client /server network. In addition, 3-tier stay steady, because of the 3-tier client/server systems are highly flexible, robust and scalable.

SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol:

SNMP will automate the network management tools .It is difficult to manage large number of staff to monitor every computer, resource, users and group. With SNMP Administrator can monitor and control a big network .SNMP protocol allows for remote and local management of items on the network include server, workstation, router computer, resource, users and group

It is an automated system, which can help with

  • Configuration Management
  • Fault Management
  • Performance Management

Therefore, with this network management tool Hures Company will be able to control network configuration, fault management, and be able to control performance.

One of the suggestions proposed by Hures' IS department is the use of intranet web technology. Examine the pros and cons of such an idea.

Hures IT departments stuff proposed to use intranet web technology. Lets analysis the pros and cons the idea of intranet web technology.

First, what is intranet? Intranet is a small privet restricted network ruining in business organization. This is same technology used by internet. Intranet is privet web network used by business and organization. In addition, internet is public network open for all. However, both Intranet and internet use same protocol and same concept.

Now let us elaborate how Hures will be beneficial through the intranet web technology.

Secure Network: Intranet is restricted communication network, only authenticate company user can be able to access and use it. As Hures company business continues growing up ,Hures need to concern about security.

Interactive resource: User can access their data from anywhere of company workstation, it help user to utilize their resource faster.

Time saving: As intranet help user to find their data easily from anywhere of company network its consume users time

Promotional activities Promotional news can be deploy to user throughout the network computers. This tool will help user to gather knowledge.

Intranet portal: Intranet portal is very useful tools of modern intranet network, which is very easy to use and very well, organize intranet web platform. Where user can get flowing facilities.

Flexibility: If organization create well planned 3-tier architecture it would be very flexible, extendable intranet.

Scalable: when user will be able to access to their resource easily, they will not use network bandwidth for searching there resource, it will help to reduce network traffic and increase scalability.

  • It integrate all recourse,
  • Software and information are customizable from portal
  • Promote corporate information more interactively
  • Necessary application link throughout portal platform

Though most of intranet is very beneficial for any organization, moreover there are some demerits as well. Maintains of intranet web technology is expensive, its take lots of time or huge stuff to maintain a web technology. Security also a big issue because of unauthorized access, data loss, software crass, etc.

There are advantage and disadvantage on any technology. But it is very important to assess, before implement any new technology in any business environment.

Do you think the popularity of intranet software and the Internet pose threats to traditional Client/Server systems?

Popularity of Intranet and internet cannot pose threats to traditional client/server system. Internet and intranet alone is a client server network. Client /server give fulfillment to Intranet and internet system. Internet and intranet is not alternate of client/server system that it could pose threats to client/server system.

Client/server network help to extend the power intranet and intranet It will ease and extend client/server computing both intra and inter-company. Its is true internet software become one of the most popular network technology. But we to conceder this as well that client/server network infrastructure working behind of it.

Intranet and internet: The features, what makes intranet and internet different from the traditional client server network.

  • www server and www client: when www server provides information to web share any resource available for many computer platform, www clients can receive that resource through http browser.
  • Internet and intranet protocols are HTTP, protocol for web browsing, POP, SMTP, IAMP, protocol for email, ftp for file download and upload, news. These are application layer protocol, which make intranet and internet different from traditional client/server network.
  • Language: intranet and internet website develop by HTML , PHP, XML, JAVA, language
  • Resource locators: intranet and internet's use URL to locate resource. Client search server location through URL. Clients enter URL in browser to find server.

Intranet and internet provide lots of different advantage and software through webpage, such as browsers, game, software, chatting, accessing contain in web browser

So what we found from above information client server is not comparable to intranet or internet. Internet and internet along itself a client server network. Intranet and internet is a world wide web client server network.

The only and the great architecture is still client/server for having advantage of the internet and other new technologies. We need to bring "changes in system of client/server" to death and taxes in the list. Although what comes, it seems to remain the base for most development of computing is client /server system.


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